Top Attractions and Things to Do in East Sussex for a Weekend Break

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East Sussex is a county in South east England known for its rich history and culture, picturesque countryside and green forests. Invasions, adaptations and innovations make up the colorful pieces that constitute the county’s towns and villages. Fishing areas become seaside resorts. Simple houses become grand.

The first electric railway is established, bringing in more visitors day by day. Advancement is truly on East Sussex’s side, allowing it to be the exceptional tourist destination that it is now. Quite popular to visitors looking for a quick escape from their busy lives, the county’s accessibility makes it a good option to consider during weekend breaks.

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East Sussex is blessed with stunning geography. A lot of its endearing landscape can be explored by walking, with footpaths winding from hills to coasts.

History is often blended into such type of activity. The Monarch’s Way, for example, follows a trail taken by Charles II as he escaped from the Battle of Worcester. When it comes to history, East Sussex is rich with stories of old. For one, it houses the abbey where the Battle of Hastings happened. English villages within the county offer a look at the traditional and daily lifestyle that locals enjoy. Other tourist attractions include peculiar themes such as ghost existence and Winnie the Pooh.

Brighton City in East Sussex alone boasts of its capability to entice travelers to visit the place because of their popular seaside resorts. The city and the whole county’s waters are clean and enjoyable for swimming, thus making it always a good idea to unwind by the sea. Several bars and pubs are also in the area; some even claim that in every street there is at least one!

Whether you plan on focusing on the city proper or would rather maximize what the whole county has to offer, our list of things to do in East Sussex is worth reading.

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