Think Tank Camera bag review: Urban Approach 10

I’m passionate about photography and I find it really useful for building my blog and creating beautiful blog posts.

As a part of my travel blogging journey,

Urban Approach 10 Review

I get to visit various places through press trip invitations from brands and different tourism boards. I document the whole experience and take lots of images, this helps to tell a story.

My first mirrorless camera was an EPL-7 Olympus camera. I recently upgraded to an Olympus EM-10 Mark II with the 14 – 150mm Mark II travel lens. I also use 45mm and 12mm prime lenses.

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As I cultivate my passion for travel photography I have had to increase the number of camera equipment. I have searched for various camera bags for travel.

I have tried various camera bags, though they have served their purpose I still ended up carrying a spare bag for my other trinkets that I need during my blogging assignments.

In my search for the best travel camera bag, I found the Think Tank camera bag – Urban Approach 10, suits my mirrorless camera and perfectly fits my preferences.

Think Tank Photo specialises in various camera bags for different types of photography, whether you are a professional or an amateur.

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Inside the Urban Approach 10
Internal pockets of Urban Approach 10
Urban Approach with mirrorless camera gear

What’s so special with Urban Approach 10:

The Urban Approach 10 camera bag is designed and made purposely for mirrorless/micro four thirds cameras.

The Urban Approach 10 can hold one mirrorless camera body with lens attached and up to 4 lenses.

It can also hold a Mavic Pro Drone, so it’s really ideal for travel blogging press trips/assignments.

There are various compartments for all the trinkets e.g. small notepad, business cards, pen, small tripod, USB cable, power bank, charger and filters.

There is also a pocket that can hold a 10-inch tablet.  The bag also comes with dividers to stack your gear as you please.

The divider has a Velcro at the end so you can easily place it securely regardless of the size and shape of your lenses. I love the sound silencer feature of the camera bag so it can be easily accessed without a noise, in case you are recording etc.

Urban Approach 10 also comes with a raincoat sleeve that snugly fits the camera bag during the rainy days or if the location calls for it.

Purchase your Urban Approach 10 Camera bag here!


Overall, I am very pleased with the Urban Approach 10.

I think it is the best camera bag for micro four thirds and mirrorless cameras.  With all its features and functionality, it is specifically designed for travel photographer’s demanding needs.

A sturdier handle on top of the bag is something that I would suggest that they could improve on.

Otherwise, I am really pleased with the design, functionality and durability of the bag.


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Special thanks to Think Tank Photo for letting me review the Urban Approach 10 Camera Bag.  All opinions and words are my own.