Recommended Best Travel Gear For Your Adventure

Choosing the best travel gear for your trip is an essential part to make your travel comfortable, organise and functional. Let me share with you my recommended travel gear that I have used over and over again. Over the years of travelling, I have refined the essential travel gear that I need whenever I hit the road.

Best Travel Gear
Recommended Best Travel Gear For Your Adventure

In choosing the right travel gear it should mainly serve your travel lifestyle whether you are into active adventure backpacking trip or into a chill-out by the beach bud. Always consider the type of activities that you intend to do on your trip. This is to avoid any unnecessary travel gear spending. 

I personally like active adventure so I tend to invest and use more rugged, lightweight and durable travel gear. Since I’m also into travel photography, I carry extra photography equipment and accessories during my travels. As you can imagine, I have to ensure the portability and multi-functional uses for the travel gear that I tend to use.

Travelling light is the way to go. Based on personal experience, it gives me flexibility and eases to move around from place to place.  So let me share with you my recommended best travel gear that I personally hand-picked and used.

Travel Bag

Choosing the right travel bag is an essential part of your travel gear collection. It is ideal to invest in a good travel bag that could withstand your travel demands and provides comfort and functionality at the same time.

Here are some things to consider in choosing your next travel bag:

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Budget-Friendly

Here are the top picks of travel bags that I personally use during my travels.

To give you more insights on picking the right travel bag for your travel gear collection, I made some other blog post about the carry-on suitcase, backpacks and day packs and suitcase for checked-in luggage.

Packing Cubes and Travel Organisers

I personally prefer to have an organised bag when I travel. Hence, I always use packing cubes and travel organisers for my backpack and suitcase. Having your stuff organised makes it easier for you to find stuff and to take your belongings out of your bag (e.g. when passing through airport security).

I made some helpful posts to help you choose packing cubes and travel organisers that suits your travel needs. You can also check out my recommended travel essentials carry-on packing list and my cruise packing list that I used when I cruised around the British Isles.

Travel Jacket

A piece of travel clothing that I absolutely must have anywhere I go to is a travel jacket. You’ll never know what kind of weather you will encounter when you arrive at your travel destination, or in some instances due to cultural reasons that you have to cover up. It is ideal that you are ready for these things and invest in a quality jacket or cardigans that can meet your travel style.

As part of the best travel gear round-up, it is paramount to invest in a good quality travel jacket. I have made a blog post to give you more insights about it and a more recommended travel jacket that can suit you and your budget.

Travel Towels

Investing in a good travel towel is one of the overlooked best travel gear that you need to have in your bag when you hit the road. Getting a lightweight and absorbent travel towel is important for hygienic reasons and portability.

Medium Micro Towelling Travel Towel

I have made a helpful guide on choosing a quality travel towel for your adventure. This will help you in determining what quality and other things to consider plus various options that you can have in getting a travel towel to include on your travel gear line up.

Travel Pillows

Having a good travel pillow will make your travel a bit more comfortable most especially on long-haul flights or bus rides. It is not really ideal to get any stiff neck due to the bad posture when you are sleeping while in transit. It is one of the best travel gear to include in your camping essentials packing list too!

Travel Beauty and Hygiene Kit

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Hygiene and cleanliness are still important to me when I travel. Hence, I ALWAYS have my travel beauty kit and a hygiene kit. It is one of the key priority on my best travel gear list! It is ideal to always come prepared when you travel to far-flung places for a great adventure or suddenly get invited to a nice fancy evening party.

Here are some of my recommended best travel gear for your adventure!
Safe Travels!