5 Great Benefits of Dual Citizenship (Filipino and British)

It is a great privilege to become a dual citizen. Enjoying the benefits of dual citizenship is something that I’m truly grateful for. I was born and raised in the Philippines.

In 2009, I ventured into a new chapter of my life to study and live here in the UK. After so many years of living away from my home country, I considered the UK as my second home and eventually became a British citizen.

Life in the UK is not easy as some people would think, I will probably tell you more about it in my next blog posts. On my 30th birthday, I marked this special occasion by sorting out another thing that matters to me — my Filipino citizenship.

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It took me a couple of years to finally apply for my dual citizenship. Since my husband and I didn’t have anything planned for the day, I’ve decided to still make this day memorable and productive in London.

The great benefits of dual citizenship are having rightful access to the home country’s right to own properties and businesses. Take on employment and stay in the country indefinitely without applying for a special visa or permit. As a dual citizen, you can also use the country’s passport when travelling and enjoy the perks of fewer visa fees and visa-free entries in different countries that your passport entitled to.

Based on the Philippine Constitution, once a Filipino citizen acquired new citizenship (naturalisation) from another country, you will automatically lose your Filipino citizenship and have to apply for the re-acquisition / retention to the nearest Philippine embassy or consulate.

In such case that your Philippine passport is not yet expired when you took your new citizenship. You can still use this passport to enter the Philippines and enjoy the perks as a true national of the country.  Once the current Philippine passport expires, you have to apply for the citizenship re-acquisition. 

Philippines and British Passports - how to apply for dual citizenship retention in London
Benefits of dual citizenship: My two passports- Philippines and United Kingdom

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What are the benefits of dual citizenship and re-acquiring my Philippine nationality?

I can vote in the Philippine elections.

I can register again in the Philippine embassy for OFW absentee voting to practice my legal rights as a Filipino citizen. So I can have my say on any national issues in the Philippines and elect a rightful leader of my country.

I can enjoy the social benefits of the country

As a Filipino, I can enjoy the social benefits from the government to its citizens.  This includes the social services, public health care, housing loan programmes and other programs by the SSS, GSIS, Philhealth and PAG-IBIG.

Each Philippine embassies have satellite offices of these public social services to attend with my concerns.

I can stay in the Philippines indefinitely. 

Yes, there is no place like home. This will give me the opportunity and rights the same as all the Filipino citizens. I can enjoy this privilege if I use my Philippine passport upon entering the Philippines.

If not, I can still use the Balikbayan Visa and stay in the Philippines for one year instead of 30 days using my UK passport. I wrote another article here about the 13A Visa: How To Apply For A Residence Visa For The Spouse Of A Filipino Citizen and the SRRV: How to Apply and Benefits of Retirement Visa in the Philippines if you want to stay in the Philippines for a much longer time than 30 days.

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These are one of the benefits of dual citizenship that will come in handy when my husband and I retire in the Philippines. As a spouse of a Filipino, he can also stay in the country indefinitely.

I can own land properties in the Philippines. 

Based on the Philippine Constitution, foreign nationals can’t own land in the country. Foreign nationals can only own condominium units/apartments but not the actual land where the building stands. However, if they are a spouse of a Filipino, they can also have the right to partly own land in the Philippines.

So having re-acquired my Filipino citizenship, gives me back the opportunity to own land with no legal limits on residential or business use. I wrote another article here about How to Buy Property in the Philippines (Detailed Guide), I’m sure you will find it useful.

I can own a business in the Philippines.

Having my Filipino citizenship back can now entitle me to own 100% of any business that I wish to build and venture on.

Unlike foreign nationals, they need to look for Filipino citizens that can co-own the business or employ a certain number of Filipino citizens in their business with various terms and conditions mandated by the government.

I can travel visa-free in the majority of Asian and other countries, where applicable. 

Having a Filipino passport also has its travel perks. It may not be the strongest passport in the world, but it can save you some hassle and money while travelling.

