Best UK Travel Itinerary for 2 Weeks

Are you looking for the best two weeks UK travel itinerary that will guide you around to explore the beauty of the British Isles? I consider the UK as my second home. As a dual citizen (British – Filipina) I have adapted to the British culture over the past ten years living in this country.

United Kingdom – Home of the British Monarchy with centuries of royal history and medieval castles and palaces. Not to forget the home of the Beatles, Queen, Ozzy, David Bowie, Manchester United,  Sherlock Holmes, the black cab and the red double-decker bus!

Oh, plus, the wonderful goodness of British food — the Royal afternoon tea and fish and chips.  The UK has been one of the best destinations in Europe due to its history, beautiful countryside and royalties.

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So let me share with you the travel itinerary that I made to visit the four kingdoms. This UK travel itinerary highlights the capital of England (London), Scotland (Edinburgh), Wales (Cardiff) and Northern Ireland (Belfast).

I will be making more of these sample travel itineraries around the UK focused on the various points of interest in the British countryside.

Best UK Travel Itinerary for 2 weeks including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Visa Requirements

For Philippine Passport holders:

Philippine Passport holders must secure a Standard Visitor Visa from the country of their residence prior to their travel. Read this blog post on How To Apply for A UK Visit Visa (UK Tourist Visa).

Other Passport holders:

Please check here if you need a UK Visit Visa.

Trip Budget

Here is the planned budget for this UK travel itinerary. The actual spending may vary due to the hotels, activities and modes of transportation that you will use.


These are just rough estimated planned budgets for hotel accommodation.  If you wish to go much cheaper on the accommodation, there are hostels available in the area too.

London: £85 to £100 / night

See our suggested London hotels that will best suit your budget, Best Hotels in London on a Budget Near the Main Attractions and The Best Luxury Hotels in London That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

Edinburgh: £35 – £65 / night

Cardiff: £35 – £65 / night

Belfast: £35 – £65 / night

I included some suggested accommodations per leg of this UK itinerary to help you decide and search for your best hotel deals in the UK.


Search for cheap flights using Skyscanner. I always browse Skyscanner first to give me an idea of the best flight deals in the UK.


Car Rental
Renting a car outside London would probably be your best bet to go around the UK. It will make your sightseeing trip a little easier.

If you choose to drive within the London area, please check if your hotel is within the Congestion Zone in Central London. The Congestion Zone in London will incur additional charges of £11.50/day.


Trains are also a handy mode of transportation across the UK.

From London, you can pretty much go around England, Scotland and Wales.

You can pre-book your train tickets 3 months in advanced to get a very good deals on train fares.  I love using long haul trains as I can also get to see the British countryside and relax.


If you are on a cheap mode, coaches can be your best friend when you travel around the UK. If you have a lot of time spare or would prefer to travel at night, the coach will be great for you.

You can book the National Express Coach or Megabus anywhere in the country.

I wrote an article about the 8 Money Saving Travel Tips Exploring Around London (UK) and How to Save Extra Money on Your Travels that you might find helpful when visiting the UK.

Itinerary Details

Day 1 – 4: London

The capital of England and a major city in the world.

Queen Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace in London
UK Travel itinerary: Buckingham Palace, London, UK

No UK travel itinerary is complete without paying a visit to London. The city is buzzing with loads of activities for solo travellers, couples or families.

You can read my suggested best things to do in London including the Best Galleries and Museums in London That Are Actually Worth A Visit here.  This is mainly focused on the central zones (Zones 1-3) of London. You can also see these 7 money-saving travel tips exploring around London for some local and insider travel tips in London. I wrote The Best Places to Visit and Day Tours From London (UK) if you want to explore different points of interest not far from the city.

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor London hotel reviews | Get a £25 Travel Credit in Airbnb

Suggested Activities:
London Tours, Tickets, Excursions & Things To Do

Day 5 – 7: Salisbury and Bath

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world.

Stonehenge in Salisbury UK - Best UK Travel Itinerary for Two Weeks
UK travel itinerary: Stonehenge, Salisbury, UK

A visit to this prehistoric monument is a must when you visit the UK. You can typically get a Stonehenge bus tour from Salisbury and you can use it as a home base on this leg of the trip.

While you are in Salisbury, you can also visit the historic Magna Carta. A medieval English Charter that mandates the structure of Britain’s political laws as well as the majority of the countries around the world including the USA.

A trip to the Roman city of Bath, Somerset will also be a great addition to your UK Itinerary.

The city of Bath was known for its Roman architectural designs and the Roman Baths. You can discover the history of Britain under Roman occupation.

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Suggested Activities:
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Salisbury Tours, Tickets, Excursions & Things To Do

Day 8 – 9: Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital of the Kingdom of Wales. It’s a small city compared to London.

Cardiff Wales - Best UK Travel Itinerary for Two Weeks
UK travel itinerary: Cardiff, Wales

You can pretty much see the whole city in a whole day by taking the Cardiff HOHO bus.  A visit to the Cardiff castle is a must when you visit the city. I’ve written some suggested activities and Best Attractions and Things To Do in Cardiff For Fun Weekend Breaks.

The next part of the itinerary is venturing up north to Scotland.  Don’t forget to make a quick stop in Birmingham. Here are the different points of interest and things to do in Birmingham.

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor Cardiff hotel reviews | Get a £25 Travel Credit in Airbnb

Suggested Activities:
Cardiff Tours, Tickets, Excursions & Things To Do

Day 10-12: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is also called the Athens of the North.

Calton Hill in Edinburgh - Best UK Travel Itinerary for Two Weeks
UK travel itinerary: Edinburgh, Scotland

This Scottish capital remains the main cultural and historical highlight of any Scotland itinerary.

Since you will be staying in Edinburgh for a few days in this leg of your UK itinerary, you can have the whole day roaming around the cultural highlights and points of interest in Edinburgh. Check out this blog post of various activities that I personally would recommend things to do in Edinburgh.

Then another day exploring the majestic beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the retail therapy in Glasgow. Here are some suggested interesting places to visit as a day trip from Edinburgh.

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor Edinburgh hotel reviews | Get a £25 Travel Credit with Airbnb

Suggested Activities:
Edinburgh Tours, Tickets, Excursions & Things To Do

Day 13 – 14: Belfast

For the last leg of this UK Itinerary, we are now going to visit and explore another top city in the North that is worth visiting.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.

Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland - Best UK Travel Itinerary for Two Weeks
UK travel itinerary: Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

From Scotland, you can either take a short regional flight to Belfast or take a Stena Line ferry across the Irish Sea roughly around 2 hours sailing from Cairnryan to Belfast.

Belfast is one of the filming locations of the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Visiting different filming locations is one of the main highlights here.  I was so excited when I visited the “Dark Hedges” during our British Isles cruise with Princess Cruises.

A visit to the Giant’s Causeway is a must when you visit Northern Ireland. The Titanic Museum is also located in Belfast. They exhibit all the history of how the Titanic was built. See this blog post that I prepared for some suggested things to do in Belfast.

Suggested Accommodation: | Agoda | TripAdvisor Belfast hotel reviews | Get a £25 Travel Credit in Airbnb

Suggested Activities:
Belfast Tours, Tickets, Excursions & Things To Do

A two-week itinerary might probably not be enough to see the four corners of the United Kingdom but this would be a start. Enjoy your trip and all the points of interest in the UK that I’ve included in this itinerary.

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Have you been to the UK? Share your UK travel itinerary too!
Share your experience and where you’ve been in the comment box below. 

Travel Itinerary to United Kingdom


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