Best Travel Gifts for Her For All Occasions

Sharing is caring! Looking for some gift ideas for women in your life? We have listed some of the best gifts for her to help capture wonderful memories, make life easier, more fun, and to inspire more adventures in the future.

Some of the travel gifts will just inspire travellers to become more creative when sharing their trips. They combine the travel experience with the gratification of quick share to your friends through social media. There are some travel gifts for her that help share memories with the world. Whether it’s a gift for a special occasion or a holiday, the travel gift ideas for her are just endless!

Are you in a hurry?

Here’s our recommended and favourite travel gift for women! You can check it out here. Scroll down if you want to know more.

You can also read our guide if you are also looking for some travel related gifts for men.

Do you need to buy a travel gift for her?

By surprising your wanderlust friend with a travel gift to show your care and compassion towards them.

Whether you choose to give a gift to a friend or a family member, we generally try to know their likes and dislikes. If your friend is a travel freak, you should look for a special gift for her so she can keep you in mind when she goes globetrotting. You should pick some inexpensive but high-end gifts for her.

These travel gifts wouldn’t be too harsh on your pocket and your friend would definitely love them. That sounds like a really good combination!

How to choose the best gifts for her

Giving gifts for her shouldn’t cost you a fortune. For example, giving travel gift cards may seem common, but a travel lover wouldn’t hate a travel-related gift of some kind. The key here is to add some personal touch to it.

Different types of gifts for her

If your female friend is travel-frenzy, it can be challenging to find travel gifts for her. You may gift her something that can make her long layover at the airport easier and more pleasurable, memories more shareable, long flights cosier, and overall travel experience more fun.

For example, if she is a beach lover, you may gift her smooth and cosy beach towel. If she is athletic, you may gift her running belt or reversible bomber jacket. If she is an adventurer, you may gift her world map or sleeping bag for camping.

What you will learn from this buying guide

We will cover the great and practical travel gift ideas for her in this guide. Whether you are in search for the best presents for your sister, your mom, your girlfriend, or your globetrotter friend, you will surely find something great in this list of travel gift ideas for women.

Here’s our suggested travel related gifts for her

Best gifts ideas for the ladies in your life.

1. Scratch maps

Scratch off Map World Poster Deluxe Edition

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Show off where you have been wandering to your guests while adding flair to your wall with this colourful scratch map. This premium Scratch map features a gold and matte black top foil layer, with graphic detail and colours underneath. Later on, scratch off the foil, uncover bright colours underneath and reveal all the places you have visited. It has facts about certain cities and countries and great trivia.

This scratch map by Luckies of London is the best gift for any jet setter or globetrotter. It is designed by the leading cartographers in London and is a perfect gift to record those trips or holidays of a lifetime. It is a must-have gift for an avid traveller with detailed countries, continents, islands, cities, capitals, towns and lots of other landmarks.

Use an eraser or fingernail to scratch off the top layer of foil. Avoid using a sharp object to scratch your map. It will help create your own record of travels much fun! All in all, it is a perfect gift for a travel lover.

2. Packing Cubes

Travel Packing Cubes

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You can also read our Best Travel Packing cubes buying guide

These travel storage bags are simply made of nylon, making them reusable, waterproof, and easy to carry and clean. It has a mesh on one side which is easier to find clothes that you want. This bag comes in 6 different sizes to hold footwear, clothing, and toothbrushes.

It is your perfect go-to gift to sort your travel clothes and you don’t have to worry about them as you don’t have to fit too many clothes in your luggage. It also protects suits from dirt, damp, dust and bacteria.

It is a perfect gift for your female friend who travels for business or adventure. It helps sort her travel clothes and keep her luggage clean and tidy.

3. Passport holder

Passport Holder

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Help your friend to keep her passport clean and safe by gifting her a passport holder. She can easily fit her credit cards and passport. It comes with a handy popper fastener to close the wallet properly.

The best part is that this passport holder is designed according to most US, Canada, European and UK passport standards.

This pretty and practical passport holder is an ideal gift idea for any crazy traveller as it is made of Polyurethane (PU). It perfectly covers your passport to provide easy access and it has metal popper stud as closure.

4. Luggage Cover

Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector Fits

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Made of sturdy 250g material, this luggage cover is a blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It has a very bright pattern with brighter colour and excellent quality.

