Perfect Day Trip Visiting Cheddar Gorge in Cheddar, Somerset

The charming town of Cheddar is located in the beautiful English countryside of Somerset. The town of Cheddar is the mecca for all cheese lovers.  Named as the home of the true cheddar cheese.

The famous and well-loved cheese has been delicately made in the caves of Cheddar Gorge. Where the right temperature and humidity are perfectly blended to make this delectable cheese.

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Other than the famous Cheddar gorge caves, there are also other Cheddar gorge attractions that would be perfect for kids and families like the interactive show inside the cave about the origins of humans and the woods overlooking the whole gorge.

Cave Mature Cheddar Cheese in Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge directions and postcode:

There are various ways to reach Cheddar Gorge.

If you are driving, you can enter the Cheddar gorge postcode – BS27 3QF

This will take you to the main high street where the entrance to the caves is located.  There are ample parking spaces nearby. Make sure to bring some cash/coins with you for the parking.  Parking charges are from £5 for the whole day or £3 from 3 pm to 5 pm

Cheddar Somerset UK

If you are using public transport (trains and bus), from the main cities of the UK there are frequent trains going to Bristol (Temple Meads) then swap for Weston-Super-Mare. Check the latest train times and prices with Trainline.

Once you reach the Weston-Super-Mare, you need to take the FIRST Bus 126 (Sunday 826) to Cheddar.

Cheddar Gorge Opening times

Cheddar Gorge is open from 10 am – 5 pm. You definitely have the whole day to enjoy the beauty of the Cheddar Gorge.

Visit the six Cheddar gorge attractions:

Gough’s cave

The Gough’s cave is the main attraction of the Cheddar Gorge.  You can find various rock formations that were formed millions of years ago. Named after the Victorian explorer Richard Gough who spearheaded the excavation of the cave and the discovery of the Cheddar man skeleton.

Inside the Cheddar Gorge

You can also find the famous cave-matured cheddar cheese inside the Gough’s cave. The cave’s temperature creates the ideal atmosphere to mature the cheddar cheese.

Rock formations inside the cheddar gorge in somerset

Beyond the View

This is a cinematic Cheddar gorge attraction that will take you around the stunning landscape of the gorge from a new viewpoint. It is excellent for all ages!

The presentation will take around 15 minutes which will surely take you to new heights in seeing the beauty of the gorge.

Museum of Prehistory

The museum of Prehistory has a great collection of carefully curated artefacts discovered in the Cheddar area. They also have a great collection of relics about the great archaeological find and the world-famous Cheddar man.

The Cheddar man is the oldest complete human skeleton found in Britain that was discovered in 1903 during the exploration of Gough’s cave.

Dreamhunters (Cox’s Cave)

A fantastic multimedia experience that will be great for kids and families. The whole experience will take you back to the story of our human ancestors surviving and discovering things. It depicts creatively the evolution of man.

Jacob’s Ladder and Lookout Tower

After the film showing of the Dreamhunters, you can ascend to go to Jacob’s ladder. The 274 steps will take you to the start of the Cliff-top walk and the Lookout tower.

If you are not scared of heights, then climb the Lookout tower.  This Cheddar gorge attraction will give you a great view of the gorge. 

Cliff-top Walk

For more adventurous things to do around the Cheddar Gorge, you can hike the 3-mile roundtrip to the summit of the gorge. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and enjoy wildlife.

Get and download the Cheddar Gorge map here.

After visiting these Cheddar Gorge attractions, you can also walk around the little high street of Cheddar and try various types of cheeses, most especially the Cave mature cheddar cheese. The only cheddar cheese made in Cheddar.

Cave mature Cheddar Cheese from cheddar somerset

After the active day in Cheddar, you can also visit the nearby attractions to Cheddar Gorge like the Wookey hole and the Wells Cathedral.

Wookey Hole in Cheddar Somerset
Wookey Hole in Cheddar Somerset
Wells Cathedral in Wells UK
Wells Cathedral in Wells UK
Perfect Daytrip to Cheddar Gorge


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