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Helpful awesome travel tips in exploring paris

Insider Tips For Travelling to France

Here are some handy tips for travelling to France so you can enjoy your French holiday.
Savour everything that France has to offer from its delicious wine and food up to their vast and beautiful landscapes and cities. Do you want to learn French too? Get $20USD discount code on French language lessons here!


Bayon Temple, Siem Reap

DIY Travel Itinerary to Indochina (Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia)

Sharing my solo backpacking travel itinerary to Indochina (Cambodia, Thailand & Malaysia). A comprehensive travel guide to the three major cities of Indochina. I’ve included all my trip highlights of various travel attractions and activities, accommodations, travel budget and the very detailed itinerary of my trip.


Verona Wall

Verona Was Not As I Expected It To Be (Things To Do in Verona Italy)

Things To Do in Verona, Italy: The city of Verona is known as the setting of the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. This charming city in Northern Italy that was depicted in the story was not as I expected it to be. We visited the house of Juliet, we were surprised by the mass influx of tourists in the city.