UK-Filipino Leaders Awards: Recognising Outstanding Community Service

We grow by helping others – One of the most popular leadership quotes that is worth embracing.  It embodies the spirit of the true leader that influences and helps the people around them.  

It is an honour to be a part of the first leadership commemoration for the Filipino Leaders here in the UK. These outstanding individuals and groups have consistently devoted their time, skills and talents in helping fellow Filipinos in need, organising community projects and raising awareness of various community causes.

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They are the epitome of a true leader and prime role models in their own field of expertise and community here in the UK. They might come from different walks of life, but they share the same goals and intentions in helping their fellow countrymen in this foreign land. Sharing the true spirit of “Bayanihan”.

This gathering aims to recognise the outstanding leadership and service to the Filipino communities. Together with a mission to build a network of Filipino communities that are committed to helping others in times of need organised by Ms Loralie Canale – Arkless and the Ladies Of All Nations International in London. 

The special Filipino Awards Night was held at:

Where: Banqueting Suite, The Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB (See map)

Date: 9th November 2019 (Saturday) | 6:00 PM 

Attire: Formal

UK Filipino Awards Event Speakers

Here is the list of Filipino Leaders Awardees:

The Women of Excellence Award

Celebrates the tremendous accomplishments and contributions of women who work and collaborate together to strengthen the community. They have identified a local community need or issue and have taken steps to pioneer meaningful change.

 Filipino Women’s Association UK


They have enriched lives and continue to inspire others through their creativity, compassion, and dedication.

The FWA-UK is a non-profit, charitable organisation that was formally founded and established by Mrs. Nene Quimson (wife of the late Ambassador Quimson to the UK) in 1988. The Association became a UK registered charity in 2012. Its charitable activities focus on providing support to vulnerable women and education to indigent children through scholarship in the Philippines and the UK.

FWA-UK has always been a dynamic organisation especially when it comes to supporting the indigent youths and the elderly. In the UK, the Association launched Support

Services for the Senior Citizens of the FWA-UK and ​the Community Project. The Association currently supports the ERDA Technical School based in Pandacan, Manila where a wide selection of the Association scholars come from. ERDA Tech focuses on poor but deserving Senior High School students interested in pursuing the Technical-Vocational track. The school aims to prepare them to qualify, upon graduation, for immediate employment as skilled workers equipped with the desired competencies and work values.

Through its ‘Linkwatch’ Committee the Association continues to exercise vigilance and called attention to negative and derogatory issues relating to Filipinos and the Philippines, and acted accordingly. FWA-UK is exploring all opportunities so that it will continue to provide timely and meaningful assistance and support both in the Philippines and in the United Kingdom. 

The Community Beacon Award 

Honours those who are making an impact in the community through their time, actions, and determination. They have showed courage in the face of great adversity. They took control of their life and have ultimately risen above many challenges, creating a lasting impact and illuminating a new path for others to follow.

The honouree is foremost a role model for empathy, compassion and service. He/ she has a passion for helping others in his/her community and always striving to give voice to the voiceless. We recognise that such an individual is an empowered leader who has wealth of wisdom gained from his/her past experiences and The Beacon Award celebrates this individual’s lifetime contribution to his/her own community and the society.

Ms Adelina Duenas

Adelina Duenas

ADELINA DUENAS is well-known to Filipinos in London as Ate Adel or Tita Adel, names which befit her maternal role in the community. But it was her relentless commitment to helping fellow Filipinos that won her the love and respect far beyond the honorifics.

She chose to work abroad to provide for her children after her husband’s death in 1986. She arrived in Britain in 1989 with a family for whom she had been working for in Bahrain. Her job was to be a domestic helper. Unfortunately, for half a year her employer refused to pay her wages which prompted Adelina to seek employment elsewhere. She was rescued by a fellow Filipino who offered her a place to stay while looking for work. A mother’s determination to support her growing children meant going back home was not an option. For the next 10 years, she laboured behind closed doors in private homes as an undocumented migrant with lack of access to labour protections.

