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The castles in Scotland are considered as among the most iconic in the world. If you go about counting them, from the ones that used to stand erect up to the present day structures, they claim that it will amount to about 3,000 castles in total.

Set in amazing landscapes and breathtaking views, these destinations are truly a sight to behold. No matter where you go in Scotland, a castle or two are nearby for sure – and with their sheer grandiosity, there is no chance that you’ll miss them.

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Once homes to the royal families and persons of authority, the castles are now open to tourists who wish to see the lavish interiors and dedicated rooms that comprise the majestic infrastructure. Not only that – would you believe, some of them are functioning as bed and breakfast, and you can actually stay and experience what it’s like to sleep (and wake up) like royalty. Many of these even include activities fit for a king such as archery, horse riding and coastal walks. Fancy saying ‘I do’ to your significant other amidst the towering forts and lush gardens? A lot of castles are open to couples wanting to use them as their wedding venues. What a picturesque scene, I must say!
Amidst the castle grounds (or at least nearby them) are parks that are open to campers and tour groups. They add a much needed touch of nature to the splendor of these buildings. Some are also nestled near the seas, making them seem as if they came out of a rather detailed exquisite painting. Others are even blessed with waterfalls that drape nearby which add up to the majestic feel of the whole landscape. Whether you are in it for the knowledge or you are bound for a trip to this country soon, enjoy our list of the most beautiful castles in Scotland.

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Edinburgh Castle - Best Castles and Palaces to Visit in the United Kingdom
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