Is Halong Bay Cruise Worth It?: Best Day Trip from Hanoi, Vietnam

We’ve all seen a Halong Bay cruise on social media and in travel magazines, that picture-perfect scenic view and the classic junk boats. Doing the day cruise in Halong Bay is one of the main highlights of my visit to Hanoi.

Let me share with you my personal experience, some travel tips and a guide in choosing and then booking the best value Halong Bay cruise.

It is a popular day trip destination from Hanoi. Most of the visitors come from Hanoi airport and travel to Halong Bay via land travel.

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Fishing Village in Halong Bay Vietnam
Fishing village in Ha Long Bay

Is Halong bay cruise worth it?

Based on my personal experience, Halong bay cruise excursion is definitely worth it.  The whole day excursion is a great taster if you want to have a perfect day trip from Hanoi. Since Halong Bay is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in Vietnam, the natural beauty of the region is truly beyond words. 

Should I book Halong Bay cruise in advance?

It is advisable to book your cruise in advance due to its popularity and demand from travellers that are visiting Hanoi and Halong Bay. In the peak season, there are a few days waiting time before you can book and go on a day trip Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay Junk Boat
Our junk boat for our Halong bay cruise day trip

How do I choose a Halong Bay cruise?

In choosing the best value cruise will vary depending on a few things and your personal preference. You need to consider the following:

  • Hotel pick up and drop-off
  • How big or small is the tour group? 
  • Tour Inclusions
  • Travel time 
  • Does it come with a guide?
  • Cruise activities and itinerary 
  • On-board meals included?

These are the things I checked first before booking our Halong Bay cruise day trip excursion from Hanoi. 

How to book a Halong bay cruise?

There are two options on how to book your cruise whether it is an overnight or a day trip:

  1. You can book it online through a reputable travel excursions source.  You can check my recommended Day Trip Halong Bay cruise from Get Your Guide
  2. You can also book your cruise via the local travel agents in Hanoi. There are a lot of travel agents that offer various excursions from Hanoi.  Again, this something worth doing in advance. You can contact your Hanoi hotel and ask if they can be able to recommend or arrange something for you.  Just be sure to ask them all the inclusions based on my recommendations on how to choose a cruise as mentioned above. 

What are the best value and most luxurious Halong Bay Cruises available? 

Depending on your budget, there are lots of available options. I have gathered a few trusted and has excellent reviews Halong Bay cruise companies that you can book your trip with.

I have included the cruise duration, the price ranges fro each cruise and overnight or day trip options. The Halong bay cruise selection also depends on how much you want to spend on the trip. I picked the best Halong bay cruise on a budget and the most luxurious ones!

List of the Best Halong Bay cruises:

Alisa Premier Cruise

Cruise Duration: 1 – 3 Nights

Prices ranges:  £150 – £300 (Check current prices here)

Emperor Cruises 

Cruise Duration: 1 – 3 Nights 

Price ranges:  from £600 (Check current prices here)

Oasis Bay Classic Cruise

Cruise Duration: Overnight cruise

Price range: from £100 (Check current prices here)

Amira Cruises

Cruise Duration: Overnight cruise

Price range: From £160 (Check current prices here)

Signature Royal Cruise

Cruise Duration: Overnight Cruise

Price range: from £200 (Check current prices here)

Halong Lavender Cruises

Cruise Duration: 1 to 3 nights

Price range: from £70 (Check current prices here)

Oasis Bay Party Cruises

Cruise Duration: Overnight Cruise

Price range: from £107 (Check current prices here)

Amazing Sails 

Cruise Duration: Luxury Day Tours only

Price range:  from £90 (Check current prices here)

Halong Bay Cruise Hunters

Cruise Duration: 1 to 3 nights or Day trip option available

Price ranges: from £40 – £200 (Check current prices here)

Dragonfly Cruise

Cruise Duration: Day tours only 

Price range: from £25 (Check current prices here)

You are guaranteed to have a great time on your Halong Bay cruise whether you would like to cruise overnight, for a few days or just a day trip from Hanoi.  I hope that this guide helps you on deciding which one suits you the best for your Vietnam Itinerary

Have you been to Halong Bay?
Share with us your travel experience below! 

Is Halong Bay Cruise Worth It


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