Despite her struggles, Adelina remained steadfast in her desire to help not just herself but for others with similar plight. She was among those who actively campaigned for amnesty for regularisation of Domestic Workers. Through the support of NGOs like Unite The Union (formerly Transport and General Workers’ Union or T&G) and Kalayaan which runs a community centre offering advice on immigration and employment law, a Concession for Domestic household workers was won in 1997 under the political policy of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Adelina was finally granted the right to stay in the UK in 1998.

Since then, Ate Adel (Tita Adel) has become a beacon of hope and inspiration to the community. Her active involvement in various Filipino organisations continues to fuel her advocacy of helping her fellow countrymen. Her home remains open to the many people whose lives she has touched and for those individuals who need her help.

She is the Albayanon UK (Founder), Bicol United UK (Vice President) and European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFID Chairman 2014-2015)

Community Pillar Award

Recognises individuals that set the standard for outstanding service to their communities and beyond. They are reliable, hard-working, highly respected, and are particularly active in taking up worthy causes in the community where they live and work.

The honourees’ contribution take many forms, including volunteer time, charitable giving and a community project. They follow up on their mission by sharing their passion and/or profession with others thereby championing equality, diversity and inclusiveness. They have built a culture where service is so ingrained in their values that their actions and example continue to positively impact others regardless of ethnicity, colour, gender, religion, faith or sexuality.

We congratulate our 2019 Community Pillar Award recipient (Male Category)

Mr Ariel Lanada

Ariel Lanada

ARIEL LANADA is a BME ambassador and Equality & Diversity champion. He is the Chairman of the Filipino Community of Oxfordshire (FilCom Oxford) for the past 17 years. He represents approximately 3,000 Filipinos living and working in Oxfordshire. His advocacy of bringing Filipinos together has seen him organise and lead community events every year such as sports festivals, Philippine Independence Day, Christmas party, and other social and religious gatherings.

He graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing Education with merit and currently works as Divisional Lead for Practice Development and Education at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. At work, he is involved in collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure that students and staff are supported in clinical practice and that professional standards are always upheld. He supports Filipino Nurses in their career development by organising interview skills workshops, coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision.

Ariel is currently pursuing Doctor of Education studies (Nursing Education) at Oxford Brookes University. He believes that the more he learns, the more he will be able to help others achieve their full potential.

Ariel is an active patron and supporter of St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church at Brgy. Lu-ag Iloilo, Philippines – .

To learn more about Filcom Oxford community visit

We congratulate our 2019 Community Pillar Award recipient (Female Category)

Mrs Edna Lilley

Edna Lilley
Edna Lilley

Nothing is too much bother for EDNA LILLEY, a lady with a big heart who is always helping people at her local community in Perth, Scotland.

Edna has lived in Perth for 17 years. She helps organise Pista sa Nayon, an annual event which brings a taste of the Philippines to the community. She is also actively involved in Perth Riverside Church whether it be cooking, tidying up or offering help especially to the elderly. She takes food to people and lends a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

Edna’s passion for arts & crafts has inspired her to run a craft group at her local church. The Communitea Crafty Group which regularly meets every month has attracted members of the community from a diverse background. Her creative flare and friendly personality has inspired locals, especially women and children, to get involved. Using mostly recycling materials, she teaches them how to create decorative items from plastics, bottles, card boards, papers and carrier bags. Her project has provided people the opportunity to meet new friends and socialise. More importantly, anyone who wishes to join is welcome regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

Edna supports her local church and primary school in Misamis Oriental, Philippines. She regularly donates and treat the kids during Christmas at Barangay Lunotan Elementary School and wishes to continue her advocacy of helping people that are less fortunate.

To find out more about Communitea Crafty Group.

One of Edna’s crafts was featured at local Evening Telegraph.

Community Publisher of the Year

The award recognises newspaper publishers who demonstrate an ever-deeper understanding of their target audience at the grassroots level. The publisher’s commitment to responding to the changing dynamics of the community is shown by maintaining a high level of professionalism whilst keeping oneself accessible and readily available at all times.

Mr Reynaldo Abesamis


Eight years ago, REYNALDO ABESAMIS (Kuya Rey) started One Philippines in the UK, a news magazine which publishes important community news and events happening within the Filipino-British community. Since then, he continues to keep abreast of significant events by collaborating with various Filipino organisations, supporting emerging talents, responding to local invitations, getting involved in fundraisers, as well as cooperating with the programmes and activities of the Philippine Embassy.

