Journey to Minimalism: A Travel & Photography gear giveaway for the travel Community

A Travel & Photography gear giveaway – I’ve been trying to adapt a simple and meaningful life by incorporating the minimalist way of living.

Minimalism is not just for nomads who live on the road or move from city to city. This kind of lifestyle is making your life more meaningful with less stuff to make room for more valuable things in life!

I will get there eventually. I’m slowly letting go of the stuff that I don’t need. I already sold some of the things in car boot sales here in the UK. However, I still have more left!  I will still be selling some of my stuff online and on car boot sales throughout the summer season here in the UK.

As for my travel and photography gear, I thought it would be more sensible to give it away to the awesome travel community who inspired me a lot.  So I reckon, this little gifts that I will share with my fellow travellers will serve as a great inspiration to pursue their passion in exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.

As part of this giveaway, I will also be paying for the postage of the items wherever you are in the world.

Here are the gear & books that I’m giving away:

Everything That Remains — By the Minimalist

Worth: £11.14 | Php 732

This book really moved me beyond words.  It was given to me by a lady that I met online when I was looking to source out a book by the Minimalist. The duo was definitely one of my inspirations in this minimalism journey.

The book has an autograph by the Minimalist authors – Joshua and Ryan. It has served its purpose and now I’m ready to pass it along to the new owner.

Everything That Remains Minimalist Book

Jeep Camera Bag

Worth: £15.00 | Php 1,000

This is my first camera bag. Jeep is a known brand when it comes to its durability. The bag is completely padded to protect your gear from damage while you are on the road.

Jeep Camera Bag
Jeep Camera Bag front

Manfrotto NX Holster Camera Bag

Worth: £25 | Php 1,643

I love the durability and accessibility of this bag.  However, as my photography interest grows and so my camera equipment based on my photography and blogging needs. I have to let this one go.

Manfrotto Camera Bag

Marco Polo Travel Guidebooks

Worth: £6.99 and £9.99 | Php 460 and Php 660

These travel books have in-depth details of each destination. A map of each destination is included

Travel Guidebooks

Marco Polo Journal

Worth: £5.99 | Php 400

I love my journal!  It keeps me organised and keep track on everything I do and planning to do. I’m passing on this spare journal filled with cutesy pages and travel stickers.

Marco Polo travel journal
Inside of Marco Polo travel journal

Travelpro Shoulder Bag

Worth: £75 | Php 4,950

After my muscle tear on my shoulder a few years ago, I stopped using shoulder bags. This shoulder bag was passed on to me and now I’m giving it away to someone who will use it more than I am.  Perfect for hand carry stuff and you can also fit your tablet and a small laptop in this bag.

Travelpro Shoulder Bag

Portable Travel Tripod 

Worth: £20 | Php 1,315

This is my spare tripod that needs a new home.  Fully working condition and lightweight!

Portable Travel Tripod

Karrimor Belt Bag

Worth: £5.25 | Php 345

I never got around to using this cute belt bag. If you are into running and hiking, this is handy for your phone, money or other small valuables.

Karrimor Belt Bag

Norwegian Ski Strap 

Worth: £6.00  | Php 400

This is a spare ski strap that I bought from my Arctic Circle trip in Norway. The zip of luggage was broken during the trip, so I have reinforced it with these straps and it works!  It managed to survive the whole week and the travel from Norway back to the UK.

Ski Strap from Norway

Numinous Anti-theft Backpack 55L 

Worth: £110  | Php 7,230

I’ve used this backpack once during our Interrail trip around Europe. The Anti-theft feature of this bag is amazing! It can withstand the notorious slashes, and it has a built in TSA approved chain and zip lock to secure your bag.

Numinous Anti-theft Backpack 55L

Nike Dry Fit England Football T-shirt

Worth: £50 | Php 3,290

The T-shirt size is Large. It was a gift that has never been used.  Its well made and has a dry fit material, perfect for outdoor and sports activities.

Nike England Tshirt

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Good luck!

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