13A Visa: How To Apply For A Residence Visa For The Spouse Of A Filipino Citizen

Are you looking to apply for the Non- Quota Immigrant visa by marriage (13A visa) to stay in the Philippines?  If you are a Filipino with a foreign spouse, the commonly known as a 13A visa is advisable to get if you want to stay in the Philippines for more than 30 to 90 days.

There are various ways to stay in the Philippines longer than the usual duration of a tourist visa for the spouse of the Philippine national. One of these is the Balikbayan visa and the Non- Quota Immigrant visa by marriage (13A).

Since I am married to a British citizen, my husband can take this route to apply to stay in the Philippines.  I have also been asked by countless times here in the blog about this topic so let me share with you how you can apply for the Non- Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage (13A).

What is a Non- Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage (13A visa)?

According to Philippine Immigration Act 1940, amended and enacted by RA 4376, The Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage (13A) is a type of immigrant visa give to the spouse of a Filipino citizen who wishes to take on permanent residency in the Philippines.

The 13A visa is different from the Balikbayan Visa which is given on arrival to the foreign national provided that they travel with their Filipino spouse.

Who can apply and qualify for the 13A visa

The Non- Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage is solely given to the spouse of the Filipino citizen. The marriage should be recognised by the existing Philippine law at the time of application.  It is also required to have no record of any criminal records and good physical and mental health.  Most importantly, the applicant should have sufficient funds to support his/her family.

How long can I stay in the Philippines using the 13A visa

The 13A visa can let you stay in the Philippines for one-year multiple entries. The 13A visa should be renewed yearly for three (3) consecutive years. The first time you apply for the 13A visa will be considered as a PROBATIONARY. In the 4th year, the foreign applicant may apply for Permanent residency in the Philippines. 

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What are the 13A visa requirements

Non-Quota Immigrant Visa 13A by marriage (Probationary)
Sample of Non-Quota Immigrant Visa 13A by marriage (Probationary) application form

To secure a Non-Quota Immigrant Visa 13A by marriage (Probationary) completing these requirements before submitting your application.

There are the list of requirements needed if you are submitting in the Philippine Embassy (London):

1. Three (3) original application forms (FA Form No. 3) duly accomplished and signed.

2. Three (3) original medical report forms (FA Form No. 11) with:

– original and 2 photocopies of laboratory report

– chest x-ray film (11” x 17”)

– certification from the General Medical Council (GMC) that the Doctor who signed the medical report is duly registered to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.

3. Six (6) passport photographs (1.77” x 1.37”)

4. Original and three (3) photocopies of proof of financial capacity (e.g. bank statements, pension benefit statements, title to properties, etc.)

5. Three (3) photocopies of the Philippine passport or birth certificate of Filipino spouse duly authenticated by the Philippine National Statistics Office

6. Original and three (3) photocopies of marriage certificate

7. For applicants with prior marriage/s, kindly submit the original and three (3) photocopies of proof of dissolution of the prior marriage/s (i.e. death certificate, annulment order, NSO authenticated marriage certificate duly annotated by the local civil registrar, etc.)

8. Original and three (3) photocopies of a “Certificate of Good Moral Character” from the applicant’s employer/former employer or parish priest or any person of good standing in the community

9. Original and three (3) photocopies of Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) report

10. Current passport of the applicant (must be more than 6 months valid)

Here are the list of requirements in you are applying for the conversion to Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by marriage (13A) in the Bureau of Immigration Office in the Philippines. This typically happen when the foreign national is staying in the Philippines under a different permit e.g. Tourist visa or Balikbayan visa.

  1. Joint letter of request addressed to the Commissioner from the applicant and the petitioning Filipino spouse.
  2. 2 original and duly completed Consolidated General Application form for Immigrant Visa  (CGAF), the BI FORM V-I-002-REV2. Use this form for a child dependant. The first copy shall be submitted together with all necessary documents in regards to the 13A visa application. The second copy is for the Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-CARD). You will need two separate folders for this.
  3. Marriage Certificate or Marriage contract issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority.
  4. Birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority.
  5. Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay;
  6. Valid NBI clearance, if the application is filed six months or more from the date of the first arrival in the Philippines.
  7. Bureau Clearance Certificate and
  8. An original or certified true copy of Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance, if the applicant is a national of any of the countries listed under Annex “A” of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-14-059-A who arrived in the Philippines on or after June 2014.

You can find other general instructions and guidelines here in accomplishing the application and completing all the requirements according to the standards of Bureau of Immigration. It is important to comply on this to avoid any delays and refusal of your visa.

Where can I apply for the Spouse visa 13A

You can apply for the Non-Quota Immigrant visa by marriage (13A) at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate. Here in the UK, You can visit the:

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
6-8 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HG

If you happen to be in the Philippines already and would like to convert your current permit/visa into a Non-Quota Immigrant visa by marriage (13A) you need to personally apply at the Bureau of Immigration.

Bureau of Immigration Main Office (Manila)
Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila 1002

Or at any other Bureau of Immigration offices. You can see here all the details of their recognised BI offices around the Philippines.

How much is the 13A visa fees

The Non-Quota Immigrant visa by marriage (13a) costs £108 at the Philippine Embassy here in the UK.  You can pay this in cash or postal money order only.

As for the conversion to the 13A visa in the Philippines, it costs:

Main applicant – PHP 8,620

Dependant Spouse – PHP 8,620

Dep-B16 – PHP 8,370

Dep – B14 – PHP 7,870

There is also an additional fee for the ACR I-Card for 1 year – USD 50.

Can I work in the Philippines with a 13A visa?

Yes, The Non-Quota Immigrant visa by marriage ( 13a visa) permits the foreign national to have local employment in the Philippines without getting a Special Work Permit (SWP).  However, while the 13a visa is still in process the foreign national needs to secure a SWP that is valid for 3 months and can be renewed if necessary.

I hope that this blog post can help you in processing and securing a Non-Quota Immigrant visa by marriage (13A) whether abroad or in the Philippines.

Share with us your experience in applying for a 13A visa in the Philippines in the comment box below.

How to apply for a residence visa 13A for the spouse of a Filipino citizen


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