The majority of the countries in Asia wouldn’t require me to have a visa if I use my Filipino passport, but it would cost me a fortune if I use my British passport due to the extortionate visa prices!

Receiving my Filipino citizenship with the Consul General in London
Benefits of dual citizenship: My Oath taking in the Philippine Embassy in London, UK

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On top of this, I can still enjoy the perks and privileges of being a British citizen. I’m sure there are other benefits of dual citizenship; it’s definitely a win-win situation and having the best of both worlds. I also wrote another article about the Disadvantages of Dual Citizenship, find out see if this is something that will affect you.

Are you a Dual Citizen?

Share with us your personal experience in the comment box below.
Would love to know your story!

what are the benefits of dual citizenship uk-filipino
5 Great Benefits of Dual Citizenship (Filipino and British)


Ryazan Tristram EverythingZany Author Bio

Ryazan Tristram

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Ryazan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. She also has more than 10 years of work experience gained from working in the hotel and travel sectors in Asia and Europe. Her work has been featured and published on Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Discovery Channel, World Travel Guide, MSN, CNBC, GMA, Daily Mail UK, Lonely Planet and many more. She is currently living in the UK as a dual citizen (British – Filipina). Join her in travelling around the UK and beyond with a mission to promote sustainable tourism and share travel guides, travel tips, foodies, history and culture.

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      • Hi just read your blog. Can just to ask the following questions.
        a. how long as a British citizen required to stay in the Phils? However, isn’t can exit to a nearer country 1-2 weeks then come back?
        b. How about my British husband…Can he do the same ?
        c. How about other priveleges if we decide to retire in the Phils such as Senior Citizenship for my husband?

        • Thanks for visiting my blog. To answer your questions,

          A & B: A British citizen can only stay in the Philippines for 30days. However, if the British citizen is married to a Filipino citizen or Balikbayan status (meaning citizen of another country but originally a Filipino citizen) can stay in the Philippines for a year. Visa run is ok, as long as you have made your exit and a place to remain in the Philippines.

          C. If you are planning to retire and settle in the Philippines, you might have to apply for a special permit in the Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros, Manila. So your British husband can stay longer than 1 year in the Philippines.

      • Hi

        I am so Happy and envious you have a dual citizenships that you gained the benefits of both worlds

        I’m Indonesian with British passport holder for the past 10 years – I’m really longing and hoping one day Indonesian Government will grant the Dual Citizenships as our neighbour, The Phillipines.

        Our Indonesian Diasphora are working very hard to push this legislation forward – please pray for us that this will be a reality one day.

        Thanks again and Congratulations!

        • In my case, I choose to have both passports for travel reasons. Since I live in the UK, it is more useful for me to have the UK when I travel mostly in the US and other European countries. While the PH passport is handy mostly for my travels around Asia.

  1. Hi Ryazan,

    I never read or follow any blog, honestly it’s my first time to browse and read a blog, and it’s your blog.
    I am a preschool teacher and currently working in an international school in Indonesia.
    I was just fascinated in your humble beginnings. I have also traveled in other countries and I found it so rewarding.
    Take care and more blessings.God bless.

    • Hi Miriam, Thank you so much for your kind message. I hope you will stick around reading my other articles and following my updates. I’m hoping to visit Indonesia soon. 🙂 All the best! :-)xx

      • Hi Ryazan,

        First of all, I would like to thank you for your blog. It is very informative and helpful. Kudos to you!
        I have my own concerns and really hope you can give me some advice.
        I am a Filipino who is currently living here in the UK. I just very recently acquired my British Citizenship certificate. I just learned from your blog that a Pinoy automatically lose his Filipino citizenship once naturalised in the UK. I plan to have dual ctizenship and so I need more information. I would greatly appreciate if you could help with my queries:
        Is the reacquisition form available only at the Philippine Embassy?
        Pease tell me more of the requirements needed.
        Many thanks in advance.

  2. Dual citizenship sounds like a great option to have! Being able to go back home whenever you want is a special feeling!

