Best Attractions and Things to Do in Munich (Germany)

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Looking for worthwhile things to do in the third largest city in Germany?

Munich promises not to fall short. Whether you are bound to visit the city, have recently moved in, or are just plain curious of its offerings, there are several activities in the area that will definitely spark an interest in you.

With four seasons of weather flavouring the city, it is wise to plan your trip based on the climate during your stay. Fret not: the beauty of Munich is definitely year-round.

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During summer and springtime, you might want to visit its gothic town hall, the extensive art museums and the lush wide gardens that color its map green. The squares, opera houses and monuments prove to be picturesque too – all year long, actually.

When it’s autumn, the much-awaited Oktoberfest rolls in. An approximate of 7 million locals and tourists combined take part in drinking a massive 7.5 million liters of (really) good beer! Come winter, marvel as the parks turn to frost and ski on its icy hills. Also – don’t forget to check the city’s annual calendar for a schedule of its traditional fairs, seasonal markets and exclusive events.

Aside from the weather, it is good to consider the time of day that you will be visiting the attractions. Munich has tourists spots that is best viewed with less people and as the daylight scatters, so better be ready to wake up early for them.

Some are good areas to catch the sunrise, therefore can be placed towards the end of your itinerary. Special places call for a nighttime setting for better appreciation of the atmosphere, so go the extra mile and ask ahead of time. No matter when you plan on booking or where you end up going, you’ll definitely have a good time in the city. Read on for our list of things to do in Munich and get thinking!

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