Best Attractions and Things to Do in Oxford (UK) For A Perfect Sightseeing

The world’s oldest public museum, oldest botanical garden, oldest chalk figure… What is with all these old places in Oxfordshire?

Surely nothing short of stunning, we must say! Oxfordshire is a county in South East England that is home to world-class venues, beautiful landscapes and country gardens. The place is undoubtedly picturesque, making it a favorite location of numerous Hollywood films and international shows. The list includes Harry Potter, James Bond and Downtown Abbey.

Blenheim Palace in Oxford
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Oxfordshire has successfully established itself as a culinary destination, too, with restaurants garnering Michelin stars, excellent farmers’ markets and endless choices of cafes and pubs. You can opt for a romantic riverside dining, a scrumptious meal in a glasshouse, or an exciting beer tour and tasting – whatever suits your taste, the options seem endless!

Even some museums and historic buildings are known to have good food and drinks, one of them even being a former prison. Their house specialties may set them apart, but their desire to celebrate food and culture undeniably binds them together.

If you are looking for things to do in Oxfordshire as a group or as a family, the county has wildlife parks and city mazes that will surely keep everyone entertained. Explore the area by foot, by bike, or even by boat, and discover that there will always be something special for everyone on tour.

Whether your plans include only a day (or a half) or for a few good days, it is always wise to coordinate with the local Visitor Information Center in order to gather pertinent information regarding your stay. They can provide you with helpful maps, elaborate guidebooks and practical advice that will help you make the most of your trip.

To jump start your travel planning, here is a list of the things you can do during your stay in Oxfordshire.

Top Activities in Oxfordshire


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Blenheim Palace in Oxford
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