Best Fairy Tale Like Castles to Visit in Wales (UK)

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When it comes to great architectural wonders, Wales undeniably has a lot to offer – most especially when it comes to castles. Surely it won’t be dubbed as a “Castle Country” for nothing! It has structures so magnificent you can possibly name them the best in Great Britain.

They say Wales has more than 600 castles all over the area, disregarding the fact that it is the second smallest country in the United Kingdom. Not only are they a sight to behold but also a scenic way to learn about the Welsh history and culture.

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Most of the castles in Wales date back to the reign of King Edward 1. The king built these beauties in order to help him take ownership of his acquired lands and get the loyalty of the people of Wales to the English rule. Today, these medieval structures are collectively called Edwardian castles.

If fairy tale illustrations ever get inspirations from real-life architecture, then the castles in Wales are probably on top of their drawing boards. A very common feature of Edwardian castles is the series of round towers soaring above the grounds. The structures, which are stunning on their own, are made even more breathtaking by the castles’ locations. Some are situated in quiet valleys while others are overlooking bodies of water. There are a lot which have been well-preserved, but a few have not been able to withstand the test of nature and time. Many have adapted modern noninvasive additions to the infrastructure in order to keep tourists engaged. Imagine seeing an animatronic dragon’s lair within the castle or attending a festive Christmas fest amidst its grandiose facade!


If it is indeed true that Wales has the most magnificent castles across the United Kingdom, see for yourself. Narrowing the list of hundreds of architectural majesty is a feat in itself! Feast your eyes on this list containing the best castles in Wales.

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