      • Hello Ryazan,
        I have a question for you, so many years ago I got married in the Philippines with an Englishman, unfortunately we got divorced here in the UK 7yrs after….my question is, would I be able to get my Filipino citizenship back using my single name and to be able to have a Dual ? Lhyzha

  3. I can definitely see that it has many benefits, and it shows you have such a connection to your home country. Having the choice is true fortune! Great tips for anyone looking into this for sure.

  4. My wife has dual citizenship for both UK & Australia, give us great options if we ever want to move or spend a lot of time there 🙂 really insightful article.

  5. Those are some pretty great benefits! I wish I could have dual citizenship (esp because I would love to be able to work in the EU) but sadly my ancestors settled the United States in the late 1500’s!! I’m about as American as they come!

  6. Great post! Your application sounded quite painless compared to what I’ve been going through for the past 12 months.

    I’m an Australian and living in Italy. I tried to apply for Italian Citizenship through my father, however, as he gained Australian Citizenship before I was born, I’m not allowed. I have to live in Italy for 3 years before I can apply from a “former Italian parent” (non-EU citizens usually have to reside here for 10 years).

    It’s bizarre as the Embassies in Italy and Australia explained that “both my older sisters were born to Italian parents but my younger brother and I were born to Australian parents”. Italy did not allow dual citizenship in the early ’60s and there is no amnesty for people that lost their Italian Citizenship back then; dual-citizenship was only permitted from 1992 (I think).

    Wish me luck as I continue to try…

    • That is a very tricky situation indeed. I hope you will get the residency period that they require for you to apply or re-claim your Italian citizenship. The UK used to require three years permanent residency period before you can apply for naturalisation, but the current rules now require five years permanent residency. Good luck!x

      • Hi Ms Tristram,
        your blogs very interested and I also have confused case , my daughter who is 12 years old got dual nationality British /Filipino went back to the Philippines to carry on her studies , I am worried if she won’t comeback to the UK after one year she might lost her British nationality? Can she stay in the Philippines as long as she wants?Please I need an advice for this. Thank you.

        • Hi Angela, If your daughter used her Filipino passport to enter the Philippines, technically she is a Filipino citizen upon entering the Philippines. However, if she used the British passport, she can only stay for a year in the Philippines. Her British citizenship won’t get revoked even if she is not based in the UK anymore for whatever reasons.

  7. Hi. Your blog is very informative. I just want to ask if the dependent has to be present during the oath taking? Thank you. 🙂

  8. Hiya! I just want to know if I need to apply/renew my old Philippine passport when I go for my retention of citizenship?.. the reason why I’m asking this is I don’t have the intention to use Philippine passport when I travel, I only need my dual nationality to be able to buy a property back in Philippine…I hope you can help me, thanks!

    • Hi Lovegail, Yes, you should be able to just get your citizenship certificate without applying for a PH passport. Just follow the procedure I mentioned in this article. 🙂 Good Luck!

      • Hiya! I’ve got another question, do I need to report my marriage to the Philippine embassy as part of the application of dual nationality or will my marriage certificate from register here in UK is enough? ( we got married here in the UK)….thanks

        • Hi Lovegail, yes, ideally you should report your marriage in the Philippine embassy so they can honour your new civil status. Without the report of marriage, technically you are still single in the PH law. This is important as well if you are planning to use your husband’s last name on your citizenship and if this is the one you are currently using on your British passport. I hope that helps! 🙂

  9. Hi Ryazan
    I am going to apply for the retention of my citizenship but i do not have my old phillippine passport or any details about it .?
    also i married a british citizen 30 years ago and did not have to get a british naturalization certificate
    do you think this will be a problem for me ?
    and as i am going back to the phillippines for a break would it be easier to do it there?
    many thanks

    • Hi Editha, Thanks for your message.

      If you have a copy of your NSO birth certificate, that might probably help you. You need to consult with DFA or Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines if you are decided to re-claim your PH citizenship in the Philippines.

