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Travel beauty kit is essential for looking after ourselves (at least to look decent) while travelling.

Beauty kit is one of the must-haves inside the women suitcase.

Looking after ourselves is important for our well-being. It is no exception that we should also do it while we are travelling.

Many of us are using various travel cosmetics and travel toiletry kit that we often get from the supermarkets, high street pharmacies and airports.

I would like to share with you some of my daily and standard travel beauty kits.  These are the products I personally use when I travel so I can assure you that they work!

Essential Travel Beauty Kit for Women (Travel Cosmetics)

Here are my travel cosmetics essentials

1. Mac Powder Studio Fix NW 22

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NW22

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Since I have a combination facial skin, I use MAC Powder Studio Fix in NW22. It’s a quick fix if you are rushing to start your day while travelling. It is also ideal to use in humid climates. Since it’s in a powder form, it will absorb some oil on your face.

I personally use NW22, depending on your skin tone you can check it on the MAC foundation finder.

2. Avon Magix Prime and Set spray

Magix Prime and Set Spray Avon

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A multi-purpose Primer and makeup Set spray. I normally transfer this in a smaller bottle, so it would be easier for me to put in my hand carry if ever I’m only using my backpack.

Primer is really good for looking after your skin because it will serve as a barrier and will help to make your makeup last all day.


3. Mac Great Brows Kit

MAC Cosmetics Lingering Great Brows All in One Brow Kit

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Most Filipinas would know “Kilay (Eyebrow) is life”. It’s one of the personal jokes of the Filipinas who love to make their eyebrows as perfect as possible. I love the Benefit Browzing and Mac Great Brows kit. They are truly a life saver.

4. Benefit high brow

benefit high brow

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This highlight pencil of from Benefit is a great cover and it works for me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

We can’t avoid the dark circles around our eye areas because of all the hectic schedule either from the daily grind or full pack adventure trip to some lovely exotic destinations. Benefit high brown gives the glowing awake look just put a little amount of the pencil creme underneath your eyebrows! It works wonders!

5. Mac Pro Longwear Blush (Stay Pretty)

Mac Pro Longwear Blush

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I love this Mac Pro Longwear Blush. It stays on my cheek the whole day and it gives a healthy rosy natural look.

6. Mac Lipstick 

Mac Lipstick

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I personally use three shades and types of lipstick from Mac.

For daytime and everyday use, I use the Matte lipstick (Mehr) in the nude shade. For my evening shade, I personally prefer the Mac Cremesheen (Brave Red) and the Mac Retro Matte (Dance with Me).

7. Mac Lip Liner

Mac Lip Liner

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I use lip liner to prolong the wear of my lipstick. If I’m travelling, most of the time I have no time or maybe not in an appropriate place to re-touch.

So I have to ensure that my travel makeup will last longer throughout the day. I use the Mac Lip Pencil (Edge to Edge) to match my everyday lipstick, Mehr. I use Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ( Kiss Me Quick) to match my Brave Red and Dance with Me evening lip shades.

8. Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof Mascara

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I rarely use mascara in general. If I ever have to it would be for an evening event, I normally use Benefit They’re Real or the Christian Dior Waterproof mascara. One thing I don’t quite like about wearing mascara is the panda eyes after you remove them.

9. Rimmel London Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner

Rimmel Glam eyes Professional Liquid Eye Liner

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I absolutely love this liquid eyeliner. It has the thinnest brush applicator for control and precision when you apply it on your eyelids. It is also a budget friendly! So, why not get the London look!

10. Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot 

MAC Paint Pot ProLongwear

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Among the different eyeshadow brands, this is the one that I love the most. My eyes tend to get oily over the course of the day. So I need something that can possibly control it and the Mac Paint pot does the job!

It can serve as a good primer for my eyeshadow, or I use it as it is. I basically like to have the neutral shades to look more natural glowing makeup for every day.

11. Avon Colour Correcting Pearls

Avon Colour Correcting Pearls

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The CC pearls of Avon is my new favourite. It evens out my skin tone and since it’s in a powder beads form, it is great for oily skin.

12. NIOD Photography Fluid (Opacity 12%)

NIOD Photography Fluid

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This is a colour correcting creme. I normally use it as a base to my foundation powder.

Based on its name, it has a unique formula in its pigments that refracts lights that touches your face and give it a glowing natural effect. I like using it for a photo shoot or an evening party.

13. Clean and Clear Oil Control Film

Oil Control Film

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My life saviour! Oiliness is next to ugliness! Since my skin is oily, this is a quick fix to look fresh while on the road.

I always make sure I have a packet of this in my bag.

13. Small Travel Size Bottles & Spray

LiquiSnugs Silicone Travel Bottles

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I normally fill these with all sorts of skincare travel set for my travel toiletry kit. Fits perfectly in my hand carry. I only bring what I need and I don’t necessarily fill them up to the brim if I won’t need it.

14. Cosmetic Travel Case

Travel Makeup Bag

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I love organising my stuff inside my suitcase or backpack. The cosmetic travel case is a great way to organising your little trinkets when you travel.

I personally have the hanging travel toiletry bag and the small travel toiletry kit like the ones showed below.

15. Travel Wipes 

Travel Wet Wipes

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Travel wipes can be your life saviour too when you are travelling! I always travel with these three wipes; the cosmetics makeup removal wipes, wet tissue wipes, and feminine wipes.

So there you have it!

I aim to travel light now so I try to keep my beauty kit as flexible as possible without occupying or weighing too much space in my bag.

I only bring the things that I think I would need for my trip.

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If you have other travel beauty kit tips or things I have missed out, drop it in the comment box below.