A few weeks ago, my friend and I ventured to visit Marrakech via Gatwick Airport in London.

It was a very early morning flight so we both decided to stay in an airport hotel to make our trip more convenient and easy.

YotelAir Experience

Where to stay near Gatwick airport?

The obvious choice was to stay at an airport hotel due to easy access to Gatwick Airport. We stayed in YotelAir in the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport.

Reception YotelAir Gatwick

YotelAir is an international Airport hotel chain with different properties in Amsterdam Schipol, London Heathrow and Paris Charles De Gaulle.

I have stayed in airport hotel a couple of times, and I can recommend this to anyone who is not willing to compromise the comfort and accessibility when it comes to travelling.

The location of the YotelAir is very convenient, it is located near the train station and the connecting tram link between the south and north terminals of Gatwick Airport.

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Would you like to stay in YotelAir London Gatwick?


During Our Stay

YotelAir Gatwick has a trendy style as if you are in a space shuttle it is not surprising, as YOTEL cabins are inspired by luxury airline travel.

You will definitely notice the quirkiness of the hotel as soon as you walk into their main reception a.k.a Mission Control.

YotelAir Gatwick Reception

We were welcomed by the friendly crew (receptionist) that gave us information about the facilities and amenities in the hotel and offered us a welcome complimentary drink on our arrival.

The bedroom or cabins as they call it in YotelAir is indeed like a sleeping pod that you typically see in any of the space station or first class cabins that you will see in the movies.

The cabins are modern, clean and compact not to mention that they have an amazing reclining bed!

It was crazy, amazing and cute! Yes, it was my first time to stay in a hotel with a reclining bed. Funky style indeed. I was so pleased!

The room is comfortable and clean yet it is compact. So if you like a little bit of space, I would suggest to book the cabins instead of the single sleeping pods.

As an added bonus on this blog post…


I will share with you some handy travel hacks and travel packing tips every time I’m travelling.

Staying in an airport hotel or lounge

As you have probably guessed it, if you are the type of traveller who can’t compromise comfort and rest during your travel (for whatever reason) then staying in an airport hotel will be a great option for you.

Based on my personal experience, it is worth it and your body will thank you for that too!

Travelling shouldn’t be so uncomfortable as what people might have imagined.  Some airport hotels and lounges are typically charging by the hour or set of minimum hours.

Bring a multi-wall mains plug extension

I’m trying to avoid cords as much as possible. However, this multi-wall plug extension saved me plenty of time to efficiently charge my gadgets while I’m travelling.

Hotels are typically designed with a limited number of plugs where you can charge your gadgets. This can be a lifesaver if you have plenty of gadgets. In addition, you will only need one travel adaptor every time you travel.