      All the best! 🙂

  10. Well, your life your choice. However, the only difference for a dual passport ( UK and PI ) as compared to a UK passport from a former natural born PI citizen is the right to vote. Will you ever be voting for local and national elections in the Philippine Islands? And ever heard of the 13g visa which I was so glad I did.

    • Hi Santiago, Thanks for your message. You are right, my life, my choice!

      I will possibly vote again in the PH elections, but there are also other benefits of having dual nationality which I stated in this blog posts.

  11. Hello Ryazan,

    Thanks for your very informative post…Can I ask a question please. I am a naturalised british citizen and my husband as well. were both from Philippines but now residing in UK. My husband will go home on 25 November, how long can he stay in the Philippines? Also, altho i want to apply for a dual citizenship for him, he does not have a NSO certified birth certificate but he does have the biometric Philippine passport. Do you know if they accept the passport in lieu of the birth certificate? Third, can we apply for dual citizenship in the Philippines?

    • Hi Tess,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I assume that your husband will use this British passport, as a returning balikbayan, he can have a 1-year stay in the Philippines.

      You can apply for your dual citizenship in the Philippines, just check Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros and the DFA sites for their requirements. Typically they need the NSO birth certificate, it is very easy to get one now in the Philippines.

  12. HI my wife is philipino with british citizenship and has duel Nationality we are planning to go back home to phil next year will she loose her british passport if we are out of the country for more than 11 months sorry about the spelling iam british

  13. Hi,I am a british citizen now and i was planning to get a dual passport.How long to wait to get the dual passport?bc I’m planning to go back home on April just for 2 weeks,And if ever i will just use my british passport to travel back home and get the dual when I’m back,do i need to get a visa for 2 weeks stay there?Many Thanks

    • Hi Jocelyn, if you are planning to apply for dual citizenship and get a PH passport, I would suggest to apply them at the same time while you are at the PH embassy. The passport is typically 8-10 weeks processing. Make sure to give the PH embassy a self-addressed special delivery envelope from your post office. This way you don’t have to collect it in person.

      If you use your British passport in the PH, they will give you anyway a 1-year stamp to stay in the Philippines as a returning resident.

      • Hello!
        I’m a Spanish citizen married to a British man, I was born in Bacolod but when my mom married Dad (Spanish) we went to live in Spain. We don’t have the naturalisation certificate, we only have what we call Libro de familia. Will that be ok? Thanks

  14. Congrats maam Ryazan,i have a question do i have to includ my kids in the re-acquisition form?They already registered their birth in philippine embassy im confused if they already dual citizen or not since they dont have philippine passport yet.Hope u can help me.Thank you

    • I can only assume that they already have a Philippine citizenship due to the registration of birth. However, I think this is applicable if you also declared yourself as a Filipino during the time of the birth registration.

      I suggest to complete the form as intended the form as intended and check it once you are at the embassy. It would be a bonus if you only need to get your kids some passport.

  15. Hiya Ryazan once I become British do I have a time limit in order to reacquire my Phil citizenship? And if I become British & Phil national (dual citizenship) do I have to pay tax both in the UK and Phil’s? In other words are there any negatives to getting dual nationality

    • Hi Lang Langs, As far as I’m aware you don’t have to pay multiple tax unless you are working in the UK or the PH. Plus, if you own any assets in PH like properties etc. you might be required to pay some tax.

  16. if i have a dual citienship (filipino/canadian) how long can i stay in the philippines without losing my canadian benefits. is it still 6 months?

    • Hi Mike, If you use your PH passport to enter the Philippines, you are considered as a citizen, therefore, you can stay forever as long as you want. However, if you use your Canadian passport, you are only entitled to stay for a maximum of 1 year as a “Balikbayan status”. As for your Canadian benefits, do you mean the monetary benefits of the state?

