Best Attractions and Things to Do in Sorrento, Italy

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Ever wondered if sirens do exist? They are these beautiful maidens depicted in myths as sea creatures luring people at sea with their seductive voices and causing bad luck for them. Wait – what’s up with this creepy talk anyway?

It’s because there is a city in Italy which got its name from these mythical beings. It’s the scenic Sorrento, a popular seaside destination located across the Bay of Naples and within the Sorrentine peninsula. Its strategic location makes it a very ideal resort playground. Adding to its charm are the old town walls that give a strong Italian vibe to the whole atmosphere.

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Sorrento is one of those tourist destinations in the world that are English-speaking friendly. The city has its people understanding the language; menus are in English as well. There is, of course, the good and the bad in this situation.

Though it’s definitely attracting a lot of the travelling English-speaking population, Sorrento tends to get crowded during peak season, so much so that you might just miss feeling you’re in Italy. Therefore, if you want our piece of advice, go and visit the place during the off season. The place will stay as beautiful as it is anyway – only with less co-tourists around. You’re welcome.

Whether you are the stay-in kind or the exploring one, Sorrento is the perfect place for either type of traveler. The islands are picturesque, the food is superb, and the activities are endless – be it in your chosen resort or within the local scene.

Allot a week for a jam-packed itinerary to apply and see for yourself why this place is so popular. You don’t even need to be lured by sirens; just take our word for it! To lure you some more, here is a list of things to do in the mystical island of Sorrento.

Top Activities in Sorrento

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Sorrento

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