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Urban Approach 10 (Think Tank Photo) Mirrorless Camera Bag Review

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest Think Tank Camera bag review: Urban Approach 10 I’m passionate about photography and I find it really useful for building my blog and creating beautiful blog posts. As a part of my travel blogging journey, I get to visit various places through press trip invitations from brands and different tourism boards. I document the whole experience and take lots of images, this helps to tell a story. My first mirrorless camera was an EPL-7 Olympus camera. I recently upgraded to an Olympus EM-10 Mark II with the 14 – 150mm Mark II travel...

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How Lonely Planet Made My Travel Photography Dream Come True

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest My Lofoten photo became the cover image of the 100th special edition of the Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine.  When I decided to take travel photography seriously, I was so determined to learn and try different tips and styles of photography and joined a local photography club. It comes really handy with my blogging, and it keeps my creativity chakra going. How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging Tips On How To Enhance Your Photography Skills Lonely Planet is considered to be the bible of the travel media whether in prints or online. It...

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Tips On How To Enhance Your Photography Skills

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ StumbleUpon Pinterest  Here are some photography tips for beginners that I can share based on my experience. I love Photography. Pictures can tell a good story and can paint a thousand words. Who doesn’t want to take good pictures? Even before I started my blogging life, I loved taking pictures on my point and shoot camera and mobile phone. Growing up in the Philippines, where everyone loves to take photos. Getting used to be in front of the camera was a norm.  There was even a point that I have to borrow our neighbours or relative’s camera...

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