  17. Hello po, what if i dont have my birth certificate with me? Do i really need it if i have my old passport that states my philippine citizenship? Also if birth certificate is really needed is there any way i can get a copy of it here in the philippine embassy in london?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Hello Ryazan!
    I was reading about multiple citizenships & saw this site of yours. I just thought you’d have an idea since you hold British passport. I am Filipino & my 2nd dad’s British who’s been with us for more than 20yrs. I haven’t been to the UK yet. I’m currently working in the states (long story) & my green card application will soon be processed by my employer. Is it still possible to apply for a British passport through adoption and still retain the other 2? I’ve always loved everything about Europe. I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

    • Hi Ice12, Congratulations on your green card application. As for adoption, I think it is only valid for children below 18 years old. I’m not sure if you are already adopted by your 2nd dad.

      If yes, your 2nd dad can possibly apply and process your application thru family route. However, you have to stay here in the UK to comply with the residency requirements.

  19. Hi Ryazan.
    I recently got my british citizenship and I’m considering getting the dual citizenship as I will be travelling back to Philippines in a few months time. I just have few questions: 1. Is it possible to apply for the retention/reacquisition in the embassy and do the oath taking the same day? or is there a waiting period let’s say a week of few days? 2. if i avail the balikbayan program using my british passport, do i need to show a return or onward journey ticket? because i might stay longer than 6 months and planning/getting a return flight is a bit of a pain. 3. Lastly, would travelling too soon and staying in the philippines longer than 6 months affect my british citizenship as i’m leaving 2-3 months after i received it?

    Thanks, much appreciated if you could help me with these questions.

  20. Hi Ryazan.
    I recently got my british citizenship and I’m considering getting the dual citizenship as I will be travelling back to Philippines in a few months time. I just have few questions:
    1. Is it possible to apply for the retention/reacquisition in the embassy and do the oath taking the same day? or is there a waiting period let’s say a week or few days?
    2. if i avail the balikbayan program using my british passport, do i need to show a return or onward journey ticket? because i might stay longer than 6 months and planning/getting a return flight is a bit of a pain.
    3. Lastly, would travelling too soon and staying in the philippines longer than 6 months affect my british citizenship as i’m leaving 2-3 months after i received it?

    Thanks, much appreciated if you could help me with these questions.

    Sorry for the repost.

    • Hi Jeff,

      here are my answers to your questions:

      1. Yes, you will get the certificate immediately after the ceremony.

      2.Nope, they won’t ask for your return ticket. You can stay in PH for a year under balikbayan program.

      3. Nope.

  21. Hi ,Ryazan’
    If I apply for dual citizen,British-Filipino,Does my monetary benifirs will be reclaim by Uk Gov?
    What I mean is I lost my benifits. Thanks

  22. Hello, I am half Filipino (mothers side), born in the UK. My mother was still a filipino citizen when I was born. Is it the same process for myself to apply for dual citizenship even if my mother is now a british citizen. Is it still possible for me to apply? Thanks

  23. Hi,

    I’m a naturalized british citizen and I want to apply for dual citizenship. How long does the process take? Also, is it possible for me to apply in the philippines instead of the London Embassy.



  24. Hi there, just read your blog and so helpful, Can i ask for a question, I recently married to a British citizen and my passport soon will be expire and i would like to renew in the Philippines Embassy in London, about the application form shall i put married or single?
    its very confusing about my status up to now and i cant decide yet what shall i put in. in the UK my status is Married and i got further live to remain in the UK for 2 years in haft. but in the Philippines still single and how is does work about the renewal Passport?
    any advice pls.


    • Hi James, you have to declare your marriage in the PH embassy to note your marriage status and then you can also renew your passport at the same time. This way they will change your status. In line with your visa, you can inform UKBA about your change of status and return your current visa card so they can give you an updated one.

    • Hi James, Upon renewal of your passport you can also declare that you are married by submitting the NOTICE OF MARRIAGE together with your passport application.

      As for your status, you can put that you are MARRIED and submit a copy of your marriage cert. You might need to ask your spouse to sign the notice of marriage form.

