Microfiber Towels: World’s Best Travel Towels For Your Adventure

Are you an adventure traveller?
You definitely need to buy yourself a travel towel.

It is a must-have accessory that you can’t resist to add to your kit, whether you are rambling through Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest or making your way through the Australian outback.

It’s quite an overlooked item, but still, an important accessory in your travel arsenal that you will be pleased to have on some occasions where you can dry yourself off.

What is a Travel towel?

A Travel towel is a lightweight and quick dry cloth that is a great alternative to use and bring whenever you travel.  This will save you a lot of weight and space in your bag and still have something to use to dry yourself with. 

Are you in a hurry?

Here’s our recommended and favourite travel towel! You can check it out here. Scroll down if you want to know more!

Why you should get a travel towel?

If you are travelling for the first time, you might be asking why you can’t just carry a regular towel in your backpack. Regular towels don’t dry quickly and even go mouldy and smelly after a while. They are also chunky and large. They take a lot of space and they also weigh down your packs unnecessarily.

So, it is better to go for quick dry towels or travel towels as they dry out very quickly.

Do you need a travel towel?

Travel towels dry out quickly, they are lightweight and are smaller in size. They are very absorbent too. They can also absorb water far quicker than other towels.

Most of the travel towels are also antibacterial. So, your towel will remain fresh, damp-free and smell-free. They remain always pleasant to touch after showering.

How to choose the best travel towel?


There are different towel sizes and uses. They come in large, medium and small. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your travel towel should be usable. It will be of no use if it is too small. So, you should always consider towel sizes and uses. Some towels are easier to carry but not so easy to cover around the body.

Travel towels can go up to 70 inches in size which should be large enough for a lot of people. You can also find lightweight and an extra large microfiber towel. There are also extra large ones in Turkish cotton. Smaller towels are around 20 inches. It is best to go with a larger towel if you are using it as the main towel during the whole trip.


Are you looking for the best bath towels for camping, beach, backpacking or just bathing? You can use a microfiber travel bath towel also for camping. 


You still have to clean your travel towel. Both bamboo and linen towels are naturally antibacterial. So, they are ideal for limited time use but they still need to be wash sometimes.

Different types of travel towels

Most of the quick dry towels are microfiber towels as they are very light and quick to dry. There are plenty of other materials available. Here are the types of travel towels we will discuss.


Generally, the best travel towel is usually microfiber towels. It is a synthetic material which literally wipes off the water from your skin. Microfiber towels can absorb up to 7 times there weight. It can feel different from a normal towel but they are usually soft.

They are known to be very lightweight and they are also easy to carry. They are the best quick dry towels as they splash water off you and can easily absorb the same. 

Turkish Cotton

Turkish bath towels are some of the most widely used towels after microfiber. These towels are made of very fine cotton so they can be both very absorbent and comfortable.

They are some of the best absorbent towels you may come across. They really take less space as they are thin. Along with being super absorbent, they are very comfortable to use as a scarf or blanket when you travel.

They are not the best travel towel, but they are ideal to use as pool towels and as an alternative to a regular towel.


Linen is another common type of camping towel. Linen has the added the advantage of being both highly absorbent and naturally antibacterial. They are a fast drying towel and thin for travel but they are not the most comfortable or soft. They are also on the expensive side.


This type of travel towel is yet another sustainable, naturally antibacterial option. As compared to linen, they are also very soft with fabric which is similar to cotton and they also are antibacterial. It is not that easy to find quality compact towels which are made of bamboo.

What you will learn from this product review?

We have listed and reviewed the best fast drying towels out there. Whether you are up for a quick dry beach towel or a microfiber towel, you can always find one in our travel towel reviews.

Here’s our pick of the best travel towels

1.Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towels for Travel

Dock & Bay Microfibre Beach Towels for Travel

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Dock & Bay has literally changed the game by offering this original sand-free beach towel for travel. It is the best travel beach towel for swimmers. It dries up to 3 times faster than a regular cotton towel. It comes with a travel accessory pouch to pack inside.

The best part of this travel beach towel is that it is made of microfiber which dries well and feels different. It is different to cotton but you will still love the smooth feel and it is also highly absorbent. It is extra large to cover the entire sun bed and has a hook to hang it out to dry.

2. SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports & Travel Towel

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SYOURSELF sports and travel towel is made of pure 100% microfiber which is soft and fast drying. It is compact and totally smooth and gentle.

