Adulting 101: Welcoming the New Chapter in Adult Life

Adulting 101: ’30s is the new 20’s! Adulting 101 —  Goodbye 20’s and hello to the new chapter of my adult life the BIG 30! My 20’s had been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Surely it did have lots of ups and downs, triumphs and struggles, people have come and gone, and some are here to stay. All the idealism in my teenage years has slowly faded out to the reality of life.

There were a few life milestones, that happened in my 20’s, and I’m grateful for them. In my 20’s, I graduated from a reputable university in the Philippines. I got my first job straight away as a tour organiser in a prestigious travel agency in Manila.

life goals -- my graduation photo in PLM
Circa 2007: My graduation day in PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila)

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I experienced heartbreak when my ex-boyfriend and I split up because of his American dreams. On a lighter note, I met my husband and learned to love again. I took my first international flight to what became my second home — the UK. I went to the UK  with an adventurous spirit and feelings of trepidation.

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Our wedding day – January 2011

I come from a poor family, so hard work is something that is not new to me. I faced all the challenges abroad from cultural adjustments to adhering to the tightening rules of UK immigration.

It was not easy; there were times when I didn’t even have money to buy food. I had to ask friends if I could crash at their place, even for a night or two and sometimes I slept in a freezing cold room.

I convinced myself, that these were only challenges and I have to keep myself focused on my goals. It was not all roses and rainbows, but I am proud that I coped in these difficult times.

life goals: moving to another country
Circa 2009: In Birmingham, UK

Money doesn’t come easy; you need to work hard for it. I was in a sticky situation before, I lost my first job here in the UK but still needed to send money to my parents in the Philippines and pay for my schooling and living expenses here in the UK.

I had to make a move. Any move to survive! I asked my fellow Filipinos to help me to find a job to sustain myself here in the UK. Eventually, I found employment in a care home.

life goals: my recognition day in London
On my recognition day at Reception Academy in London, UK

I was determined to work again in the hospitality and tourism sector, so I enrolled myself in a hospitality training course in London, and even before I finished the course, I managed to bag a new job in a four-star hotel. Since money was tight, I had to have two jobs.

I managed to get a job at the local hospital as a part-time receptionist, and I managed to work my way up to a Data Analyst. Eventually, I had to give up my hotel job to focus on my personal life goals. I started blogging and began to learn photography.

Oh, I also passed my UK driving test and became a dual citizen and an adopted child of Britain!

life goals: My british citizenship
My British Citizenship ceremony

Here are a few life lessons that I’ve learned in my 20’s:

Be kind to yourself.

It’s great to have a personal timeline and plan. However, life can be a bitch sometimes and will knock you around when you least expect it. Don’t be disheartened; you are not a superhero! No one is invincible; no one is perfect!  So don’t bloody kill yourself to become one.

Don’t easily trust anyone.

Trust is a big word and should be earned. Protect yourself from being a victim of false promises and lies. People will come and go, some will stay, and some will only be there because it’s convenient for them. Carefully pick the people that you will let in your “circle of trust”.

Not everyone will like you.

You can’t please everyone, and that’s perfectly ok. You are unique, and people have their personal preferences and values. Just carry on doing what you want and have to do to achieve your goals in life.

Treasure life experience

Money is not everything. Cliche as it sounds, please don’t get me wrong. Money can buy you comfort, but it can’t buy you real happiness. Life experience is more valuable than any precious metals or gems. No, I won’t advise you to quit your job and travel!

Many of us have “adulting” responsibilities in life, but I will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and explore places as frequent as you can.

Stay focused on your goals

No matter what happens, stay focused. Don’t be a busybody procrastinating on the things that you want in life. It will be scary as hell to not know what will happen in the future. However, great journeys always begin with your first bold step outside your comfort zone.

Be stubborn with your goals, and be flexible on your methods. I’m happy to embrace the challenges, triumphs, frustrations and everything in between in this new chapter of my life. In my 30s, I aim to achieve my life goals and set more attainable ones!

So amigo, go out of your comfort zone, and you’ll be amazed at how strong and capable you are.

Adulting 101 Welcoming the new chapter in my life pin
Adulting 101: Welcoming the New Chapter in Adult Life


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  1. Your article gives me more motivation to stick on with my goals. I totally agree with all that you mentioned in here because I experienced it too and still experiencing now. We cannot put our trust to anyone. Sometimes, we can only depend on ourselves so better to be strong and have faith always to our God.


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