This luggage cover is designed well to protect her suitcase against scratch and dirt, plus makes it quickly recognizable. The cover is double stitched across the luggage and is highly elastic and stretchable so your suitcase can stay shut for the duration of the trip. You can choose from four different sizes of this washable and durable luggage cover.

5. Travel Organizers

Travel Organizers

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A travel organizer can be a lifesaver for her in most situations. It is strong, tough and indispensable. You can choose from all types of travel organizer bags for toiletries, laundry, and even more. One of the biggest hurdles a traveller faces is keeping all the documents and other essentials in one place.

At first, you pack your luggage and try to keep it well organized, i.e. shoes at the bottom and well-folded accessories, clothes, and toiletries over the top. After just a few days, it, unfortunately, turned into a complete mess and it becomes almost impossible to find anything without having to pull everything out of the suitcase. Most of the luggage is simply one large compartment with a few mesh pockets.

This way, travel organizers are more functional alternatives. They have RFID-security pockets and different compartments for everything.

6. Luggage tags  

Luggage Tags

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Help her make her luggage easily identifiable with colourful and vivid luggage tags. These tags have a vivid geometrically designed pattern.

On the back, they have got an information card, with enough space to write your own information to keep your luggage safe against loss. These tags are widely used as a great decoration and they are also used as tags for school bags. Be sure to look for tags that come with at least 12 months warranty and friendly customer support.

7. Travel Make Up Bag

Travel Cosmetic Bag

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Help her to pack all the travel cosmetics for her trip by gifting her travel makeup bag.

It can keep all her toiletries and makeup items at one place for a trip and can also save stress and time once she has to reach her destination. If she has been lugging along her cosmetics in various different cosmetic bags, it is the right time to upgrade to a large makeup bag which can meet all her needs.

When looking for a travel toiletry and makeup case, choose one which has roomy compartments and several pockets to keep you organized. Other great features include water resistance, easy to clean surface and hook for hanging. With so many makeup bags out there, it can be difficult to choose one which suits her preferences and needs.

This way, you can go with TOPSEFU Make Up Bag for Women which comes to a mirror and makeup brush. It is a 2-layered multifunctional organizer.

8. Travel Backpack 

Travel Backpack

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Read here the best travel backpack buying guide

If she is an adventure traveller there is nothing better for her than a travel backpack.

Deuter is a water-resistant hiking backpack and is comfortable to wear. There are different reasons to travel with a backpack. First of all, it keeps your hands free and you can walk without having to drag anything.

Busy bus stations, cobbled streets, and dirt roads are not that suitable for your suitcase. In the end, backpacks provide great practicality and comfort that you can’t find in a suitcase. It has become the first choice for several travellers in the world instead of a suitcase. In short, travel backpacks are one of the most comfortable luggage for a traveller.

9. Travel Powerbank 

Travel Powerbank

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This rugged power bank is strictly made for outdoor adventurer as it is protected with several shockproof silica gel layers to protect its battery.

This power bank has got IP67 protection and can survive under 1m water for up to 30 minutes (with waterproof cap closed). It also resists bumps and dust easily.

Hence, it is definitely the No.1 choice for all kinds of outdoor adventures like camping, backpacking, fishing, hiking, boating, and even sunbathing. It effectively keeps track of the output voltage and automatically shuts off when the voltage exceeds the maximum limit.

10. Foldable Water Bottle 

Foldable Travel Water Bottle

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Tap water is not always safe and clean to drink in all parts of the world. This foldable water bottle will help her along the way by making clean and drinkable water from any source of contaminated water by filtering out 99.9% of waterborne impurities safely.

It is completely reusable and eco-friendly product made by considering the needs of travellers, adventurists and sports enthusiasts who need safe hydration, no matter where they go and how exciting the adventure goes.

This 2-Stage water filter bottle has been manufactured in the UK with the same technology used in emergency situations to filter contaminated water after natural disasters.

11. Travel Journals

Travel Journals

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Every journey has its own different experience for us. Special encounters, tasty food, secret trips, and happening places are some of the unique things that are remembered for the lifetime.

And you don’t want to resist one of them. This is why you should gift My Way Travel Journal by Marco Polo. This new and innovative travel book is a great gift to record all her adventures.

This 160-page travel journal has enough space to record everything she comes across, such as travel companions, favourite food, and attractions.

We hope that these buying guide helped and inspired you on what to get for the ladies in your life who loves to travel.

Always remember it’s the thought that counts!
Read some inspiring travel quotes to perfectly complement your gift and convey your message.

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Best travel gifts for her


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