Kuya Rey has accomplished a remarkable task, being a businessman who exercises tenacity to maintain commercial profitability and being a servant leader who shows great fellowship by supporting various advocacy and programmes in the community, big or small.

We recognise that his hands-on approach is key to effective and responsible leadership in community-based print media. Reach out to One Philippines at

Community Support Champion

The award recognises the significant role of individuals dedicated to supporting the welfare of others. The honouree is someone who gives freely and unselfishly of his/her time to help others on a regular basis. They often reach out to help meet local needs and advise people of relevant support and services available to them.

Using their own unique life experience, skills and knowledge of their local area, they transform their communities by getting everyone involved in worthwhile causes such as health and fitness, training, volunteering, education, fundraising, sports and a lot more. In essence, they voluntarily bring their ability to relate to people thereby removing barriers and promoting strong civic pride.

We congratulate our 2019 Community Support Champion (Male Category)

Mr Ian Alejandro


He has been an active member of the Oval Filipino Community in London since 2003. He has served as the community church’s liturgist, minister of holy communion, secretary, assistant coordinator and presently its adviser. He also collaborates with the Italian and Portuguese communities.

Ian works as a Diabetic Foot Clinical Nurse Specialist at King’s College Hospital in London. He established King’s Filipino Nurses Association whose primary aim is to facilitate the integration of new nurses in the community, providing emotional and moral support to help in their transition and adaptation to life in the UK.

The group has been conducting monthly Health Awareness and Health Teaching sessions with free blood pressure and blood glucose tests in Oval since 2017. The health initiative has greatly benefited members of the community, particularly the growing number of elderly members who needed to be referred to their GP’s for further assessment and management.

A humble, honest and compassionate leader, Ian has organised fundraising initiatives in the past to assist distressed Filipinos in the UK who needed shelter and refuge. He is also a faithful supporter and donor of church construction projects in his home provinces of Agusan Del Norte and Zamboanga City.

We congratulate our 2019 Community Support Champion (Female Category)

Mrs Maribel Pascua Favor

Maribel Pascua Favor

She is an Ophthalmology Nurse Practitioner and Sister (Charge Nurse) at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation trust, where she was acknowledged and awarded for her outstanding service to patients, carers and their families. She is kind, caring, reliable, considerate and always willing to go the extra mile.

In the community, Maribel has rightfully earned the trust and respect of her peers and constituents. She is a loving mother to two grown-up sons and a devoted wife to the current Town Mayor of East Grinstead, Cllr. Danny Favor, the first Filipino to be elected as Town Councillor and Town Mayor in the United Kingdom. Her commitment in supporting her husband’s public and charitable works, civic commitments and dedications is commendable. She serves as his personal assistant, adviser, motivator, inspiration and oftentimes the prime mover of important projects in the community.

Maribel is also the co-founder and secretary of Filipino-British Nurses Extra Care East Grinstead since 2012, a registered non-profit club of health care professionals and volunteers who provide free health screening check-up and health education to people in the ward, town and surrounding areas.

She is also the Secretary of Bicol United UK, a voluntary non-profit and non-political group of Bicolanos who are well-known for their active involvement in religious, social, cultural, educational, community development and fundraising activities that provide assistance to Filipinos in the UK and in the Philippines.

Through her links with different government agencies and support groups, she has provided support and guidance to distressed Filipinos in United Kingdom, especially to victims of illegal recruitment, domestic abuse, serious illness and injury, as well as cases of repatriation.

At present Maribel and her team continue their mission of helping Filipinos seek access to livelihood training by working closely with POLO (Philippine Overseas Labour Office) and OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) of the Philippine Embassy, London, United Kingdom. She also supports local charities in England such as Food Banks, the dementia respite club of Age UK East Grinstead & District, Fairtrade, Macular Support Group, Glaucoma support group, Cancer Research, and actively donates to school and church projects in Philippines.

Mentor of the Year

The award is given to an outstanding role model who has shown a commitment to developing the future leaders of the community, investing time and nurturing while offering support and guidance.

The honouree provides exemplary advisement to individuals, clubs, societies and organisations with the aim of encouraging members to take an active part in the enhancement and/or revival of the community Bayanihan spirit.