It soaks up plenty of sweat and dries out 10 times faster than the regular towel and can absorb around 4 times of its weight in water. It is one of the best luxury bath towels which are anti-microbial and mould resistant. It is ultra-light and compact, durable and soft without any wet towel smell. It can also serve multiple purposes, such as a beach, swimming, hiking, camping, hot yoga, sports, exercises, and gym.

3. ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel 

ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel

If you are travelling, you should carry all the essentials you need. You should choose a towel which serves as a large fluffy bath sheet while being compact and lightweight as well.

ECOdept microfiber travel towel is made of plush fabric which is supple and soft to your skin. They work differently over thick cotton towels. You just have to pat dry your body instead of rubbing. Some buyers even use it as their home towel.

4. Balhvit Cooling Towel

Balhvit Cooling Towel

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Made from the cutting-edge of cooling technology fabric. You can get quick and long-lasting coolness even when you are hot and sweaty. It is free from any smell and chemicals.

It pulls moisture from the body for great comfort. It is best suited for indoor exercise, hot weather, and outdoor activities as it gives UPF 50 sunscreen protection. It is easy to soak, wring out. Wet the towel and swing it for regular coldness.

5. Nicola Spring Turkish Beach/Bath Hammam Peshtemal Fouta Towel

Nicola Spring Turkish Beach/Bath Hammam Peshtemal Fouta Towel

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Designed and influenced by several hues of the Mediterranean and Turkey, Nicola Spring Turkish Bath/Beach towel truly gives a relaxing touch. It is made from 100% cotton with soft muslin texture. This peshtemal beach towel creates a cosy space to relax on sand, grass and pebble beach.

It is easy to dry, compact, and a versatile travel towel for use. You can buy a large beach towel for your next pool trip, road trip or your next summer holiday.

6. The Little Bodhi Travel Towel

Microfibre Towel with carry bag

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The Little Bodhi travel towel is a lightweight and compact towel design from Australia for users who are looking for comfort and ease of quick drying on the move.

It has a comfortable suede feel while being super absorbent. It is truly versatile because it is widely used at the gym, for pilates and yoga training, travelling, camping, trekking, on the beach, or even as an alternative to regular towel at home.

It prevents odour with its anti-microbial properties. It comes in three different sizes and vibrant colour options.

7. Your Choice Microfiber Towels Set 

Your Choice Microfiber Towels Set Quick Dry Antibacterial Lightweight Compact

Microfiber is a fabric which is basically a blend of 15% nylon and 85% polyester, adding the qualities of being lightweight, ultra-compact, multifunctional, antibacterial, soft, super-absorbent and quick drying.

Your Choice Microfiber towels feel different to the regular terry or cotton towels. It is strong, thin, absorbent and light. It is easy to clean and smooth to the touch.

This sports towel can dry in around 10 times faster than cotton towels. It is made of anti-odour and antibacterial fabric which prevents germs, mildew, and bad smell. This helps to keep the towel fresh.

8. Mountain Warehouse Large Microfibre Travel Towel

Mountain Warehouse Large Micro Towelling Travel Towel

Mountain Warehouse large microfiber towel is very versatile. It can be used for swimming or travelling.

It is up to 6x lighter than a regular towel and dries out 4x faster. So it is ideal for use on the go. It is made of super soft towel fabric which feels great and is comfortable against the skin. It can absorb around 4 times its weight of water and can dry out 4 times faster than a common towel.

It weighs just 300 grams, making it best for travelling and holidays. It can easily fold in its own mesh carry bag and is very compact.

It is machine washable. It is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

9. Fit-Flip Microfiber Towel

Fit-Flip Microfibre Towel

Are you looking for a fast-drying, compact and highly absorbent towel for the swimming pool, gym, hiking or a trip to the sea?

Fit-Flip Microfiber towel is easy to store and carry along. It is the best space-efficient travelling partner for your next trip. It is made with a strict quality control process and is made of highly durable and lavish microfiber fabric, which is the combination of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

10. Towel Master Microfiber beach towel

Towel Master Microfibre beach towel

Towel Master has successfully combined the best of travel towels and beach towels.

It is quick drying, lightweight and is highly absorbent. It is a stylish towel which folds up quickly in its soft cotton pouch. This microfiber beach towel is ideal for travelling with a handy elastic hook so you can easily hang it off the ground.

Towel Master offers the convenient and unique microfiber beach towel which is washable in cold water but fabric softener shouldn’t be used with it.

Microfiber towels are a really great option over your typical old-fashioned thick and heavy bath towels for several reasons. It goes without saying that all of the above towels are lightweight, compact, absorbent, durable, and quick drying.

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