I got “The Call” (well…email) within the next couple of days to say I had been chosen to be part of the singing team! I was thrilled! I almost still can’t believe it.

Back in March this year, I was finally persuaded to go for auditions with Worcester Musical Theatre Company. The most professional amateur group in the Worcestershire area. I can’t tell you how nerve wracking it was to make that decision to do something so wildly out of my comfort zone, something I had never really done before.

I had previously seen the show in action two years ago, and it was a most wonderful experience. Glittering costumes, perfect choreography and heavenly voices all wrapped up under one theme with the award winning Harlequin Stage School dancers and comedic acts thrown in.

To be clear, this isn’t a musical in a sense you’d know it. We have no principal parts, we don’t read from books and learn lines, this is entirely focused on the team. It is several sections, each one with a theme and the songs are all songs you’ll know.

Everything from golden oldies to current pop and your favourite musical numbers. Each of them set to chorus line of dancers who will utterly blow you away with their talent.

Every year the show chooses a new charity to support, previously is has been Help for Heroes and this year we are supporting Guide Dogs for the Blind.

So back to auditions, I had to sing my chosen song (Fly Me to the Moon) in front of a panel of eight producers. Eight! There definitely isn’t eight people there when I sing in the shower, so already I was doing something new. I had the slight advantage of being close with one of them, the friend who convinced me to join in the first place and her encouragement and support through this process made it a lot less daunting. I even had to dance, and if you’ve ever had the misfortune to see me dance you’ll know that I had to really pull out the stops. No, I didn’t dance like a dad at a disco, but it wasn’t far off!

Walking on Sunshine Worcester Musical


I got “The Call” (well…email) within the next couple of days to say I had been chosen to be part of the singing team! I was thrilled! I almost still can’t believe it.

Since then it has been a whirlwind of rehearsals and learning words and harmonies, made increasingly more interesting when I was told I needed to jump into a couple of the sections and actually learn to dance!

We are a week away from opening night, and I’m not convinced I can do a twirl yet, but that’s what kitchen floors are for right? The following year has whizzed by. Helping out with props, getting my first pair of dancing shoes and even having a few sneaky dance lessons with the friend I mentioned before to help me really nail it.

Now speaking as somebody who has frequently suffered depression and anxiety, I can’t recommend enough doing something like this.

Getting involved with a group of wonderful people and doing something you love is a huge step to take when your mind is working against you, but it has been so healing, and the positivity that flows from this wonderful cast has been very soothing. I’m not saying there aren’t moments of pressure, or stress that won’t make you rethink the whole thing but pushing through and keeping the pace up has really changed things around for me.

Walking On Sunshine

Knowing people rely on you to be there and always greet you with a smile is such a positive force. It may seem a cliche to say it, but getting out there and throwing yourself into something you love (or at least have an interest in) is one of the best decisions you can make regarding your mental health.

I have made some wonderful friends in this new family and learned some skills that I will take away with me and last for the rest of my life.

Everyone in the cast, whether upfront or backstage is 100% dedicated to the entire performance, and it really shows in every single rehearsal. Going from us clumsily finding our places, to forgetting half the words to actually snapping it together into something so professional and seamless. We are nearly ready to take this show on stage. The next couple of rehearsals will just be dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, and we are ready for you to come and have a night you won’t forget.

Laugh at the brilliant comedy acts, be brought to tears by the fantastic primary school children we have joining us (I think they might even outshine us!), be wowed by the Harlequin Stage School and hopefully mesmerised by our casts fabulous voices and enthusiastic dancing.


Our show “Walking on Sunshine” runs from the 1st to the 5th of November, and we would love to see you all there at the Swan Theatre in Worcester (The Moors, Worcester WR1 3ED).

 We are proud to support the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

For tickets, please visit Walking on Sunshine — Charity event. 

diary of a show girl walking on sunshine worcester musical

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Walking on Sunshine Worcester MusicalHelen Dilworth is a Brummie hiding out in Worcester and has yet to be found out. She is part of the Worcester Musical Theatre Company and is loving treading the boards. She games and sews in her spare time and is working towards seeing more of the world. Follow her on Instagram @miss_muffy