Mr Renato Lucero


He is a registered nurse who is passionate about community service. He lived in London for twenty years, in that time supporting various organisations, fundraising for charities, raising awareness on important issues, as well as arbitrating and settling disputes between members. He commanded respect and dealt with a difficult situation in a calm and measured way. Renato has recently moved to Norwich and once again he took the initiative to revive the Filipino festival by bringing together a group of volunteers who successfully organised the Norwich Barrio Fiesta in August 2019.

Renato is the current Chairman of Overseas Filipino Workers of Mindanao (OFWOM UK) and the appointed Vice President for Scotland and Chairman of the Special Committee on Membership and Networking of the European Network of Filipino Diaspora in the United Kingdom (ENFID UK). ENFID is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to foster collaboration of Filipino Diaspora in the UK and the whole of Europe.

In 2017, Renato became a member of a Core Group commissioned by Labor Attache Rey Conferido whose purpose is to assess the need for a refuge centre in the United Kingdom that will shelter Overseas Filipinos workers who are in great difficulties. The initiative has successfully secured funding from the Philippine government and resulted to the establishment of Migrant Workers and Other Filipinos Resource Centre (MWOFRC) in London. MWOFRC is now headed by Labor Attache Amy Reyes who works in partnership with the Filipino Centre Assistance Resources Engagement Services (Fil CARES).

Renato’s plans for the future include working with fellow nurses around London to support the vulnerable and elderly members of the community. His active presence, unconditional availability and deep sense of community service has rightfully earned him the MENTOR OF THE YEAR award.

Outstanding Community Influencer

The award is conferred to a role model who reaches out to people as part of their mission to build a stronger, more tight-knit community. Through their influence and networking skills, they engage with people in personal and genuine ways to build long-lasting relationships.

Ms Zenaida “Zanie” Del Mundo


She is one extraordinary lady whose commitment, passion and charisma has propelled several organisations to success. Her skills in organising and mobilising people to get involved in worthy causes is a great example of how leaders can bring lasting legacy to any organisation.

Zanie’s journey in the UK started from working as telephone operator, receptionist, and housekeeping staff in the hotel industry back in the 70’s. Through hard work and perseverance she was eventually promoted into management position in charge of recruiting and managing hotel staff, a rewarding career which lasted for 21 years up until her retirement.

Her strong ties and commitment to the Filipino-British community cannot be overestimated. It was during her term as co-founder and President of Aguman Kapampangan UK in 1996 when she took charge of organising Mrs Philippines UK, a community pageant which aims to boost the morale and confidence of married Filipino women, highlighting their inner strength and beauty. These women represent the vast majority of overseas Filipino workers who has to overcome the challenges of working abroad as breadwinner of the family. The pageant has been running for more than 20 years.

In 2003, the Filipino British Nurses Association of Surrey (FBNA) made Zanie an honorary member for her commitment to the mission and vision of the organisation. Her current involvement as Vice President of FBNA coincides with her recent appointment as Vice President of Filipino Women’s Association UK (FWA-UK) where she’s been an active and faithful member since 2000.

Both FWA-UK and Aguman Kapampangan have been recipients of “Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino Award” LINKAPIL (Working for Common Good), conferred by the Philippine President to Filipino individuals and organisations based overseas.

Zanie continues to dedicate time for these organisations liaising for and on their behalf in relation to community projects and fundraising initiatives both in UK and Philippines. One of the charities closest to her heart is Bahay Pag-Ibig (Home of Love) a home for the elderly who were abandoned by their families which is located in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines.

Helping Hand Champion

Our HELPING HAND CHAMPIONS  are individuals who have found ways of enriching their own lives by doing something extraordinary for others. Whether it’s raising money for the less fortunate or building others up, their involvement in causes close to their hearts has been hugely beneficial for both the cause they support and their own sense of well-being and achievement.

We congratulate our 2019 Helping Hand Champion (Female Category)

Ms. Ginalyn Moire Cambe


Our female Helping Hand Champion. For the last six years, she’s been providing financial assistance to young patients in the Philippines who are suffering from congenital problems, liver disease and hydrocephalus.

