Top Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Bohol, Philippines

Pick out a Philippine postcard with Bohol in its front, and most often than not, pictured are the rolling hills of the province. Search about it on the web, and you’ll be struck with the same image.

Bohol has been widely associated with the Chocolate Hills – all 1700+ of them – and we couldn’t blame the world. How can these seemingly small lumps of nature not man-made, and how do they strikingly turn to brown when summer ends? Fascinating, indeed! However, there is more to Bohol than this famous tourist destination.

Loboc River in Bohol Philippines
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By area, Bohol is 10th largest in the Philippines. If your idea of a fun adventure consists of vast nature, traditional food and ancestral houses, this province has a lot to offer to you.

You can mix in a little of everything in your itinerary and have a taste of each aspect that makes this place popular to foreigners and locals alike. Wake up early in the morning, hop on a small boat and head towards one of the islands that is home to pristine beaches and tranquil spots. Enjoy a meal of fresh seafood, fruits in season and staple delicacies. Finish the day with the sun setting over a glorious landscape, with a drink on hand because… why not?

The recent opening of the new Bohol-Panglao International Airport is aimed to get you to this piece of paradise with more convenience and comfort than the past. It is also good to know that the airport, dubbed as the Green Gateway to the World, is the first green airport in the country.

With the help of the Japanese government, the Philippines constructed an eco-airport that makes use of solar energy and natural ventilation. That’s a big step to making Mother Nature proud! Ready to see what we’re talking about? Read on and check out our list of must-dos when in Bohol.

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Bohol

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Loboc River in Bohol Philippines
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