As this year comes to an end and the new year is on the horizon, I have decided to do a little reflecting on what happened in 2017.

Change is the only inevitable thing in this world.

We all have to adapt to whatever life throw at us. It will either make or break us, after all this is how we learn.

Ryazan Tristram Everything Zany

2017 taught me to focus on the important things in life.  Things that are intangible and immeasurable.  There were lots of ups and downs!


Here are the highlights of 2017 – the good, the bad and the ugly life lessons. 

The first quarter…

The start of the year was troublesome.

Cancer has struck my family and put a big strain financially and emotionally.

Also, I had a nasty argument with my best friends that could have been prevented, and things are still not the same between us.

Weeded out fake friends in my life who are only there when it’s beneficial to them.

I started to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle.

Be with people who would extend their hand to help you and not judge you for your shortcomings and failures.”

A pathway to success is paved with lots of rejections.

The third quarter…

I visited Dubrovnik for a few days with my husband.

Celebrated my 31st birthday, and 1st year anniversary of my own blog – Everything Zany.

My blog has reached nearly 15,000 monthly page views; majority is organic page views.

We adopted a new cat and named her Rosie.

“I don’t want to be in the passenger seat in my own life.”

The fourth quarter…

Went on a press trip to Greece and started collaborating with various travel brands.

Attended my first World Travel Market exhibition in London.

Visited Marrakech and experienced my first all-inclusive hotel stay.

My blog is one of the finalists for the UK Blog Awards for 2018.

What a crazy year!

I have come to realise that time and effort is worth giving to those people who value me as one of the important people in their lives. I have learned to value people who want to be a part of my journey and not just a mere friendship of convenience.

I felt betrayed, judged and lost for a while until I realised that I still have a wonderful husband, family and a few friends who I can always count on. I will continue to give value to other people’s lives and build meaningful and healthy relationships with them.

Sometimes the best way to love someone is from a distance.

Time will heal all the wounds of the past.  Family problems have been sorted bit by bit.

So, avoid toxic and unhealthy relationships!

My blogging journey has been fruitful this year and has continued to grow. How I wished I had started much sooner. 2017 is just the beginning, more great things will come in 2018.  I aim to help and inspire more people thru my blog and creative creations.

There have been a few regrets and opportunities lost, but these won’t stop me in pursuing my life goals and looking forward to the future.

There is no point holding on to past mistakes, what is important is the present.

Cherish it and let it grow into something meaningful that will add value to not just to myself but to other people as well.

Cheers to 2018, to new beginnings and to happy endings.

You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.  — The Minimalist