best travel camera

Best Travel Camera (Photography For Beginners)

The search for the best travel camera can be really difficult! There are so many things that you have to consider to suit your travel photography needs. Here are some of the recommended digital travel cameras from travel bloggers who love photography! This a perfect guide to photography for beginners.


Lonely Planet photography contest

How Lonely Planet Made My Travel Photography Dream Come True

I was so happy to be chosen as one of the winners of the special edition covers of the Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine 100th Print edition. Such a delight to see my name – Ryazan Tristram, on the front cover of best travel bible of travel media. Sharing my story how I managed to end up in the Lonely Planet magazine.


Tips On How To Enhance Your Photography Skills

Photography Tips: How To Enhance Your Photography Skills

Photography is a free form of expressions and capturing the story in your images. Sharing some handy tips for beginners in photography that will surely help you cultivate your passion and develop your photography skills. I have listed here my recommended camera gear and tools plus the post editing photography software.