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ESTA: How To Travel To The United States Without A Visa

Shares Facebook Twitter 2 Google+ 1 StumbleUpon Pinterest ESTA will let you travel to the USA without a visa. So, you’ve decided that you’re going to travel to the land of the free. The United States of America. ┬áThis article will explain all you need to know about this travel authorisation.   What’s an ESTA? ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation is a resource that was created by the U.S. government under the Visa Waiver Programme. This resource allows citizens of 38 countries access to the United States without having to acquire a visa. No questions asked, all...

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Diary of a Showgirl (sort of) – Walking On Sunshine Worcester Musical

I got “The Call” (well…email) within the next couple of days to say I had been chosen to be part of the singing team! I was thrilled! I almost still can’t believe it. Back in March this year, I was finally persuaded to go for auditions with Worcester Musical Theatre Company. The most professional amateur group in the Worcestershire area. I can’t tell you how nerve wracking it was to make that decision to do something so wildly out of my comfort zone, something I had never really done before. I had previously seen the show in action two...

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