11 Best Things To Do in Birmingham UK (Local’s Guide)

Looking for the best things to do in Birmingham, UK?

Birmingham sits in the heart of England in the Midland region.

It has a rich history and was a major canal hub during the industrial revolution. Birmingham actually has more miles of canal than Venice!

There are many Birmingham attractions that will surely entertain everyone even for couples, solo travel and family with kids!

It is home to Cadbury world, the Bull Ring and Mailbox shopping centres, the Think Tank museum, Aston Villa and Birmingham City football clubs and the Sea Life centre to name but a few.

Birmingham is the second largest in the UK.  Unlike London, the city has no castles and palaces because of its industrial roots.

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I live a few minutes away from the centre of Birmingham.

I only knew Birmingham before as a lyric to a famous song, I would have never thought that this would become my second home. Birmingham is also the birthplace of heavy metal music, pioneered and created by the local Birmingham band – Black Sabbath.

They performed their last performance here in Birmingham where it all began after more than 40 years in the music industry. The legendary Ozzy Osbourne (the face of the Black Sabbath) doesn’t need any more introduction!

I guess it would be ideal to suggest some places to visit and the best things to do in Birmingham thru this blog post.

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Here is my list of various attractionsplaces to visit and things to do in Birmingham, UK.

Cadbury World

AddressThe Cadbury World, Linden Rd, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1JR

Cadbury World: 10 Best Things To Do in Birmingham UK (Local's Guide)

Birmingham is the home of the world-renowned and most loved chocolate – Cadbury chocolate.

One of the best things to do in the city is a day out in Cadbury World is one of the most popular things to do with kids in Birmingham. The chocolate factory also has a museum that displays the history and heritage of cocoa farming and chocolate making from its humble beginnings of Cadbury up to what it is now today.

Of course, there is no better place to buy your Cadbury chocolate than here at a discounted price. What else can you ask for perfect days out in Birmingham! Just a note, there is no Umpa Lumpa in this chocolate factory!

The Think tank museum

Address: Think Tank Museum, Millennium Point, Curzon St, Birmingham B4 7XG

Days out in Birmingham: Think Tank Museum
By Amandachan1106 (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons

Another one of the great things to do with kids and days out in Birmingham, as well as for those young at heart who loves science, this is the place to go!

Think tank museum is an award-winning museum in the city that features everything about robotics and science. It will surely it will be a great day out for the family.

Sea Life Centre

Address: National Sea Life Centre, The Water’s Edge, 3 Brindley place, Birmingham B1 2HL

Sealife centre birmingham
By Gp258 (Own work)

Another fantastic Birmingham attraction is the Sea Life Centre. If you love marine animals, this is one of the places to go in Birmingham.

Sea Life Centres are dotted around the UK, you can also get some discount vouchers e.g. 2 for 1 entry and other combo ticket promotion in other Merlin attractions.

Birmingham German Market (Seasonal)

Address: Birmingham City Centre High Street

Birmingham Attractions: German Christmas Market in Birmingham

One of the most visited Christmas markets outside of Germany. The start of the Birmingham German Market kick starts the festive season here in the Midlands.

The Birmingham city centre high street will light up and be filled with log cabins full of delicious deli and drinks from Germany.

Mulled Wine in German Market

If you are looking for free things to do in Birmingham during the festive season, I highly recommend you to visit the German Market.

Have a lovely mulled wine and eat bratwurst, pretzels, strudel and much more!

JRR Tolkien Trail

Still looking on what to do in Birmingham? Are you a Lord of the Rings fan?

Sarehole Mill: Best things to do in Birmingham

John Ronal Reuel Tolkien (JRR Tolkien) grew up in Birmingham. The inspirations of his masterpiece “The Lord of the Rings” can all be found in Birmingham and its surrounding area.

The Tolkien trail is one of Birmingham’s point of interest.

