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Are you planning to go driving in the UK during your vacation here?

While it is true that there is convenience and comfort in having your own car to travel from one destination to another, you must be mindful of the rules and regulations that govern the UK roads. Your international driver’s license do come handy in travels like this, however you may want to get an International Driving Permit or IDP before hitting the pedal. This permit, along with other tips about driving in the UK, will be discussed in this helpful article.

UK Driving Tips for Tourists
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Driving in the UK for the first time can be tricky especially to tourists. If you have a valid international driver’s license issued in English and are of the UK legal age, chances are you need not present another document. However, due to heightened security measures, many entities will ask for supporting papers. For example, a US citizen renting a car in UK may be asked to present his IDP even if his international driver’s license is in English.
Other things to consider are the differences in road signs and regulations compared to your home country. Countries with right hand drive cars might find driving in UK quite a challenge. The units of measurement used in the UK may also seem unnatural to you. Apart from these and many other differences to be laid out in this article, general laws and etiquette in driving are observed here whether you are a national or a foreign tourist.
Driving in the UK allows you to be the captain of your travel itinerary. Being fully-informed ahead of your trip is the key to getting the most out of your vacation. Be prepared for the scenic views coming to you as you drive here! In order to do just that, let’s discuss some of the essential UK driving tips for visitors:
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