The Best Travel Pillow Guide for a Comfortable Travel

Are you a frequent flyer looking for the best travel pillow?

If you want to make your domestic or international flight as comfortable as possible, continue reading this best travel pillow guide.

We hope you will love the travel pillows we have chosen especially for you. Decide on the best pillows for having great sleep even in the longest flights.

These travel pillows provide great support around your neck, ensuring a comfortable nap time up in the air.

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Why you should get a travel neck pillow

Sleeping on a plane is a challenge which also irritates even the most experienced travellers.

An essential travel accessory that you need when you are travelling on a long haul flight. 

No matter how many activities you plan on your international trip, you will definitely want to doze off at some point. Hence a handy travel pillow will save and support your neck from hours of discomfort while travelling.

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Do you need a travel pillow?

Yes, of course, most especially if you like to do some power nap when you travel for a quick re-charge. Travel pillow helps travellers for neck support and adds a little bit of comfort while travelling.

How to choose the best pillow


Neck support is very vital for you. When buying a travel pillow, be sure it has great options to achieve the ideal sleeping position. We recommend you to choose a neck pillow which aligns your nose with the centre of the chin so you can arrive at our destination without pain. It helps you to avoid unwanted straining on your posture, neck and back. Checking the inner material of your travel pillows are also necessary if you prefer it to be made of memory foam or the soft beads.  Depending on the firmness and support you prefer and need to give you the most comfortable neck support.


You should look for the best travel pillow which is easy to carry and portable or something you can easily attach to your luggage. An inflatable travel neck pillow should not take much space in your carry-on luggage.


You can never sleep comfortably using a pillow that is made from scratchy fabric. Choosing the right fabric material for your pillow is essential especially if you are a frequent traveller or for a long-haul flight.  Also, choose a travel pillow that is machine washable for convenience.

Different types of travel pillow

U-Shaped Travel Pillows

As the name suggests, these types of travel pillows are U-shaped to cover over your neck and give added support. Different variations of U-shaped travel pillows are available in the market. Some have some hood that goes over your head to give some blackout effect, some are made for side sleepers and some has to be attached to your seat.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

The inflatable travel pillow is another convenient option if you want a travel pillow. This travel pillow gives you the flexibility to inflate for handy travel storage.

Compressible Travel pillow

It is the best pillow for sleeping if you prefer to have a mini-pillow style. It is ultra-light with soft foam filling which is ideal for your road and small trips, camping, flights, and backpacking. It is known for its roll-on bolster compact design, which can easily pack in a duffle, backpack, tote or suitcase.

Travel pillows for kids

Travel pillows for kids come in smaller designs to fit around and support the kid’s neck and head. The travel pillows for kids come in different designs and cool shapes inspired by various cartoon characters, cute design and bright colours. In addition, they have feather-soft microfibers, which add to the much-needed softness. They also have chin support to keep your child’s head steady when she falls asleep.

Here are the best travel pillows for your next trip

1.Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow

trtl Pillow for travel

Check the price & reviews here

It is your best choice if you are looking for the best travel pillow for side sleepers. It has ultra-soft fleece with hidden inner support, along with some cosy cushioning to create a comfortable resting spot for your neck and head. It has a unique design to look like a scarf that can be adjusted easily as per your comfort. It can easily be attached to the handle of a backpack or outside the luggage. It just weighs half a pound. You no longer have to use the bulky pillows that take up your valuable luggage room.

2. Everlasting Comfort Travel Pillow Set

Everlasting Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

With over 100,000 satisfied users, Everlasting Comfort has been well known for offering best and quality products. This travel pillow is made of memory foam, which has the ability to hold its shape and provide great neck support. The travel pillow set also has a cell phone pocket, which fits all iPods, cell phones, and other devices to enjoy music while you rest. The travel pillow set has earplugs, eye mask and travel bag which can fit your cabin luggage easily.

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3. Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Travel Pillow

Therm Rest Lumbar Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

Therm-a-Rest Lumbar travel pillow is designed with pressure mapping technology. It has die-cast foam across the centre of the travel pillow to control pressure on the spine. It inflates automatically to provide personalized support. You can easily adjust the same with one hand to add great comfort to a bad seat.

4. Lights Out – The First Black Out Travel Pillow

Lights Out Coverage Support Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

It is the best pillow for neck support, which will gently protect your neck from pains and little privacy to ensure peace of mind when travelling. It has been ergonomically designed to go through the natural contours of the body and it has a soft hoodie, which will keep lights out. It is made of soft, airy polar fleece with germ filter to keep you warm and snug. It is very easy to carry and compact with a convenient latch.

5. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow wraps around your neck with its ergonomic shape and offers best and soft support to the neck, head, and chin simultaneously. It comes in two different sizes for adults and one for kids. It is the best choice when flying as it works well and it can be customized in different ways for quality napping and ample comfort when sitting in the middle, window seat, or aisle.

It is also a great choice for great travelling experience as it can help get some rest and sleep in any position in a train, car, or bus ride.

6. J-Pillow Travel Pillow

J Pillow Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

J-Pillow is another best travel head pillow with great chin support. It provides much-needed neck support as it fills the gap between shoulders and head for side sleepers. You can twist and conform this travel pillow in different positions. It has got the best design for ample support to sleep upright without having a stiff neck. It is ideal for flights, bus ride, cars, camping, and trains.

7. NeckSnug – Luxury Travel Pillow

NeckSnug Luxury Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

NeckSnug is truly a lavish and firm neck support pillow or soft neck pillow. It has the right mix of comfort and support after testing plenty of memory foam pillows. It has easy to adjust toggles so it will not slip off your shoulders. You can keep the pillow in place and get the right fit for you.

8. SkySiesta SNUG Travel Pillow

SkySiesta Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

Made of two L-shaped pillows filled with non-clumping, soft fibre, the SkySiesta SNUG travel pillow has two sides joined by fabric and the bottom of Ls turn inwards when you lay your head on it to provide ample support for the chin.

It has also a buckle you can click to keep it snug fit. The pillow is easy to wash and it comes with eye mask and stuff bag.

9. Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

It is the well-known Microbead travel neck pillow from Cloudz. It has been the first choice for millions of travellers for over 15 years. It features ultra-premium, exclusive microbeads which gives ample support to conform to all sleeping positions. They will not crush easily like other pillows out there who use poor quality beads. It has cozy and super soft plush on one side and relaxing spandex on the other side.

10. Crafty World Comfortable Travel Pillow

Comfort Travel Pillow

Check the price & reviews here

Crafty World Comfortable Travel Pillow can easily and cosily mould to your neck to ensure the best fit. It is made with thermo-sensitive and top quality memory foam. It comes with a removable soft velour cover. It has been scientifically proven the best pillow for users who have painful shoulder, chronic neck, or upper back pain. It also has an elastic strap which can be fixed to your luggage.

We hope you have loved the above travel pillows and decided on the best pillows for having great sleep. These travel pillows provide great support around your neck.

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Best Travel Pillows Guide


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