Is Packing Cubes for Travel Worth Buying For Your Next Adventure?

Are you wondering if packing cubes for travel is worth buying? I love my travel organizers and travel packing cubes! I can’t imagine travelling without these travel accessories.

Getting organized for a trip can be stressful, especially when you are trying to pack your stuff in a backpack or a small cabin case (and pack your partner’s things due to his laziness!). Over the years of travelling, I’m getting crafty on how to organize my things to my advantage by using various travel organizers and travel accessories.

Here’s our recommended and favourite travel organizer! You can check it out on Amazon. Scroll down if you want to know more.

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Are travel packing cubes worth it?

Travel packing cubes are so worth the money as a part of the staple travel gear lineup. Packing cubes save space and keep the luggage organise. Packing cubes can also make any travel inspections easy and less stressful because your belongings are inside different modular bags.

Best Packing Cubes for Travel

Based on my experience, the main benefit of using packing cubes are the organized division of your things, it makes everything neat and tidy inside your backpack or luggage. They are especially useful during airport inspections, it makes the process easier for me as I unpack my things from my backpack or cabin luggage.

What are the travel packing cubes?

Packing cubes are travel organizers that are available in various colours and sizes depending on your needs and preferences. Some come in a set with an additional laundry bag or shoe bags if you look for packing cubes deals online.

Do packing cubes really save space?

Packing cubes help to save space in your bag when travelling. I can’t probably stress enough the benefit of using travel packing cubes as one of your main travel organizers.

They are great for saving space especially if you are only using a backpack for your trip. The travel vacuum sacks and compression packing cubes are also efficient in saving space and also a great travel organizer.

How many travel packing cubes fit in a carry-on?

This depends on how long your trip is and how much stuff you will be taking with you. As for an example for a week trip, you can squeeze in a 7-days worth of clothing in the large one and use the small one for the other bits and bobs that you might need to take with you.

How to use packing cubes for travel?

Maybe you are wondering about how to best pack your clothes with packing cubes, based on my personal experience to maximize the space is to roll the clothes.

If you want to know how to roll clothes for travel packing cubes, you can either watch this video or do what I normally do,

  • Lay your clothes flat on the surface.
  • If it’s a shirt fold the sleeves to the main top and fold it again horizontally
  • And start rolling it into a small bolster.

You can maximize the space by rolling your clothes to fit in your travel packing cubes for backpacking or carry-on luggage.

Here are the list of the best packing cubes for travel:

Ebags Packing Cubes

Ebags Packing Cubes for Travel
Best Packing Cubes for travel: Ebags Packing Cubes
Check the price and reviews on Amazon

Ebags comes with an awesome “Ebags Lifetime Warranty”. These travel packing cubes come in a 4 pcs set which includes  Small 11×6.75×3 inches, Medium 13.75×9.75×3 inches Classic; 1 each: Small Slim 6.5x5x2.75 inches, Medium Slim 10x5x2.75 inches.

It is made from tech lite diamond nylon and soft mesh to ensure the protection of your clothes and won’t damage delicate fabrics. They also come in various colours to choose from.

Bago Packing Cubes

Bago Packing Cubes for travel
Best packing cubes for travel: Bago Packing Cubes
Check price and reviews on Amazon

The Bago Packing cubes value travel set comes in 4 pieces.  2 pcs of Large and 2 pcs of medium packing cubes plus an additional 6 additional ziplock semi-transparent document or toilet bags. 

This is such a great value for money! The material is made from Nylon and mesh. Each purchase of Bago Packing cubes is guaranteed by their risk-free guarantee service.

These are my favourite packing cubes for travel. I always use them whether for a few days or a month-long trip. It keeps my stuff organised inside my suitcase or backpack.

Fun and Young Travel Season

Fun and Young Packing cubes for Travel
Best packing cubes for travel: Fun and Young Travel packing cubes
Check prices and reviews on Amazon 

The Fun and Young Travel packing cubes set come in 4 different sizes, 2 laundry bags and 1 toiletry bag.  The material is made from the premium environmentally friendly IPX4 waterproof Nylon material to ensure great quality and protection for your clothes and valuables. The Fun and Young Travel set comes with an 18-month warranty.

Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

Amazon Basics Packing cubes for Travel
Best packing cubes for travel: Amazon Basics Travel Packing Cubes Check prices and reviews on Amazon

The Amazon Basics Travel Packing cubes are the best-selling packing cubes online. The set comes in various colours and sizes. The set includes 1 large, medium, small and slim size with a mesh top for easy identifications of contents. They are made from soft mesh materials to ensure that they won’t damage any delicate fabrics.

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

Gonex Compression Packing cubes for travel
Best packing cubes for travel: Gonex Compression Packing cubes
Check price and reviews on Amazon 

The Gonex Compression Packing cubes are currently the best compression packing cubes in the market. The compression travel packing cubes set includes 1 large, medium and small packing cube. 

Different colours and sizes are available online.  They are made from a heavy-duty nylon material that can protect your clothes from dirt and water.  They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 1-year warranty service and lifetime customer support.

Spacesavers Travel Roll Up Vacuum Bags

Spacesaver Travel Roll Up Vaccum Bags
Best packing cubes for travel: Spacesaver Travel Roll-Up Bags
Check prices and reviews on Amazon

Saving space in your backpack or carry on is a big thing especially if you want to travel light without stuffing your bag. The Spacesaver travel roll-up storage bags includes 8 pack of storage bags – 4 Medium and 4 Large bags.

There is no need to use any vacuum pump to remove the air in the zip lock compartment, you just have to roll it well to remove all the excess air inside the vacuum sacks. The Spacesaver also offer a lifetime guarantee on each purchase.

I personally love using these travel vacuum sacks and then putting them inside my travel packing cubes every time I travel.

Using these travel organizers will surely make your travel preparation really easy. Check out this guide on choosing the perfect backpack that will also help your travel organisation.

Best packing cubes for travel are they worth it


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