Ginalyn works hard to earn a decent income as a housekeeper in London. She is not rich but she has the love of her parents, husband and kids who support her advocacy. With the help of family and friends, she has found social media a powerful tool to raise funds. People who knew about her good deeds have donated items to support her Raffle for a Cause which allowed her to send medical assistance to her charity beneficiaries – HOPE for Children and the Liver Transplant Philippines Movement. It is said that our passion should be the foundation for our giving. Ginalyn has taught us golden lesson – it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

We congratulate our 2019 Helping Hand Champion (Male Category)

Mr Port Mallillin


Port’s dedication to Original Filipino Music has inspired the production of musical events that brought the pillars of Philippine music to the UK such as The Boyfriends, Sampaguita, Pepe Smith, Cinderella and VST & Company.

In 2016 he launched Side Projects Music Awards in London to celebrate the achievements of local and international Filipino musicians. The event now runs annually providing a platform for budding artists, singers, songwriters, entertainers, DJs and event hosts to be recognised for their unique talents and artistic potential. We acknowledge Port’s contribution in supporting fellow artists in his community by creating a platform for others to be recognised, acknowledged and rewarded for sharing their passion in music.

Side Projects is an independent record label and pop/rock band owned and managed by Port himself. He has inherited some of his knack in writing music from his father Jun Mallillin, a Filipino composer famous for writing the Tagalog song “Dahil Mahal Kita”. He write songs, manage studio sessions, digital releases and music videos to promote originality and creativity in his own music. His most recent composition is Siya O Ako (Him or Me) sung by The Boyfriends and Naaalala Ka (Remembering You) which was interpreted by Joel Miranda.

We congratulate our 2019 Helping Hand Champion (Group Category)

Grupong Bikolnon


A group of Filipinos whose members hail from the island of Bicol in the Philippines. They are a non-profit organisation based in Birmingham, West Midlands. Since the group’s inception in 2017, their back to back fundraising initiatives and outreach programmes have benefited thousands of people at their home province of Bicol and neighbouring islands in the Philippines.

They have particularly provided assistance to families who were made homeless by calamities that ravage their country every year, such as typhoons, flooding, landslides and volcanic eruption. The group has provided assistance to victims of Typhoon Mangkhut, Mt. Mayon volcano, and Typhoon Usman which destroyed homes and took lives of many in 2018. The group has also organised feeding programs with Missionaries of the Poor and Lamesa Nin Pagkamoot (Table of Love) in Bicol and hopes to continue helping the homeless people in Birmingham through their involvement with SIFA Fireside charity.

The group’s mission is to promote goodwill and unity through active involvement in social and charitable activities that benefit their local community and their home country. 

Human Rights Champion

The award recognises those who are actively promoting, fulfilling, protecting or educating on human rights issues. They challenge rules and policies to make them consistently fair for everyone. The honouree can be lawyers, professionals working for an organisation or individual citizens who are advocating for change by empowering people to understand and assert their rights.

Mrs Crystal Dias


Through her remarkable diligence and determination, she managed to establish her own law firm in 2008, Dias Solicitors, which is based in London.

Over the years she has successfully built up a good reputation in the Filipino community as a qualified solicitor and trusted immigration specialist, litigating on behalf of those who seek redress through legal representation, appeals and judicial reviews. Crystal has represented many victims of domestic violence, trafficking and modern slavery. She has defended the rights of domestic workers, nurses, and vulnerable people.

Part of her mission is to inspire and support others to achieve their goals in life regardless of their background. She mentors many young people who wish to pursue a career in law by providing work experience and internship in her firm. She is also involved in the mentoring programme of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

Crystal has been a member of Filipino Women’s Association UK since 2017, advocating its mission of serving the wider Filipino community through scholarships in different schools across the Philippines.

Through her advocacy, she aims to send out positive image of Filipino business women who are successful not just because they have the financial means but also having strong social skills to relate with people from all walks of life.

Outstanding Community Service

This award is the flagship of the inaugural UK Filipino Leaders Award 2019 presented by Ladies of All Nations International.

The honourees are individuals and organisations who have a track record of demonstrating LEADERSHIP AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY over a significant period of time.

They have consistently displayed wisdom and depth of service and created a remarkable contribution to the community. They are instrumental in reviving the Filipino Bayanihan Spirit – a tradition of communal unity and cooperation.

