I’m not a solo travel virgin anymore!

Solo travel is completely new to me.

I loved to travel with a companion or within a small group. I always thought that it’s nice to travel with someone whether a friend or with my husband, Mr. Grumpy.

solo travel tips in Cambodia

Someone that I can share everything while travelling e.g travel costs and to share some LOL moments etc.

Until my recent trip to Indochina where I tried a different style of travelling, I did solo backing trip visiting Siem Reap, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Even though I’m on my own on this trip, I never felt lonely.

It was a great experience to do solo travel, how I wish I have tried this sooner.

It made me realised how independent I can be and enjoy the freedom to do whatever you wanted to do, whenever you please. In other words, no extra luggage!

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I asked a few fellow travel bloggers to share their solo travel tips for women on how they travel alone and safe.

Here are some great solo travel tips:

A travel tip from Kaylie of Happiness Travels Here.

New York Cityscape Solo Female travel tips

My solo travel tip is to take a small tripod.

Not only will a tripod keep your camera or smartphone stable when you are taking landscape photos, sunsets or low light night photography, it also means you can be in some of your travel pics!

Sure you could take a selfie but having some space between you and the camera really elevates the photos to another level and produces a picture you might one day want to hang on your wall.

This photo is taken when I was in New York, I might have looked strange taking this pic but who cares.

I had always wanted to visit New York and when I look back at this photo in central park with the skyscrapers behind me it gives me goosebumps as the memories flood back.

A travel tip from Mike of Bemused Backpacker.

Michael Huxley Solo Travel tips

I have travelled solo all over the world, including many of the worlds so called most dangerous countries.

Situational awareness is an essential travel safety skill and is one of the single most effective ways of keeping yourself and your valuables safe on your gap year.

All it means is being actively aware of your surroundings and being confident enough to assess each situation.

It can be so easy to lose yourself in the moment, getting overawed by the sights you have travelled so far to see.

Putting your earphones in on that long-distance bus, concentrating too much on your smartphone screen and essentially just not concentrating on who or what is around you.

Stay aware of where you are, where any potential escape routes are and if you have blocked yourself off from them, who is around you and if they feel like a threat to you.

Keep an eye on your belongings and don’t just leave them lying around in the open while your attention is elsewhere.

Be aware of your surroundings and you will be much more likely to spot and avoid any potential trouble before it even happens.

A travel trip from Nina of Safari Junkie.

solo female travel in africa

Don’t share your place of stay with strangers.
I extensively travelled solo in Africa and one of the main safety rules (that saved me few times from potential danger stranger situations).
I have is that I do not disclose my place of stay to random strangers ever.
It’s wise to stay purposefully vague during seemingly casual conversations.
At first glance, this tip might sound paranoid, but I found out in Africa on general people are very nosy.
Some just out of curiosity, but you never know strangers agenda.
It is especially good tip if you are staying in lower budget accommodations that don’t have good security and do not monitor who is entering the property.

A travel tip from Natasha and Cameron of World Pursuit Travel

solo travel tip from World pursuit travel
One of the main things I’ve learned after travelling to over 60 countries is that most cab drivers are evil.
More often then not they will try to rip you off, especially if they realize you are in a foreign land (which they will instantly).
It’s important to always agree to a set price beforehand or demand that the meter run so that you are not overcharged.
It’s best to do this before you hand over any luggage. Once they have a hold of your luggage or it is in their trunk they are the ones in control.
I’ve learned this the hard way after overpaying for a cab in a few countries in the world.
Now I always agree to set price before entering the cab!

A travel tip from Iris of Mind of a Hitchhiker

travel tips from Iris of Mind of a Hitchhiker

Hitchhike to save money and get to know the people.

There’s not a hitchhiker on this planet who hasn’t had their mind blown to the kindness of strangers.

Hitchhiking is by far the best way to get around when you have a healthy dose of curiosity and don’t have any time pressure.

It’s not for everyone, so ask yourself the following questions before you lift that thumb:

Do you love meeting strangers?

Do you enjoy the feel of the road?

Are you OK with proving them wrong?

If your answers are positive, you’ll be having a good time.

Truly, there will be so many people telling you not to hitchhike, but they picked you up anyway, right?

Get started by hitchhiking in a familiar place or teaming up with a friend.

Five years and 53 countries later, I’m still amazed by the kindness and generosity the humans of planet Earth give.

A travel tip from Maria of Travel with Maria

collab travel with Maria Solo female travel tip

Get medical insurance for your peace of mind.

I hardly buy medical insurance when I travel. A week before my flight to Vietnam I bought one for  USD 20.

On my third and last week before flying home, my left middle finger (I know, of all the fingers!) started to get super itchy then in three days, pus showed around my nail.

It’s painful whenever I press it so I went to the nearest hospital. They couldn’t tell what was the reason nor I couldn’t remember what I have done that triggered this.

The pus inside should be removed immediately.

It was a minor procedure but including all the medicine that I have to take plus a two-week maintenance, it costs almost the same as my roundtrip flight.

Good thing, my local insurance saved me so now I never go on a trip without getting one for my peace of mind.

A travel tip from Arzo of Arzo Travels

Arzo Travels Solo Female Travel Tip NEF

When I travel solo I follow a few extra precautions.

Though there is never a safety-guarantee, a good map helps me to feel more secure and not get lost. 

I recently found the Here- We Go App.

I can download maps of each destination at home and then use offline later.

Just check which map you need and make sure to have a power charger in case your battery dies.

Especially at night, it is important to me to know where exactly I am.

This prevents me from panicking – the need to ask dodgy people at night scares me and so I feel much safer.

I also recommend telling friends and family where you are, this is what I do whenever I travel solo, and I must say I feel much safer.

A travel tip from Mar of Once in a Lifetime Journey

collab Mar of Once in a Lifetime Journey Female Solo Travel Tip

One of the most useful and important items in my handbag is a tube-style scarf that I always carry with me.

It can be useful to cover my face when I want to sleep in a plane, to cover my head when I have to enter a mosque or place or worship, to use as a skirt in Southeast Asia’s temples or, indeed, to stay warm in the colder destinations.

You could also use any kind of scarf for these purposes but a tube one will make it more easier to wrap around your head, neck or waist.

I’m sure there are a lot more of other helpful solo travel tips for women.

If ever you’re about to venture on your first solo travel, don’t forget these tips that can definitely help you while on the road and exploring new places.

Solo travel is something I would like to do more soon since I learned to appreciate the beauty of it, not to mention the awesome experiences it gave me!

Always remember that at the end of the day, safety is paramount.

Always, safety first whether you’ve decided go on your solo travel or with your awesome travel buddies.

Have you ever tried solo travel before?
Share us some travel tips in the comment box below.

How to travel alone: Solo Travel tips for women
Solo Travel tips for women