Best Attractions and Things to Do in the Lake District for a Weekend Break

Have you ever seen an image of a scenery, be it in print or online, so picturesque it just can’t be real? With the advancement of technology giving birth to various ways of alterations, fixes and filters, it is quite alright to be skeptical. Such is the case when I first came to know of Lake District in northwest England.

With four mountains that include the highest in the country (Scafell Pike) and fifty lakes that include England’s largest and deepest (Windermere and Wastwater,) one can directly assume how glorious the view is in photographs. Imagine seeing it in real life!

Lake District in the UK
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The photos aren’t lying. Known as one of the oldest tourist destinations in the world, the Lake District is so breathtaking that it supplied overflowing inspiration to literary geniuses such as William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin.

In fact, one of the earliest guidebooks on these English lakes was written by Wordsworth himself. In no time, the wealthy populated the destination, spending their sunny summers lounging around Lake District. Today’s tourists are far more adventurous: exploring the area by bike, cruising on a large steamer and embarking on a fell walking tour.

Summer is the most popular season to go to Lake District. The roads tend to be chaotic at that time because of the influx of visitors.

Try spring or autumn and you shall see its natural beauty in full color. If you’re randomly looking at going to this national park on the next weekend break to come, fret not for the magnificence of this place is year-round. Just make sure to plan your activities according to the climate during your trip. (Fell walking, for one, is dangerous during winter and are recommended only for experienced trekkers.)

To give you a head start on your planning, here is a list of practically everything you can do during your weekend break in Lake District.

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Lake District in the UK
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