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To some, Italian cuisine may be pizza and pasta, but to many, it is an art. There is simply quite nothing like it – rich, comforting and delicious. It made its way to probably every country in this world; a lot has toyed around its components.

Some have won the approval of the locals while others deemed it as taking something so simple too far, too complex. As true with any experience, the best way to eat Italian dishes is in one corner in Italy, surrounded by the people, landmarks and stories that made it what it was before – consistent to what it is today.

Delicious Food to Eat in Italy For Authentic Italian Cuisine Experience
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Breakfast in Italy leans towards the light side. It’s generally a composition of (very good) coffee, a selection of breads, rolls and pastries, fruits and perhaps some yoghurt or muesli.

Feeling underwhelmed? Fret not; this actually may be a good idea — because come lunch, you’ll be eating to your heart’s delight. The Mediterranean cuisines

Your body will thank you for your Italy trip, too! Fresh vegetables and other healthy produce are widely available in local markets. Hearty ingredients and inspiring landscapes: sounds like you have everything you need to prepare an authentic Italian meal!

If you are the type who would rather eat out, here is a couple of terms that you need to know before heading out and reading those establishment signs:
1. Ristorante – a restaurant typically for the upscale market
2. Trattoria – a simpler restaurant usually serving locals
3. Pizzeria – an eatery specializing in pizza
4. Osteria – a trattoria but with wines
5. Bacaro – a shop offering an informal way of dining out
6. Enoteca – a wine bar
7. Pasticceria – a shop for cakes and pastries

Whichever way you choose to go, you’re guaranteed to have a meal that is worth telling your friends back home. Not excited enough? Indulge your eyes on these must-eats when in Italy.

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