The Most Beautiful Churches and Cathedrals To Visit in the UK

United Kingdom is home to about 100 beautiful churches that speak of history and of art hand in hand.

Many of these churches have stood the test of nature and time, allowing the sightseers to view their timeless beauty and intricate structure.

Now, they exist not only as venues for regular religious activities but also as tourist attractions that gather curious visitors all year round. One of these is the St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in London.

Wells Cathedral in Wells UK
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There are a lot of factors that draw people to churches. It differs as age, upbringing, beliefs and cultural exposure vary. Some see to it that they visit churches wherever they go as part of their religious duties. Others are fans of elaborate interiors and breathtaking architecture.

Many come because of the history behind its reason for being built, passed on for ages through the walls and the ones taking care of the structure. A lot are a mixture of these, actually.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to see the churches in United Kingdom, there is no denying that they indeed are beautiful.

Major churches in the UK are very spacious and are open for devotees and touring groups alike. Guardians of the cathedrals normally offer tours in and around the vicinity. You will find particular highlights that are unique to some churches.

There are places that welcome people who would like to have coffee indoors. Most will permit visitors to speak to the priests that are available. Some even house art installations that display historical evidences. There are also small churches that welcome visitors that are open to the etiquette called for by the organization.

Eager to see which churches you should not miss? Curious to know how beautiful they are? We have compiled below a list of the most beautiful churches in United Kingdom.

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Wells Cathedral in Wells UK
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