Best Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Port Antonio (Jamaica)

From the northeast side of Kingston is a town in Jamaica that is unassumingly charming and equally mesmerizing. It is the town of Port Antonio, the Caribbean islands’ quiet stunner.

Undress a stereotypical Jamaican travel destination with the glamour, the fame and the crowd that go with being widely acclaimed and you shall have Port Antonio, offering a lot to curious visitors but maintaining its simple stature.

Don’t be fooled, though; tourism in Jamaica is said to have started right here. Thanks to it being a major banana port before, people were able to see just how gorgeous this town was, as it still is to date.

Port Antonio Jamaica
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Porty or The Peaceful Parish, as people call the city, is characterized by cliffs, peaks and different bodies of water. The scenery is indeed lush and the tropical vibe the city brings is definitely for those who would like to experience Jamaica in a relaxed way.

Port Antonio Clock Tower in Jamaica
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One of its major tourist spots is the Blue Lagoon, a whopping 180-foot deep lagoon designed by Mother Earth to have a thick rain forest here and there. Its jade-colored waters are best explored via a bamboo raft, where a local guide will paddle you through this green heaven.

Probably one of Port Antonio visitors’ most-asked question is this: is this the place where Brooke Shields shot her Blue Lagoon film? Visit the place… you’ll know the answer!

Port Antonio, when put side by side with other cities in Jamaica, may be harder to reach compared to others, but don’t let this hinder you from paying this destination a visit. Its isolation from all the hurrah gives Port Antonio a private feel that you can hardly get from the more crowded Jamaican cities.

Here are some of the worthwhile things you can do in the city during your visit:

Top Activities in Port Antonio

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Port Antonio

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Port Antonio Jamaica
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