  25. Hi. Just curious how do you use ur passports? Do you enter Philippines on ur PH passport and exit using it as well? Aren’t you asked to pay the travel tax?

  26. Hi
    My wife recently became an irish citizen and we are currently waiting on her passport. It will take about another 5 weeks to arrive.
    Her Filipino passport is still valid for 4 and a half years so can she still use it?

    Kind regards

  27. Hi Ryazan

    My wife recently became an irish citizen and we are currently waiting on her passport Irish passport to arrive.
    Her Philippines passport is still valid for another 4 and a half years. Can she still use it?


    • My daughter 17 yrs old wants to stay longer in the Phils with British passport but originally Filipina citizen. Is she allow to stay for 1 year in Phils? Any documents she needs to bring? Is she need return ticket. Thanks

  28. Hi ryazan,
    Ask ko lng do u have any idea if i can apply my wee one for tourist visa while waiting the result of her british citizenship registration? I registered her last May and she did her biometric back home last 2nd of july still waiting for the result, i wanted her to come along with her brother hopefully soon. Do You know if i can apply her a tourist while waiting her registration result para sabay ko sila makuha? Settlement kasi son ko and soon i will know the result then ang bunso was born here.

  29. Hello, Ryazan.. i am so glad to found your blog. It is very helpful to our kababayan’s needed answers their mind. And i am the one of them has question.
    Please i want to ask, can i manage to get british citizenshop here in Philippines.? We married here in Manila at we are 8 years now married.
    I want to have a uk citizenship. But, me and my husband separated last December 2016 but we are not divorced yet. Is it possible?
    Thank you for your advise. God bless you!

  30. Hello Ryazan,, i was looking for so long who can give me an advice regarding my situation,, and i saw your blog,,hope you can answer my question..
    I am married in a romanian but our relationship will not worth it,, we separate but not divorce,, we are both here in uk,, and now i am 7months pregnant and giving birth in nov.
    I dont want to put the father name in my bany birtcertificate,, i want to put my surname and middle name when i was single,, although i am using my husband surname,, i want to report my baby birth in phil. Embassy so i could get my baby passport,, the reason i am doing this because me and my baby want to comeback to philippines without the father concern so it will not be hassle to me,, although my husband dont want to recognise my baby,, thats why i dont want to put and use the surname of my husband,,
    I just want to know if ist possible i will use my surname and middle name when i am single to my baby? But me i am using my husband surname
    It will not make a huge problem to me if i want to get a phil. Passport of my baby,, social service say i can do that,, but i dont know about in our country in philippines theres a possible i can get her a passport.
    In my baby birtcertificate we are not same surname
    My surname is from my husband
    And the surname and middle name of my baby is from my single before,,,
    Hope you could answer my question..

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I think it should be possible, the embassy will follow whatever name is on the UK birth certificate. I suggest to sort out your divorce asap (if that’s what you want) to lessen the complication. Good luck and all the best!

  31. Hi Ryazan,
    I have some questions that bothers me. I have been married before I left Philippines . Unfortunately that marriage broke up 30 years ago. We have no communication since then as I don’t know where he is, the problem is I’m using his family name. I applied for a divorce here in the UK and been granted. I would like to apply for British citizenship in few months, do I need to apply it om my maiden name? I also would like to apply for dual citizenship after. What if I get married before that? Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Belinda, As far as I’m aware you can change your married name once the marriage has ended. I suggest contact the citizen advice bureau to give you more legal advice on changing your name and getting a new passport to prove that you are now using again your maiden name.

      From then you can apply your dual nationality using your maiden name. I hope you can get it sorted soon. All the best!x

  32. Hi, my daughter is a dual citizen, filipino british married to a filipino. She just gave birth to a son last month 18/8/18. She wants to go back here in the UK. Can she apply her son a british passport in the Philippibes? Thank you so much for your help.

