Blogging Tools for Beginners: For Best Productivity Results Like A Boss!

I have been blogging now since 2016 and slowly building my websites to their monetization level wherein they can earn money. In the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about making money online through blogging. However, it is possible!

Finding the best blogging tools when you are a newbie blogger can be overwhelming.  There are lots of top blogging tools to choose from free to premium ones.

I would like to share with you the different blogging tools that every blogger needs (at least in my opinion!). These blogging tools will definitely make your life easier and productive in handling the different parts of blogging from SEO to content distribution.

Blogging Tools List for beginners

Project 24 Blogging Course

I’m a member of the Income School – Project 24 blogging course and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in stepping up my game in blogging. The Project 24 team constantly provide us with helpful information, SEO strategies, the latest digital trends and many more. They have a weekly private podcast, private blogging community, and loads of perks like free themes, plugins and audiobooks.

If you want to join this great blogging community, you can sign-up for their blogging course here.

SEO Powersuite

Building a blog with a good SEO foundation from the start is the best way to succeed in monetising your blog. I use the best blogging SEO tool – SEO Powersuite for all my SEO tasks from keyword research (Rank Tracker), website audit (Website Auditor), link building campaigns (Link Assistant) and competition management (Spyglass).


It is a 4-in-1 package tool that can make your SEO learning and process manageable. I made my SEO Powersuite review here if you want to find out more about the various functions of these awesome tools. You can buy the SEO Powersuite Professional bundle here.


Tailwind is an absolute lifesaver for managing my Pinterest and Instagram. I batch schedule my contents for Tailwind and Pinterest for the whole month. This makes my social media pages active. One of my main goals this year is to grow my Pinterest as one of the main traffic sources of my blog.

By using Tailwind you can schedule your contents and publish or pin them during the optimised time to make sure you are getting the most views for your posts.

Tailwind also has Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest where you can collaborate with other bloggers within the same niche in sharing your contents. Smart Loop is also another great feature of Tailwind for Pinterest management, this feature enables you to automatically shares all the “seasonal” posts throughout the year.

Tailwind for Instagram management also has a great potential to grow your IG page.  You can schedule and automatically posts your contents on your optimised time slots. I do really love the hashtag suggestions, geo & profile tagging and the “hashtag on first comment” features.

If you want to try Tailwind to help you with Pinterest and Instagram too, you can sign up here!

Facebook Scheduler

Sharing your blog on Facebook is a good way to keep your followers updated on what’s new on your blog. I use the platform’s own publishing tool on my Facebook page and group to help me schedule the posts and to make sure they are shared in the optimal time when most of my followers are online. 

Twitter Scheduler

Twitter is still a valuable social sharing platform in content distribution. I personally use the Twitter for Business platform to schedule the blog posts that I want to share on my page.  You can find the instructions here on how to schedule tweets using the Twitter for Business scheduler.


Building a mailing list is vital to any business. Same goes for your blog, building a good relationship thru newsletter is a great way to keep in touch to your subscribers.

I personally use MailChimp to handle my monthly newsletter. If you also want to use MailChimp, you can sign up here and get US$30 credits!

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is my 2-in-1 blogging tool in creating beautiful Pinterest banners and short videos for social media and video ads.  Adobe Spark is part of your standard Adobe subscription, so you won’t have to pay any extra to access the premium features.

My favourite part of using Spark is their “Search image” functionality which is automatically connected to copyright free sources online. You can also save your favourite templates for your website’s branding. You can sign-up to Adobe Spark here!  

Lightroom & Photoshop

These (Lightroom and Photoshop) Adobe Photo editing applications will be your best friend when it comes to enhancing your images for your blog and social media pages.

Beautiful images can help you tell a good story and deliver information to your audience effectively.  I’m sure you would like to know more about the ropes of photography, you can check out my photography tips for more info. You can also sign up for Adobe Creative cloud to access all the main apps and software for basic photography needs (this is what I’m currently subscribed to!)


For more complex video editing/creation such as drone video edits and vlogs, I use Filmora. 

It’s very user-friendly and great beginners in video editing.  They have pre-installed layouts, copyright free music, filters, font designs and animation.  You can buy Filmora for PC and Filmora for MAC users for your vlogs and other videos.

Google Drive

Google Drive is my lifesaver when it comes to organising my files for the blog.  I have a team of writers and VA working to help me grow my blog and take to the next level.  Working remotely is not a problem when it comes to managing our database and files!

If you have a Gmail, you can easily use a free 15GB Gdrive, to begin with.  If you need more space than that, you can upgrade it with a minimal fee per month.


Protecting your blog from malware and other viruses online is very important! Having a solid security firewall on your website is a one of the main points of SEO nowadays.  I personally use Sucuri to secure my site and for the past two years, I absolutely loved it!


The pricing is reasonable and the tech support is very helpful. This is surely very helpful for beginner bloggers who don’t know a lot of tech stuff.  You can sign-up for FREE 30 DAYS and protect your website with Sucuri here.

WP Timecapsule

One of the important lessons that you should learn in working online, is to save your work and always have a backup!  Saving a backup data or copy of your website in cloud storage is paramount.  In an unfortunate event that your site will get infected by Malware or hacked, this backup is very important to get your site back in good shape and online again.

I personally use the increment back up for my site.  This will only back up any changes that you made and will not use up a major server load and data. Another good thing here, is you get to own and save your own data by connecting it to your cloud storage. If you are looking for a solid and reliable backup system for your site, you can sign-up to WP Timecapsule here.


Having a good hosting provider is also an important part of growing your blog. I personally use Namecheap since I started blogging. I’m currently using a Business Hosting that enables me to have a lot of perks and features than the basic hosting plan due to the growing demands of my site.

The customer support of Namecheap is amazing!  You can always chat with them online and will help you any of your technical issues.  If you are looking for a fast and reliable hosting for your website, you can sign up with Namecheap Hosting with free SSL certificate now.

Elegant Themes

I absolutely love Elegant Themes.  I personally used Elegant Themes – Extra for my website.  Extra is a theme created mainly for publishers, media and bloggers for the heavy content purpose.

Elegant Themes

It is a reliable page builder with loads of functionality with endless creative possibilities.  Once you become a subscriber, you can also access the Elegant theme’s plugin on your dashboard like the Bloom (for newsletter opt-in) and Monarch (social media counters). If you would like to join the Divi Nation, you can sign up here for Elegant Themes.

I can definitely guarantee that these blogging tools will help you launch your blog in no time! I will be constantly updating this post for more best blogging tools for beginners or for pro bloggers that I would personally use and recommend.

If you need help and blogging advice, just drop me a message in the comment box below.

Blogging Tools for Beginners


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