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Norwegian Air: £179 Affordable Direct Flight From London To Singapore

The budget airline Norwegian Air launched their first Asian destination offering at an affordable price! A few weeks ago, I shared on my social media page the great news from Norwegian Air in London. So I did some research on it! Norwegian Air launched their new and first route to Asia last month. Starting on the 28th September 2017 the budget airline will be flying from London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom to Singapore four times a week. This is a game changer, giving a new definition to the long-haul flights that are absolutely budget friendly. Seats are now available for...

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How Lonely Planet Made My Photography Dream Come True

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest My Lofoten photo became the cover image of the 100th special edition of the Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine.  When I decided to take photography seriously, I was so determined to learn and try different styles of photography and joined a local photography club. It comes really handy with my blogging, and it keeps my creativity chakra going. How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging Tips On How To Enhance Your Photography Skills Lonely Planet is considered to be the bible of the travel media whether in prints or online. It started in the...

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How To Travel With Two Different Passports As A Dual Citizen

Shares Facebook Twitter 4 Google+ 3 StumbleUpon 1 Pinterest 3 I am privileged enough to become a dual citizen of the UK and the Philippines. No, I’m not a spy nor a special agent that has multiple passports and identities (nope, not technically).   I can say that I have the best of both worlds (the East and West). My Philippine citizenship is my birthright, and I acquired my British citizenship through naturalisation. The Philippine law mandates that since I have gained a new citizenship from another country (The UK), my Filipino citizenship was automatically removed. I would have to...

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Cabin Zero Best Carry On and Daypack Backpack

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest A backpack is an essential gear to every traveller to make our journey easier. I recently travelled to Asia and tested the new backpack from Cabin Zero. I love to use backpacks on my travels because they are versatile and manageable to use. Having different sizes of backpacks gives me an option to choose what to use based on my planned activities and destination. The Cabin Zero backpack has its potentials and advantages. I was a sceptic at first about the thought of a 44L backpack that can be used as carry-on luggage. ...

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Verona Was Not As I Expected It To Be

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest Verona is one of the famous places in Italy because of the classic play of Romeo and Juliet. “There is no world without Verona walls, But purgatory, torture, hell itself. Hence, banished is banished from the world, And world’s exile is death.” — Romeo, Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare   Verona, Italy — A town in Northern Italy that was made famous by the classic tragic romance story of Romeo and Juliet by the famous English playwright William Shakespeare. Every hopeless romantic surely knows the story of this young couple, torn between family rivalry...

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