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Travel Postcard Registration of Everything Zany

I love sending and receiving travel postcards. I think it is a lovely and thoughtful act of kindness to send a little travel postcard to your friends and family. Since I started blogging in 2015, sending travel postcards to the audience of my previous community blog was an awesome feeling. I feel that postcards are more personal than a shout out on social media pages. Emails and online greetings are quick and easy, but something special about the personal touch of sending a postcard. I always like to have an authentic connection and engagement to the fantastic readers and...

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Journey to Minimalism: Gifts For The Travel Community

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest Journey to Minimalism: A Travel & Photography gear giveaway for the travel Community A Travel & Photography gear giveaway – I’ve been trying to adapt a simple and meaningful life by incorporating the minimalist way of living. Minimalism is not just for nomads who live on the road or move from city to city. This kind of lifestyle is making your life more meaningful with less stuff to make room for more valuable things in life! I will get there eventually. I’m slowly letting go of the stuff that I don’t need. I...

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Best SEO Tools That Every (Travel) Blogger Should Use

Creating a blog without a SEO strategy and using the best SEO tools will just be a waste of all your effort and money! I studied Digital Marketing, Website Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I decided to take a leap of faith and build my own blog – Everything Zany. My goal is to implement what I’ve learned on my Digital Marketing, Web design and SEO courses. Of course, with the help of various online software and best SEO tools out there! I’m a Data Analyst in my day job, so SEO process has somewhat come a bit...

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Norwegian Air: £179 Affordable Direct Flight From London To Singapore

The budget airline Norwegian Air launched their first Asian destination offering at an affordable price! A few weeks ago, I shared on my social media page the great news from Norwegian Air in London. So I did some research on it! Norwegian Air launched their new and first route to Asia last month. Starting on the 28th September 2017 the budget airline will be flying from London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom to Singapore four times a week. This is a game changer, giving a new definition to the long-haul flights that are absolutely budget friendly. Seats are now available for...

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Cabin Zero Best Carry On and Daypack Backpack

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest A backpack is an essential gear to every traveller to make our journey easier. I recently travelled to Asia and tested the new backpack from Cabin Zero. I love to use backpacks on my travels because they are versatile and manageable to use. Having different sizes of backpacks gives me an option to choose what to use based on my planned activities and destination. The Cabin Zero backpack has its potentials and advantages. I was a sceptic at first about the thought of a 44L backpack that can be used as carry-on luggage. ...

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