Once you follow the trail, you’ll get to see the inspiration of the iconic hobbit circular door at the Sarehole mill where JRR Tolkien spent most of his childhood playing in this area.

Tolkien Twin Towers
By R J Higginson (Own work)

The two towers of inspiration are also from two famous landmarks in Birmingham, the Perrott’s Folley and the Edgbaston Waterworks Tower.

In the Lord of the Rings book, you’ll probably know this as the Minas Morgul and the Minas Tirith, the Two Towers of Gondor. So welcome to Middle Earth and don’t worry there are no orcs around this area!

Download The JRR Tolkien Trail Here!

The Bullring

For all the shopaholics, no questions necessary on what to do in Birmingham but to visit The Bullring Shopping Centre.

Bullring Shopping Centre Birmingham

The Bullring has been the centre of the retail and commercial industries in Birmingham.

You can pretty much find all the high street and luxury brands you could ever want in this area. You can’t miss the beautiful St. Martin’s church in the middle of the shopping complex.

The commercial history of the Bullring began in the middle ages where people came to trade their cattle and corn. The area was known as the Corn Market in commemoration of the corn trading that began in this area. The name “Bullring” came from the green within the Corn Cheaping which was used for bull-baiting and the ring was an iron hoop in Corn Cheaping that was used to tie the bulls before slaughter.

The Beacon Hill (Lickey hills)

Located on the outskirts of Birmingham and just at the edge of Worcestershire is the Beacon Hill.

At the top of the Beacon Hill you can see the beautiful landscape of Birmingham and Worcestershire.

I made a drone video of it!  Go and watch it!

Birmingham Canals

Birmingham Canals
By Bob Hall (Own work) , via Flickr

The Birmingham Canal is 100 miles of intricate networks of canals within the city.

Birmingham has more canals than Venice!

The Canal network was the bloodline of the city in the Victorian times where the narrow boats were used to transport coal and other goods going in all directions within the UK. Nowadays, the Birmingham Canal network is popular with boat enthusiasts and holidaymakers.

Jewellery Quarter

Jewellery Quarter
By James Stringer (Own work) , via Flickr

The clue is in the name; Jewellery Quarter has been the heart of the jewellery production for hundreds of years since the 18th century.

Almost half of the British jewellery here in England comes from the highly skilled jewellers of Jewellery Quarter. Truly this area of the city is the pride and gem of Britain.

Aston Villa  (Villa Park)

Address: Villa Park, Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE

Aston Villa Birmingham
By Elliott Brown , via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re into sports, don’t miss a chance to visit Villa Park. The home of the famous Aston Villa Football Club since 1897. Villa Park has hosted prestigious football games throughout its history. One of the clubs most famous fans is Prince William!

Digbeth Dining Club

Address: Lower Trinity St, Deritend, Birmingham B9 4AG

Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham

If you are a food lover, a visit to Digbeth Dining Club (DDC) is a must! One of the best things to do in Birmingham is to go on a food trip to the hip area of Birmingham.  Tucked in the old warehouses in Digbeth (just at the back of the Bullring shopping centre near the bus station) is a nice food haven.

You can find various food cart vendors from your favourite kebabs to the sweetest honeycombe brownies. Quench your thirst with the refereshing tropical cocktails or your bog standard G&T. They are open on Thursday and Friday (4pm – late) and Weekends (1pm – late).


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On your visit to the Midlands,  you can also visit these coffee shops around Birmingham area.

I hope you’ll include Birmingham on your list of places to visit in England. There are definitely more things to do and see than just London.
So go on and explore The Heart of England, here in the Midlands.

Have you been to Birmingham?
Share us your experience in the comment box below.

Best Things to do in Birmingham UK


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  2. Birmingham is an ideal destination for a short weekend break – good mix of historical buildings in the city and wonderful hilltop scenery in the outskirts such as Clent Hills and Lickey Hills – 30minutes drive from Stratford upon Avon and the beautiful Cotswold.

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