Dual Citizenship and Visas

Sharing my personal journey as a dual citizen. Here’s the collection of various helpful visa and dual citizenship guides.

SRRV Special resident retirement Visa to the Philippines feat

SRRV: How to Apply and Benefits of Retirement Visa in the Philippines

SRRV – Are you wondering on how to apply for the retirement visa in the Philippines? You are not the only person who fantasizes about spending your golden years basking in the warm rays of the sun in the Philippines. It has a beautiful tropical climate and a welcoming community, making it a favourite destination for retirees from the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and other Western countries.


UK Citizenship certificate and british passport

How To Apply For UK Citizenship and British Passport in 2022

UK Citizenship is a special privilege and it is not an easy process. I would like to share the process I have been through on how did I apply for my British citizenship and getting my first British passport. You can find here the details and process of British naturalisation from spouse visa, ILR and citizenship test.