10 Best Things to Do in Boracay, Philippines From A Local

Are you looking for the best things to do in Boracay? We got you covered!

When you say ‘the Philippines‘ to travellers, many if not all will picture Boracay Island in their minds.

With its pristine beachfront, white powdery sand and crystal clear waters, no wonder it is the country’s poster staple. A lot have considered and explored the Philippines for and because of the famously picturesque Boracay beach.

The island flourished from it, enjoying a visitor count of 1.7 million from the past year.

Boracay accommodations and activities multiply in order to meet the growing number and changing wants of tourists that come from all around the globe. 

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Sadly, with this proliferation comes degradation, an outcome that could have been prevented through a lot of ‘if only’s.’

If only we were more strict. If only we were more aware.

If only we were more concerned.

What happened to the Boracay?

Shores turned green of dirt. The sands welcomed the mix of beer bottle shards, cigarette butts and plastic trash. Merchants occupied the beachfront and corporate events drove the island crazy up to its maximum capacity. While from a distance there still lies the beauty of the sunset, the blue waters and enjoyable activities, honestly speaking, Boracay has seen better days.

Good thing that, before it became too late, the government of the Philippines along with the rest of the community decided to finally resolve issues straight from their roots.

It meant losing a lot of livelihood and revenue, but it also meant not losing a Philippine treasure.

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Six months to the rehabilitation of the island, doors are opened to tourists who would like to experience what’s new. The Boracay reopening happened last October 26, 2018.

Our social feeds and blogs were filled with pictures of people enjoying the clear beachfront, clean waters and serene atmosphere of Boracay Island. Travel videos gave proof of the excellent outcome of the extensive work the people had done to rescue this beauty.

Given that there is still roughly two more years to go for the full rehabilitation to be finished, is it wise to go visit the island now?

The answer is Yes! With better facilities and proper management in place, there is no reason to wait for a year more.

Here is our list of ultimate things to do in Boracay:

1. Pick a Station to stay

Where to stay at Boracay – this is quite a nice problem to have, don’t you think? With the new rules in place, you are required to book in advance from a Boracay accommodation that is certified by the government to be compliant of their imposed regulations. From our perspective, you can never go wrong!

Wherever you stay, you get to have access to the long-winding beachfront that is now whiter and wider than ever! Station 1, 2 or 3 – there’s also the luxurious Station 0 – pick your place according to your budget. See our recommended accommodations below based on their reviews on TripAdvisor.

2. Go on an island tour

Boracay beaches are more than just their pretty facades. Book a tour and go island hopping along Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach and Crocodile Island.

Snorkel your way to the wonder that’s beneath the deep sea. Enjoy a sumptuous grilled lunch as you relax in the unassuming beauty of nature. Pay a little extra and experience helmet diving around the area. These water activities are some of the best things to do in Boracay island. 

3. Try parasailing

Feeling adventurous? Go on a parasailing adventure alone or with a friend and experience the views from up high while being pulled by a boat. It’s like flying like a bird, but not just in any normal surrounding. You’re in Boracay – so soar high!

Anyway, there’s your usual banana boats, stand up paddles, kayaks and jet skis should you decide to go for a more relaxed water activity option. Just keep in mind of the new regulation prohibiting any water sports to be 100 meters from the beach area.

Safety first, but this shouldn’t stop you to enjoy this wonderful activity that is considered as one of the fun things to do in Boracay.

4. Cliff dive at Ariel’s Point

3 meters, 18 meters – choose your poison! If you’re thinking about what to do in Boracay that will be a sure highlight of your travel story, do the dare and cliff dive at Ariel’s Point! One of the adventurous things to do in Boracay. Located along White Beach, the dive point is regarded as one of the most scenic spots to cliff dive in the country.

Imagine splashing into the blue views of the sky and then the sea… Afterwards, make good use of your adrenaline rush by making new friends as you enjoy the drinks and barbecues that come with the experience.

5. Go big with a private helicopter tour

You think you can’t go any better than what you see from the ground? Witness Boracay’s beauty from a stunning viewpoint: up in the air! See the island from the top and be in constant awe of its splendor from a different angle. 

This is one of the many Boracay activities that is definitely one for the books.

6. Ride an e-jeepney

From the desire to be more eco-friendly comes the island’s adaptation of electric vehicles. Although it is still in its early stage and tricycles are still servicing the area, it is noteworthy that the municipality is aiming for a more sustainable future for Boracay Island.

