5 Best Blogging Tips: How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging

Travel blogging changed my life completely in many unimaginable ways.  Now that I’ve recently set up my personal blog – Everything Zany, I would like to share with you guys how blogging made a big difference to who I am today.

The blogging industry has boomed over the last few years. In the world today you can find virtually any information you need with just a few clicks of a button.

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I had never imagined myself getting into blogging. I must admit, I was not into writing or any form of the literary background when I was in the academe.  Nobody warned me about the things I wish I knew about travel blogging.

All I wanted before was to see and explore the world. Hence I took a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management in ManilaPhilippines. As the years passed, I had different jobs in the Travel and Hospitality sectors in Asia and Europe that helped me to grow as a professional and build my network.

In Paris with Jam, my bff!
My BFF and I are in Paris, France

One evening, I saw an online article about a Filipina who’s on a mission to travel the world. I was totally hooked, all those sleeping wanderlust nerves in me suddenly rushed in and gave me tonnes of excitement to get to know this brave soul.

Before that evening, I thought that my life’s dream of seeing the world will always remain as a dream that I would have to forget due to life’s responsibilities. Being the breadwinner of my family was never damn easy. I focused and worked hard to make ends meet.

Then I realised after reading that online article; I have to make a little effort in making my life worthwhile and change something in my daily routine.

Travel blogging changed my life completely in many unimaginable ways.  Now that I’ve recently set up my personal blog – Everything Zany, I would like to share with you guys how blogging made a big difference to who I am today.


1. Blogging helped me grow as an individual.

How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging
King crabs safari in Kirkenes, Norway during our Hurtigruten Cruise

After a few years of knocks and bumps in my life from migrating to another country and getting all lost (that’s another story), I had probably encountered the lowest point (so far) in my life.

I had a hard time getting myself out there again as I was feeling vulnerable with other people.

Blogging helped me to pick up the broken pieces and helped me come out of my shell. The majority of blogging may be based in the digital world, but not all… and it leads me to my next major blogging perks.

2. I met loads of people from different backgrounds.

Blogging helped me to find people with the same interests as mine.

I didn’t find it hard to fit in, and it made me feel that I belong in this group of awesome people. I also made some really good friends thru my blogging stints and getting more involved in the online travel community.

On some occasions, I have received some lovely messages from people who read my blog posts telling me how it helped them in their personal circumstances.

This makes me feel that I’m making a difference thru my words, inspiring people and helping them somehow in their struggles.

How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging
World Tourism Forum – Blogger’s Party in Istanbul, Turkey

Blogging is not all rainbows and unicorns, I have also encountered some internet trolls, insecure people, people who have got nothing nice to say about others and some that are two-faced. That’s part of the package I suppose, even these people are there to distract me from achieving my goals, I just choose to ignore them and carry on.

In fact, there are loads of kind and positive people out there.

3. It helped me to express myself more

How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging
Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Due to some circumstances I had when I first moved to the UK, I chose to keep myself to myself. This newfound world in the Blogosphere, made me express myself again albeit in a digital setting, thru words and pictures. Blogging made me more creative (I think!) in different ways.

I learned to express myself more and help other people through my experiences. Hence, I want my blog — Everything Zany to help other people to create their own fantastic experiences thru my blog.

4. It opened different opportunities

How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging
World Tourism Forum – Blogger’s Party in Istanbul, Turkey

Being a blogger, made me dare myself to push and try new things. Creating wonderful experiences and memories that will surely last a lifetime.

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5. I learned new skills

How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging
At the Vuelio Blog Awards in London with Helen.

Getting myself involved in blogging made me learn new skills in digital marketing, creative design, photography, website development, content writing, SEO and all sorts of digital work.

As a blogger, I need to wear different hats to make my blog post and message reach the right people. So learning the nitty-gritty of blogging and other digital stuff are so worthwhile. I’m hoping to launch my website design, SEO and digital marketing agency soon!

So I hope you’ll stick around here on my blog and my social media channels!

Let’s keep in touch!

How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging


Ryazan Tristram EverythingZany Author Bio

Ryazan Tristram

Travel Writer & Photographer

Ryazan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. She also has more than 10 years of work experience gained from working in the hotel and travel sectors in Asia and Europe. Her work has been featured and published on Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Discovery Channel, World Travel Guide, MSN, CNBC, GMA, Daily Mail UK, Lonely Planet and many more. She is currently living in the UK as a dual citizen (British – Filipina). Join her in travelling around the UK and beyond with a mission to promote sustainable tourism and share travel guides, travel tips, foodies, history and culture.

26 thoughts on “5 Best Blogging Tips: How My Life Has Changed Since Blogging”

  1. A beautiful post Ryazan and congrats to you on living your dream. I took on blogging as a hobby and enjoy it and have been doing it for a while now, but I admire your passion and love for it. I saw that you’ve been to Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, so have I and written about it on the blog too. I agree that whether done professionally or as a hobby blogging does help with a lot of skills like marketing, networking, and it’s a process that one can learn at their own pace and grow into. Cheers

  2. I agree with what you said! Blogging has allowed me to finally put to use everything I have learned in the many years that I couldn’t make up my mind about what I wanted to become and just bounced around university degrees. Funny thing is, I studied literature, photography, graphic design, and marketing. How convenient! 😀

  3. It’s great to see you’re learning new skills, meeting people and expanding your horizons. Are there many travel bloggers from the Philippines these days? It’s not at easy path to follow.

  4. Massive congratulations on your journey! It’s funny how so many of our friends and family view it as a “little hobby” when in fact it’s one of the most rewarding professional careers I’ve undertaken. I agree with all your points on personal growth … thanks for putting it into words!

  5. What a lovely story. It’s very true of the blogging world that you can infinitely expand your life experience and skill set – it’s entirely up to you. It sounds like it helped you grow and has been a really positive step for you. Congratulations.

  6. Great article! Blogging has definitely learnt me new skills I would have never dreamed of learning. I think it becomes clear when you talk about blogging to a stranger and that’s when you realise how far you have come!

  7. Loved this post! Many things have changed in me and how people see me since I started to blog about my travels too. Indeed blogging is positive change that everyone must try too.

  8. awesome! this kind of post of yours boost my desire to travel and hope to inspire others too like you and kach. my dream is really to be able to do volunteering to outreach programs and meet and help different kinds of people and cultures. someday. more power to you ms ryazan!


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