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Fancy dancing in the streets with painted faces on? Ever imagined riding a tuna parade float? How about running a race in high heels? These are only some of the many ingenious ways that the people of the Philippines do to have fun and take pride in what they have. Festivals in the country are too much to count for a person to attend it all, but there are a lot of celebrations that have garnered a crowd following over the years.

Major characters that are present in the colourful and famous festivals in the Philippines are religion, food specialties, and skills expertise, all of which show the ever-so-popular sunny disposition of the Filipinos.

Unmissable Colourful and Famous Festivals in the Philippines

The Filipino people are a spiritual bunch. When the Spaniards set foot in the Philippines hundreds of years ago, they brought with them the Christian religion. In a town, city or province wherein Roman Catholicism dominates the community, more or less it has a patron saint being celebrated in the place.

A lot of spiritually-inclined festivals are dated on the birthday of that particular saint. Some days have been unanimously agreed upon regardless of specific date significance. The grandiosity of the celebration ranges from a simple barangay get-together to a nationally-acclaimed street party that becomes a tourist activity on its own. One example of the latter is Aklan’s Ati-atihan Festival which is celebrated in honor of Sto. Nino or the Infant Jesus.

Aside from religion, festivals also highlight a destination’s food specialty. Take for example the Tuna Festival in General Santos City where they have an abundance of this protein-packed fish. Lastly, festivities that put the exceptional skills of the people in spotlight are also numerous to mention. One of them is Marikina City’s Sapatos (Shoe) Festival, a celebration that showcases the city’s image as one of the best shoe makers in the industry. I bet you’re curious to learn even more! Here is our list of widely-anticipated festivals in the Philippines.