By organising and/or leading various social activities such as cultural events, outreach programs, support services, sports and recreation, they successfully managed to bring people together.

We praise their unyielding dedication and commitment. Their positive values and behaviours have inspired a deeper sense of affiliation, loyalty and pride amongst us.

Philippine Centre
Filipino Association of Birmingham

Filipino Anglo Club Manchester
Philippines Unified Support Org Northern Ireland
Ron Albano
Joy Hartley
Tricia Ferriol
Sally Sellars
Nora Sinclair

Outstanding Community Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many communities. Recognising these individuals for their valuable contributions is part of UK FILIPINO LEADERS AWARD’S mission of inspiring communities to help each other.

Our awardees are people who actively seek out opportunities to help others they may or may not know. They are generous with their time and talents, bringing light and life to many incredible charitable and community endeavours.

Joselito Villaseñor


He is an active volunteer of Food Bank in Leeds and a member of APO (Alpha Phi Omega), a fraternity known for promoting community service, leadership and development among members. As the area coordinator, he manages fellow volunteers and together they run a feeding programme each week, providing food to the homeless people in the area.

Rosalinda Perez Maclean


She is from Glasgow, Scotland. We were inspired by her acts of kindness, generosity and compassion for others.

After being widowed, Rosalinda worked abroad to support her three children in the Philippines. While working in Austria she became a victim of labour trafficking and was rescued by a charity organisation. Rosalinda later re-married and moved to the UK with her husband.

Her past experiences have motivated her to help others who may be vulnerable to abuse. She created a support group on social media to reach out to other women who needs personal advice and emotional guidance to help them adapt to life in the UK.

Birmingham Filipino British Community Volunteers (BFBCV)


They held yearly festivals and social gatherings for Filipinos in Birmingham. Over the years, the group has also supported other Filipino communities in organising and managing their own events.

BFBCV supports initiatives that focus on giving abandoned children access to shelter and education; as well as outreach activities that help victims of disasters or natural calamity in the Philippines.

Team Spirit Award

The award is given to an organisation that has shown collaboration in a fun, caring and supportive way.

We believe that a team’s greatest strength is undoubtedly the combination of skills of its members harnessed by a collaborative and supportive environment. The harmonious interaction between all members is a true reflection of great leadership.

Kapatiran ng Migranteng Pilipino UK (KAMI PINOY UK)

Kapatiran ng Migranteng Pilipino

The group is actively involved in church and in the community. They have proven time and again that teamwork makes the dream work.

By volunteering as choir at St. Brigid’s Church Northfield every Sunday, they positively contribute to the parish community-building mission. They continue to foster pride in their roots by organising the Philippine Independence Day celebration in the West Midlands, an event attended by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham each year, to commemorate Philippine’s history as a free nation.

We also recognise the group’s commitment in promoting friendship and cooperation since launching the Paligsayahan (Joyful Competition), which reminds Filipinos of the fun and excitement associated with traditional games from their childhood days.

KAMI PINOY currently supports charitable programmes in the Philippines through the Sagip Kapamilya Foundation.

Unsung Hero Award

Many people work quietly and diligently, often below the radar screen, to better our community in untold ways. They go above and beyond the call of duty and makes a significant contribution often in a role that wouldn’t ordinarily receive public recognition. This category is designed to show appreciation for the unsung heroes in our community.

Maria Wilma Lone


She is someone who isn’t always in the limelight but does an amazing job day in day out helping others. She works as a Senior Nanny and Wellness Coach in London. She also volunteers her time as the current assistant secretary of Filipino Women’s Association UK.

Wilma grew up in a remote village in Dagami, a town outside Tacloban City Philippines. For the last 20 years she has been supporting educational programmes and projects that impact the quality of education in her hometown by collaborating with school principals, teachers, parents and local officials.

Her generosity has benefited over 450 students of the three local public schools where she donates educational supplies, sports equipment, school uniforms and funds for the students’ extra curricular activities. She has provided financial assistance towards the schools’ infrastructure projects such as installation of water supply, building improvements and landscaping. Furthermore, three generations in her family have also graduated with her help.

