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Searching for things to do during your trip to Rome?

You must know that Rome is more than just the myths and the legends that you see in old books, lengthy documentaries and war movies. Dubbed as the “Eternal City” back in the days, Rome was said to be able to withstand anything that happens in this world. Quite unbelievable, don’t you think? However, once you see the towering monuments and colossal remains that stood the test of time, you can’t help wondering maybe… Just maybe, it really is eternal.

The Unmissable Things to Do in Rome (Italy) for First Time Visitors
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From breathtaking fountains to mystifying catacombs, Rome is sure to impress you with its vast array of sights that mostly cater to history lovers and architecture enthusiasts. Its churches and basilicas are also equally worth visiting. We are not only talking about St. Peter’s Basilica here; truth be told, Rome has over 900 churches that are nothing short of spectacular.

The authentic cuisine in the area also attracts ‘will travel for food’ tourists. Comforting carbonara, flavourful pizza and robust coffee await your taste buds as practically every corner restaurant serves simple yet satisfying Italian dishes.

Activities in Rome can be professionally crafted and booked beforehand, as a lot of agencies offer guided tours to popular destinations in the city. The means of touring the area range from walking, biking, and even riding the Segway!

The list of activities you can do vary greatly and is dependent on the length of your stay in the city. Be it only for a day of for a few more, Rome definitely has a lot to give. Knowing the activities to do and places to go to beforehand will make your stay more efficient and worthwhile. So, whether you plan on getting an arranged visit or organizing things on your own, here is a list of things that you can do as you visit Rome.

Top Activities in Rome

Best accommodations and Where to stay in Rome

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