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The beautiful landscapes around the UK are just a perfect way to unfold the things that tickle your travelling feet. UK road trip destinations are huge in numbers but let me share you a few of the finest views of them.

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Best UK Road trips Ideas
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Let’s hit the North Coast 500, Scotland, a sparkling white beach where you can spot dolphins and seals at the shore, also this is the best spot out of Scandinavia to witness the Northern Lights.

The peaceful atmosphere of Yorkshire Dales’s valley floor, hills and villages are so outstanding in scenery that will take your breath away.

Pass through in one of UK’s most beloved national parks, The Peak District, UK’s first national park. You might want to consider camping too, actually, there are various options- caravans, holiday homes or simply pitch a tent and be one in nature.

Drive coast to coast to see the best of Wales, seeing the astonishing scenery, reservoirs and lakes. You can also hire canoes or kayaks when you are for a long term stop-offs.

Postcard to reality scenery in Land of the Lakes, Lake District. England’s highest peak (Scafell Pike), also the region have the country’s deepest lake, Wastwater with a 74 meter deep.

Miles of lush countryside, well-preserved villages, quaint pubs, UK’s prettiest high streets and home of the Broadway Tower, all are marked in Cotswolds.

The ever charming sea side resort of Brighton, a perfect day trip from London.

From the pleasing coastlines, quaint British towns, urban centres, historical sites, marvellous architectural establishments, popping British pubs, food ventures, to the vast fields of greenery up to the peak of medieval mountains, United Kingdom have all of it and it is offering it to you to explore.

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