Wilma doesn’t shout out very loudly about her achievements, but they deserve to be recognised. She is a down-to-earth person who has never once boasted of what she’s done for others. Her thoughtful and compassionate ways have left an indelible mark in the hearts of many. She hopes that her contribution will inspire children to realise their potential and achieve their dreams of having a bright future.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Doreen Jaen Mooney


This is presented by vote of the awards committee to the late DOREEN JAEN MOONEY (1968-2015) who, during her lifetime, has made a remarkable contribution of outstanding significance in the field of community service.

Doreen died of terminal cancer at the age of 47, not long after receiving the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) award for her work with the New Heights Charity in Kingstanding, Birmingham.

As community development worker, she spearheaded a fundraising campaign to establish a community centre and a social enterprise cafe that cater to the most disadvantaged members of the community. The centre is run by volunteers and provides Advice & Advocacy Service, Domestic Abuse Counselling, Knit & Chat Group, Carer Support services & other community services.

Doreen was recognised for her charitable work helping the disabled, elderly, young people, families and lone parents. She welcomed people with no place to go in her home and provided emotional support to vulnerable members of the community.

In 2013, she organised a massive appeal in response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, working day and night to help while undergoing chemotherapy at the same time.

To this day Doreen is fondly remembered as the “Mother Teresa of Kingstanding” for her community work. Her favourite quote “Smile, and the whole world smiles with you” supports her conviction “that one doesn’t have to be rich to be generous. One doesn’t have to be healthy to offer comfort and a smile”


Special Recognition

The SPECIAL RECOGNITION is presented by Ladies of All Nations International to selected individuals and organisations for outstanding service in a specific effort or cause that fosters national pride and advocates for social change.

Cllr Danny Favor

Mayor Danny Favor

Cllr Danny Favor is the first Filipino born Town Mayor in the UK, serving the town of East Grinstead.

An Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioner by profession, he moved to the UK to work at the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would be a Town Councillor let alone Town Mayor.

In 2014, he received a Community Service Award from Mid Sussex Districts Council and was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award 2014 by the Republic of the Philippines for his outstanding civic and charity works. Cllr Favor has chosen three local charities for his Mayoral year which are all very personal to him, and excellent local service providers. Queen Victoria Hospital Charitable Funds – To support the work, patient support and research carried out at the hospital

EG First Responders – Those who are first at an emergency medical situation, usually arriving within 8 minutes.

EG Street Pastors – Who patrol the streets late at night at weekends or after school times to give support to anyone who may need a sympathetic ear.

Baby Ruth Villarama

Baby Ruth Villarama

Baby Ruth is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from the Philippines whose films are generating national conversations and raising international awareness of social issues such as human trafficking and illegal working conditions. She is an alumna of Birmingham City University and a Chevening scholar.

Her latest film, ‘Sunday Beauty Queen’, which tells the story of Filipina domestic workers reclaiming their identities by competing in beauty pageants in Hong Kong, won the best picture award at the Metro Manila Film Festival. In recognition of her positive contribution to society, Baby Ruth was awarded the British Council’s Social Impact Award 2018.

TFC Europe

TFC Europe

Through The Filipino Channel, ABS-CBN makes a difference in the lives of its subscribers and all Filipinos by providing a channel programming service that both informs and entertains. TFC is something every Global Pinoy needs because the 24-hour Filipino channel can surely bring them closer to their country and their loved ones. TFC is making sure that Filipinos worldwide are just a click away from home.

TFC is the Undisputed All-Filipino Network in the World offering the widest range of Filipino programming as well as world class news and public affairs programs that is relevant to the Global Pinoy wherever he is worldwide.

Lahing Kayumanggi

Lahing Kayumanggi

Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company promotes the ‘baranggay’ (community) spirit through shared memories of their homeland, fostering ethnic pride and teaching others about their national identity..

LK’s members are from families spanning four generations and age ranges from 3 yrs up to 70+, with all abilities and skills. LK believes that the sense of camaraderie and family which Filipinos share is what brings people together.

Many of LKs members are healthcare professionals, self-employed, teachers, students and retirees. LK is open to anyone regardless of ability and skills. Their workshops are designed to develop the members skills and confidence to perform on stage.

Congratulations and Mabuhay to all the Awardees!


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