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When you think of the world’s most romantic places you instantly think of Paris, Rome, New York and Venice,

but did you know that Eastern Europe has a lot of undiscovered romantic locations as well?

And that you won’t find these locations on every Instagram feed?

I am of course talking about beautiful Ukraine.

This former Soviet Union country was declared independent in 1991 from Russia and has been making rapid developments ever since in the hope of becoming a new popular tourist destination.

Cathedral in Lyviv Ukraine

In this blog post, I will describe the Top 5 Most Romantic Places in Ukraine.

I will show you why a romantic trip in Ukraine is indeed a worthy alternative to the already overcrowded tourists’ destinations like Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland.

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1. The Tunnel of Love in Klevan

I visited the “Tunnel Of Love” myself in the summer of 2017.

This beautiful old railroad is located in the small village of Klevan and about 7 miles from the city Rivne.

What makes this railroad so romantic is the fact that it is totally covered by very thick vegetation.

Over the years the trees have started to grow inwards, which causes the shape of a tunnel.

This creates a fairy tale like environment and it is the perfect location to get some very romantic pictures together.

Just keep in mind that there is still a train operational on these tracks. The good thing is it drives very slow and only one time per day.

Fall in love with the beauty of Tunnel of Love!


2. Summer in Odessa

Opera house in Odessa, Ukraine If you plan to visit Ukraine during the summer period I highly recommend you the beach-town of Odessa. This city is located directly at the Black Sea and has a unique old-town area that is rich in architecture, amazing restaurants and beautiful nature.

During the summer months, there are a lot of romantic activities in the evening.

These activities include horseback riding, fireworks, dancing and of course the beautiful live performances at the Odessa Opera venue.

To visit the Odessa Opera you need to make reservations beforehand.

It can get very busy in the summer and you want to avoid a disappointing romantic evening out.

Tickets can be bought at any kiosk or at the ticket office in front of the entrance.

If you are keen to do a romantic trip during the daytime, I recommend taking a boat trip together along the coastline of Odessa.

Cost is about 12 USD per person and you can easily find the tours in the port of Odessa.

Fancy to see the beauty of Odessa, Ukraine?


3. Christmas in Lviv

If Christmas is your favourite time of the year you can definitely surprise your significant other with a visit to the beautiful city of Lviv.

This city is well known for its amazing chocolate and coffee. A perfect combination for a romantic city-trip!

Getting a bit cold?

Time to warm up at the famous cherry-vodka bar at the town square.

Enjoy a nice glass of traditional local cherry-vodka and stroll down the Christmas market in search for handmade souvenirs.

Lviv, Ukraine

Do you want to explore the historical city of Lviv?


4. New Year in Vinnytsia

You have celebrated your Christmas days in Lviv, but now it is time to visit a new city to kick off the New Year.

Vinnytsia is one of the hidden pearls that offer a great variety of fun, hospitality and of course a lot of entertainment.

Have your dinner in the famous Van Beeren restaurant, which is known for making some of the best meat dishes in the city.

You can eat together for as little as 25 USD and you should definitely take the Apple Strudel for dessert.

Once you have eaten your belly full it is time to jump on the tram and witness the new-year countdown at the Roshen Fountain Show.

It is located right next to the Roshen Chocolate Factory and this famous fountain show will give you a spectacular display of waterworks combined with beautiful disco lights.

5. Celebrate Valentines Day in the Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains are also known as the “Green Pearl’ of Ukraine.

This area provides one of the best tourist destinations for people who are interested in winter sports activities.

Staying in romantic wooden cabins in a snowy environment is, of course, a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

If winter sports are not your thing you can also enjoy the stunning nature and wildlife that the region has to offer.

The largest resorts are located in the village Slavsko, Tysovets and Dragobrat.

If you want to make it a bit more personal you can find a smaller resort in Dolyna and Plyana.

The area is suitable for several hiking trips and if mountain lakes, small rivers, wolves and bears and steep mountains interest you, then the Carpathian Mountains are the place to be!

Enjoy the lush nature in the Carpathia Mountains in Ukraine.


And there you have it, five reasons why you should consider Ukraine for your next romantic destination.

Fly directly to the capital Kiev and make use of the modern public transportation the country has to offer.

You can easily reach any of these destinations with train and most of them offer the option to book a private sleeping cabin. Also very romantic.

You can also read this guide to Ukraine for additional travel tips and info about the country.

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