Many roadworks are still unfinished as of this writing; we can expect only the best from this point on. 

7. Indulge in fresh seafood, fruits in season and international cuisine – all on the island

Food trip is one of the best things to do in Boracay. There are plenty of choices on where to eat in the island. To begin with, it is good to note that in all/almost every Boracay package that you will avail in Boracay, there include good island food that are usually in the likes of grilled meats, seasonal fruits and fresh catch. 

Hotel restaurants and stand-alone food shops are making waves alongside regular go-to’s in the local dining scene. Still, nothing beats Jonah’s fruit shakes when it comes to refreshment. Pay them a visit in their new location in Station 2.

Two Season’s Four Cheese Pizza is still a must-try of all must-tries! I’m here now torturing myself just by recommending it.

8. Go shopping

Still at the top of the list of Boracay’s places to visit is the D Mall where you can find outdoor stalls that sell travel essentials, island trinkets and food finds. CityMall, on the other hand, is a shopping building where you find your usual mall brands, and then some. Outdoor or indoor? You decide.

9. Witness Boracay’s world-famous sunset

Enjoy the view from the beachfront and see why this crimson orange sky is one of the island’s talking points.

Sunset in Boracay Philippines: Best things to do in Boracay

Especially now that the waters are clear, the activities are stationed farther from the ground, and the sands are much more inviting, the sunset in Boracay is truly an activity to look forward to after a full day of swimming, eating and pure fun. Watching the colourful display of nature is truly one of the best things to do in Boracay.

Want to take it up a notch? Look for Boracay packages that offer 2-hour sunset cruises – complete with a cold drink in hand and a whole lot of good time.

10. Enjoy the newfound serenity of the place

No commercial sandcastles altering the ground… No fire dancers lingering in the beachfront… No excessively loud music, no alcohol by the beach, no pets, no sunbeds… Sounds boring to you? Wait until you get to experience the tranquility that these regulations helped recover.

Since the Boracay reopening, this has been one of the main talks of the town that seemed impossible to picture out – given how it was not that long ago since Boracay Island was filled with such.

The radical change, we saw it for ourselves: breathtaking, peaceful, worth it. We say it’s time you see it, too! Boracay Philippines is waiting for you.

New Local Regulations in Boracay Island

Before you go, let’s wrap up the things you have to learn regarding new regulations since the Boracay reopening. Don’t assume it to be your usual beach destination.

Authorities are adamant in achieving sustainable tourism in the area that everyone, both locals and visitors, are called to follow their rules without reservations. It is highly essential to know these things ahead of time so that you will not have to bring unnecessary things, do illegal activities, and commit honest mistakes while at the island.

  • Decide in advance where to stay in Boracay. You will need to show authorities a booking confirmation from a government-approved Boracay accommodation in order to set foot in the island. The government’s approval mainly has to do with the establishment’s responsible sewage system.
  • Even if you have the needed accommodation to enter the island, be mindful of the limit of visitors that the authorities allow to the area. As of the moment, roughly 20,000 are allowed to come in at a given time.
  • These are no longer allowed on the beach: pets, beach umbrellas, sunbeds and deckchairs.
  • Party elsewhere. Big boisterous gatherings are now banned at the beach. Smoking and drinking at the beach is strictly prohibited as well.
  • Follow zone measures when it comes to water activities. Stay 100 meters of the seashore.
  • Fireworks displays are allowed only until 9 in the evening. If you are planning something as grand, better coordinate with the local authorities.
  • Gambling is no longer tolerated in the island. There is not a single casino in Boracay.
  • Sandcastles for money are a thing of the past. They are now regulated quite heavily.
  • Single-use plastics are banned from Boracay. Be mindful of your usage.
  • Grilling meats on the beach is a no-no. Add to that any use of open fires, kerosene gas or fuel (that includes fire dancing.)
  • Littering is  highly discouraged.

It is my desire to entice you to go visit Boracay Philippines and definitely not the other way around. I hope in knowing these regulations, you bear in mind that these are essential steps in restoring and keeping our beloved Boracay Island clean and stunning.

I hope that inspires you to visit and enjoy the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines.  Do not forget to be pro-active in protecting the the island and promote sustainable tourism. 

Do you have other suggested best things to do in Boracay island?
Share your travel experiences in the comment box below.

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