Long haul flight airplane at the airport

Tips On How To Avoid Jet Lag On Long Haul Flights

If you are wondering how to avoid jet lag during your long-haul flights, here are some handy travel tips for you on how you can possibly save yourself from suffering from jet lag and just carry on enjoying your trip. Find out what is jet lag and its symptoms and how you can avoid it, better yet, cure it!


solo travel tips in Cambodia

How To Travel Alone: Helpful Solo Travel Tips For Women

How to travel alone? Solo travel can be daunting but it is the most liberating travel experience! A blogger roundup of solo travel safety tips and other helpful tips for women. A collection of great travel tips and tales that will surely help you when you try your first solo travel anywhere in the world.


Bayon Temple, Siem Reap

DIY Travel Itinerary to Indochina (Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia)

Sharing my solo backpacking travel itinerary to Indochina (Cambodia, Thailand & Malaysia). A comprehensive travel guide to the three major cities of Indochina. I’ve included all my trip highlights of various travel attractions and activities, accommodations, travel budget and the very detailed itinerary of my trip.