  33. I found my original report of birth when my child get first Filipino passports and original uk birth certificate can I she apply now for dual because we need to travel 2 hours and pay 55 pounds and wait 3 hours on line and they said you can’t . My nso was invalid because they can’t read the barcode but it’s authenticate original nso. I don’t know wher I can can a pledge of Filipino dual oath taking copy.its more. Infusing tone a Filipino again than to apply as british citezen.but we are already having Filipino passports for so long.can they be specific and consideration with children travel from far side of uk to embassy and taking absent on school just for this appointment to be a dual citezen and to apply passport please

    • You can call the Philippine Embassy and ask them about their schedule for any Diplomatic outreach near to your city. Typically, they do this every summer season in time for the Annual Barrio fiesta around the UK. I can understand your frustration, however, it is what it is.

  34. Hi Ryazan,

    I have a situation here with a couple of unknowns you may be able to help me with. I went to the PI about 20 years ago and brought back my Philippine wife and 2 teenage daughters.
    My daughters were made Brits – just after they were born- in the local Angeles British Consulate (long time closed) and were given birth certificates, and since have had British passports.
    We came to the UK 2 years ago and since then my wife has been studying for her settlement visa. However, her passport is coming up for renewal and my daughter’s Philippine passports are seriously out of date.
    Can you tell me first if my daughters will be able to renew their passports as they have innocently renounced their Philippine nationality by being Brits?
    Thank you for your kind attention.

    • Hi Jon, You have to visit and apply the Philippine Embassy in London to sort out your daughters’ dual citizenship and at the same time the passport renewal. Which I also did the same day I applied for my dual nationality in London based on this blog post of mine.

  35. Hi!! Good afternoon i just want to ask about marriage of dual citizenship British/filipino..me and my girlfriend are planning to get married this year is she required to get the legal capacity to contract marriage? Even she has her dual citizenship? Thanks

    • Hi Ryazan,
      I enjoyed reading youur blogs and very informative. We live here in uk manchester and planning to aplly for dual citizenship for myself, wife and 8 yrs old daughter. Got 2 questions for you please:
      1. Since my daughter is already 8 yrs old, do i need to fill in the form Report of Birth or the Affidavit of Delayed Registration.
      2. Do we need to bring a return envelop with signature from the post office so it can delivered the dics and new passport to us in manchester.


      Ramin Melgar

  36. My wife became a Cdn. citizen several years ago. I don’t remember the expiry date of her last Phil passport. — 1. I believe she can apply here in BC or in Phils. on a 59 day ,- for both a new Phil. passpt.
    and a dual citizenship – is that true? With dual Cit., she can stay there indefinitely, right?
    2.- As a Cdn. as her husband may I stay there indefinitely with her? — 3. Would I have to apply for dual citizenship even though husbands and wives are expected to be together for life? I am self supporting via S.S.
    * I don’t know how to find your reply to my questions, – will you e-m me?
    — The procedures are very complicated. Does being married to a Phil. wife give me permanent status ? – I imagine it does.

    • Hi Bernie, Your wife can apply her PH dual citizenship in any PH embassy near you. Yes, once she is a PH citizen again she can stay in the PH indefinitely and so you are too as the spouse. You might just have to register with the immigration for a spouse visa or something like that. Just make sure that your wife should use her PH passport when entering the PH if she wants to stay there indefinitely. Otherwise, her canadian passport can give her 1 year entry to the Philippines under the Balikbayan privilege, same for you as her spouse.

  37. From the time you got your British passport, is there a deadline as to when you need to decide if you want to have dual citizenship sttus? Thank you 🙂

  38. My wife (Filipino) will, later this month, get her Naturalisation Certificate and become a British Citizen and we have been discussing whether or not she should retain her Filipino Citizenship.

    Firstly, how do the Philippine authorities know that my wife has acquired another citizenship and therefore has relinquished her Filipino citizenship ? On the latest form for passport renewal there is a section which you have to declare loss of and any other citizenship you hold but until you apply for a passport renewal (which I accept you would need to enter the Philippines as a Filipino), surely the Philippine authorities are unaware you have relinquished your Filipino citizenship ? I appreciate this may just be ‘kicking the can down the street’.

