Verona is one of the famous places in Italy because of the classic play of Romeo and Juliet.

“There is no world without Verona walls,
But purgatory, torture, hell itself.
Hence, banished is banished from the world,
And world’s exile is death.”
— Romeo, Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare  

Verona Wall

Verona, Italy — A town in Northern Italy that was made famous by the classic tragic romance story of Romeo and Juliet by the famous English playwright William Shakespeare.

Every hopeless romantic surely knows the story of this young couple, torn between family rivalry and conflict.

It was an afternoon filled with excitement as my friends, and I walked on the cobbled streets of Verona.

We were welcomed by the towering wall and beautiful architecture that surrounds the old part of the city.

The streets were filled with tourists and locals as they gathered around the market in the middle of the square near the Roman Theatre (Teatro Romano).

The hot and humid Italian summer was totally at its peak.

Roman Theatre (Teatro Romano)

Our primary goal was to find the famous Casa Di Giulietta Verona (House of Juliet) and see the balcony.

This is one of the famous Verona Italy points of interest.

It didn’t take us very long to find the way; the place was heaving with people, we almost lost each other in the throng of people. At the end of the narrow cobbled high street, we found the Piazza Delle Erbe.

At the Piazza Delle Erbe

We were greeted by a loud bang, by luck we had stumbled upon a medieval gun salute re-enactment. They were speaking in Italian, so sadly we couldn’t comprehend the whole gist of their performance.

Piazza Delle Erbe

My friends and I moved on to locate the House of Juliet.

Our handheld GPS was giving us a vague location where the house was, and eventually, we found the House of Juliet.

First impressions?

House of Juliet in Verona

There we were, standing in front of the famous landmark of Italy.

We went into the archway tunnel that was filled with love notes and graffiti of all the love promises, names and letters of eternal love.

I had mixed emotions about the gestures of love. I felt almost heartbroken that the beautiful walls of the building were tarnished.

House of Juliet in Verona love letters to juliet

The Juliet club collects the letters from this wall, and they also receive all sorts of love letters in the post from around the world.

The courtyard in front of the balcony was packed with people. We admired the balcony from afar. In one corner of the courtyard, there she was, the famous lady of Verona – the statue of Juliet.

Statue of Juliet in Verona
The balcony at House of Juliet in Verona

Visitors queued to touch the breasts of the statue of Juliet, as this is believed to bring good luck to your relationship.

House of Juliet in Verona Crowd

We were overwhelmed how crowded the place was. After taking few snaps, we decided to leave the place.

Verona was not as I expected it to be. Maybe I just I had imagined it differently.

Don’t get me wrong, Verona is beautiful. I was expecting an older feeling town and landmarks, but perhaps that was my mistake.

But, that’s the whole point of travelling, experiencing new places and different cultures.
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Verona Was Not As I Expected It To Be
Verona Was Not As I Expected It To Be v2