Top Attractions and Things to Do in Tagaytay For A Day Trip From Manila

When you ask a Filipino what defines Tagaytay as a quick travel destination from Metro Manila, he would definitely say cold weather (although cold for many of us Filipinos are mild to a lot of people) and scenic views (that do not need a disclaimer like the first point!)

Picture rolling hills, green ridges, an active volcano on a lake, hot chocolate with a view… Doesn’t it feel worth visiting? Apart from that, several other modern parks and activities are added to the long list of things to do in the city over the years.

Taal Volcano in Tagaytay Philippines
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Tagaytay is just 59 kilometers away from Manila, making it a common option for weekenders or travelers who have this random itch to just go somewhere. It is a province in Cavite covered by forests and grasslands. It lies along the Tagaytay Ridge.

Its good climate makes the city ideal for putting up your dream vacation house or spending your much-awaited honeymoon. This also elevates the usual dishes served in the Philippines to a higher level because – you know – steaming broth on a cold atmosphere is match made in heaven. Vegetables, too, seem to be extra fresh and crisp, and fish caught from the Taal lake sounds more special, don’t you think?

I would book a Tagaytay bed and breakfast in a heartbeat. It has a very romantic feel to me – no wonder it has become a popular destination wedding to many! When the heat in Manila becomes too much to handle, you would most likely see my mind drifting slowly to Tagaytay, wishing its cold winds can pull me there, sans bad traffic. This is not to say that Tagaytay is only for couples.

It is perfect for anyone who would like to be in a serene surrounding but must be back to work after a day or two. Wondering what you can do during your escape to Tagaytay? Read on!

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Tagaytay

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Taal Volcano in Tagaytay Philippines
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