    Secondly, as a British Citizen, my wife would not be able to own real property in the Philippines but, she already owns real property in the Philippines, acquired before we moved to live in the UK and her becoming a British Citizen so where does she stand with that ? What happens when and if she decided to sell that property as a non-Filipino ?

  39. Hi there, I have a question. I am planning to apply for British citizenship and dual citizenship after. If you own properties in the Philippines, will you lose these properties once you become British citizen and would you get it back once you hold dual citizenship?

    Please help.

    Thank you,

  40. Hi, this is a fantastic and informative blog.
    I have a question for myself.
    My mother is Filipino and my (deceased) father was British. My mother only has a British passport.
    I would like to know if, as a half-Filipino, if my mother regained her Filipino citizenship, would I be able to then apply for a Filipino passport for myself – and get citizenship (whilst living in the UK as I currently do), and would my husband and children also be able to get Filipino passports/citizenship?
    I know that this can be done for UK born children of European parents – which enables their spouses and children and future generations to apply for a European passport /citizenship (my brother in law has done this as their mother is Maltese).

    If this is not something you can answer, please could you be kind enough to direct me to an organisation that can?

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Nic, Yes, once your mother becomes a Ph citizen again, you can then apply for PH citizenship at the Philippine embassy in London. You can get citizenship through PH parents. So, your own family – husband and kids can then apply for their dual citizenships too. You can either just have the certificate of allegiance or you can also apply for a Philippine passport.

  41. Hello Ma’am!
    The Marriage certificate and birth certificate nso certified should acquired only in the philippines? And what is I dont have my old passport with me, what should I do?


    Gideon Enano

    • Hi! You can order the PSA copy of your birth and marriage certificates online. If you do not have a copy of your passport, you need to provide an alternative PH government ID otherwise you need to request a new PH passport.

  42. Hi Ryazan, good morning! Hope you are doing well. I have a question with regards Reacquisition of my Philippine citizenship. I am a UK citizen by naturalization, and I am planning to apply for reacquisition of my Phil citizenship.
    1.Does my UK citizenship will automatically deprived if i will be approved to become a Filipino citizen again? Hopefully not!
    2.Another question is do i still need to inform the UK that I will apply for dual citizenship in the Philippines?

  43. Hi Ryazan, good morning! Hope you are doing well. I have a question with regards Reacquisition of my Philippine citizenship. I am a UK citizen by naturalization, and I am planning to apply for reacquisition of my Phil citizenship.
    1.Does my UK citizenship will automatically deprived if i will be approved to become a Filipino citizen again? Hopefully not!
    2.Another question is do i still need to inform the UK that I will apply for dual citizenship in the Philippines?

  44. Hi, good morning! Hope you are doing well. I have a question with regards Reacquisition of my Philippine citizenship. I am a UK citizen by naturalization, and I am planning to apply for reacquisition of my Phil citizenship.
    1.Does my UK citizenship will automatically deprived if i will be approved to become a Filipino citizen again? Hopefully not!
    2.Another question is do i still need to inform the UK that I will apply for dual citizenship in the Philippines?

  45. hey! thank you for this blog post, i’m really interested in getting dual citizenship when i’m older. UK seems like a really god place 🙂

  46. Hello Ryazan,

    I’m eligible to apply for my ILR next year (January 2023) and then citizenship after 12 months. My daughter’s born here in the UK this year and also planning to apply for her British citizenship once my ILR is approved. So far, I haven’t applied for her Ph passport nor BRP yet because I’m waiting for my ILR and apply first the British passport for my daughter. Is that path allowed?
    Also I’m intrigue to do a Deed Poll here in the UK, will it affect my British naturalization and if I’ll apply for reacquisition of Ph passport in the future using my new name?

    • Congratulations for your ILR next year, I do not think your daughter would need a BRP because she’s already a British citizen. I think that the deed poll is only valid in the UK, hence it won’t be recognised in the Philippines.


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