I love sending and receiving travel postcards.

I think it is a lovely and thoughtful act of kindness to send a little travel postcard to your friends and family.

Since I started blogging in 2015, sending travel postcards to the audience of my previous community blog was an awesome feeling.

I feel that postcards are more personal than a shout out on social media pages.

travel postcards

Emails and online greetings are quick and easy, but something special about the personal touch of sending a postcard.

I always like to have an authentic connection and engagement with the fantastic readers and friends of Everything Zany.

I feel like sending a little note from the place I have been would add more value and keep them inspired in pursuing their travel goals.

So if you would love to receive a postcard from me during my globetrotting,  please fill out the form below.

Feel free to share this with your travel buddies.

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